Alright, I've run out of creativity/ ideas for this story so this is it. I hope you enjoyed it and thanks to all those who stopped to read it, review it, and favorite it.

Anya's eyes slowly fluttered open to allow her a view of the small hotel room. She gave a tired smile, her plan had worked. After finding out what the plan was for herself and Leah, she had begun to store energy. The collar around her neck acted as a kind of tracking device for Thrax to know where she was at all times. The use of her venom triggered it to allow Thrax to know that she was in trouble. The only problem was that she didn't know where in the body, for she just knew he was there, Thrax was so she had stored enough energy to light a beacon that would reach him no matter what. She smiled as the heat source behind her mumbled something and tightened the arm that was around her waist.

"Morning baby." Her breath caught in her throat.

"Thrax." She felt him hum a reply as his warm lips trailed up her neck to her ear and along her jaw line. She turned her head further into the pillow and away from him. "I'm filthy." Thrax smiled sadly, understanding the double meaning, and picked her up bridal style to carry her towards the bathroom.

"Then let me cleanse you." The shower was warm and the water beat against her sore muscles soothingly. Thrax stepped in behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist, one thumb running soothing circles along her skin. "I know what happened baby. I don't blame you for any of it." He rested his cheek on top of her wet hair.

"They took it." Thrax's brow furrowed and he made a small humming noise of confusion. "They took the baby." For whispered voice echoed off the shower walls like an accusation. "And I let it happen." Her voice wavered and Thrax felt the cool droplets hit his hand a moment later. His grip tightened and his jaw set in a firm line.

"I knew I should have killed him slower." He slowly turned her to face him. "Listen baby, it wasn't your fault. All that means is that this child wasn't meant to be." She sobbed quietly against Thrax's shoulder.

"I wanted it to be." He adjusted the water to a little warmer.

"I know and I swear, I'll give you one and you'll be the most perfect mother to ever grace this world." She melted into the embrace.

"And the child?" He smirked.

"Will be just as perfect because it will be a part of you." For the first time since they reunited, she met Thrax's eyes and kissed him.

Leah burst through the door connecting the two rooms with an excited smile.

"Anya, he said yes and we're going out on Satur-" The room was empty with the bed perfectly made and two wet towels draped over the edge of the bed. A single white card was sitting upright against the lamp on the bedside table. She slowly made her way over and picked it up with a trembling hand. She sat down on the bed and read over the short message.

Dear Leah,

Remember that our imaginations don't disappear when we get older; it just gets a little more…interesting. Have a great time on your date, we could hear the conversation through the walls, and try to wear something besides purple. Thrax says that you'd look killer in black. Have fun, be creative, and don't do anything I wouldn't do.


P.S. Frank is safe; Thrax never wants to see that body again.

Leah smiled, torn between joy and sadness, as she felt and heard Bob cough as something was caught in the back of his throat.