Hey. The name's Nickolaj.

Do you know that kind of day where you wake up on top of the world and it all just end up in problems? It can be one of the worst days you would ever have in your whole life. And now I had it today, I wish I could just fall of a random cliff and cut off all the downright insane problems that I was gonna face.

"Score! Ten points for Team HighCliff, and that concludes the final winner of the annual sports competition!" The noisy Coach's voice blared into the megaphone as I finally made the final kick into the opponent's goal post. Friends rushed in to congratulate me as I squeezed them a tired smile and went to search for a bench.

"Great job, Nic! Did you see the captain's face?" My coach, Mr Leansley, gave me a hard smack on the back.

"Ya, ya, he looked pissed off." I mumbled, and reach for my water bottle.

"And now's he's pissing off the goalkeeper.

I know the goalkeeper. His name was Ronald Richardley, a certain civilian from my neighborhood. From my perspective of him, that guy never stops eating. Once my family visited his house for a Christmas dinner, and I caught him nibbling on the gingerbread house which was supposed to be chared for everyone at the back of the kitchen when I was in the way to the toilet. So to me, it wasn't really surprising to see him unable to jump as I made a super high kick a few moments ago

After a few ten or twenty slaps on the back and a few kisses from my aunts (yeah, I can't believe they actually came forty miles to here just to see me deliver a goal and give their nephew a peck on the cheek. But how can you judge a women?)

For a celebration, we decided to go hang out in the nearby shopping mall for some skateboards and cool stuff. I frowned, thinking about my mom's approval.

Even with the age of 15, I was still a mama's boy. you can say my mom is a over-decent kind of women. I won't deny that. Even sometimes for lunch, she would trace a heart shape on my sandwich using tomato skin. And when I said I wanted to go out with my friends, she would yell at me and gave me a two hour long lecture. Holy god, I can spend that kind of time doing 100 pages of maths worksheet.

But the last time I asked for that was when I was nine and my friends asked me to go to the pub for Henry, a friend's birthday party. Back then, I would be pondering what a pub is. But I got a feeling it was a bad place when my mom suddenly screamed at me. Now, I wished I had dragged Henry to the mental hospital and make him spend the whole birthday there. Hey, that's way better than getting a nine year old innocent boy go drunk.

Later then, I dragged myself to home, a simple cream colored semi-D. My mom was waiting for me at the kitchen, her green eyes sparkling, her frizzy hair tied into a hasty bun. She beamed at me when I threw my sweaty shirt onto the laundry bag. "Why hello, sweetie. How was the match?"

"We won." I said simply, and dragged a towel to the bathroom for a shower, but mom stopped me. "Um, sweetheart, your friends just called me, and they told me all about the match. I was so proud of you. So I gave you a surprise." Her tone got gleeful. I rose an eyebrow. Normally, her so called "surprise" would be a ticket to the science fair, which I've been a million of times, or a stroll in the park, with mom.

"I'll give you permission to go with your friends. I'll give you some money to spend for." She winked, her eyes sparkling again, and went upstairs.

I practically just stood there, my jaw hanging open for the rest of the fifteen minutes, until mom came back with a handful of dollars.

"Spend it wisely, sweetie. Don't buy anything unnecessary!" Mom's voice nagged me for the last time, before I shouted back "No worries, mom!" And ran down the street, my heart lightening with freedom.

My friends met me at the dropping lot of the shopping mall, and we quickly planned the routine. We'll be hitting the skateboard shop for some stickers and new kneepads and then we proceed to the food court. We agreed, and I stepped into the shopping mall, finally, without the supervision of my mom.

I had a awesome time.

We went to the prank shop too, and we tried on some cool punk jackets (But was so damn expensive my money given to spend was barely half of the price). I wasn't sure about the others, but I was sure I had a whale of time. Then the bad stuff happened. I was strolling with my friends to the last shop, when I suddenly felt the urge to pee.

I excused myself from my friends and took a fast ran to the nearest public washroom. After the break, slowly I felt myself loosing consciousness. I guess that match completely stolen all the energy. I tried to make a call to my friends that I would be resting for a while and call them to find me, but their cell phones wasn't answering. I sighed. I guess they would have a hard time finding me. I felt like I was in no shape to move.

As time whizzed by, I passed out myself.

Meanwhile, far away from the civilized planet of Earth, a universe called Bionicle, and deep inside the galaxy, under a volcano in the district of Ta- koro, a biomechanical red figure poked a unconscious human figure with a thin ash pole, which just lied beside the shores of the volcanic area, under the silent company of a elder looking, hunched but still another mechanical figure.

"Do you think he will live?" the taller red figure asked.

"It's up to destiny." The hunched figure, whom they call Turaga Vakama, answered quietly. "He radiates the power of a Fire Toa. He must hold something worthy under our protection. In the meanwhile, let's bring the little one to a more comfortable place."

The red figure, Toa Nuva Tahu, nodded solemnly, and picked the dazed human onto his armored, muscular hands, and both of them made their way to the place where the civilians, or the name matoran, dwelled.

It took a while, but the boy finally pulled himself to a conscious state. He cried at the first sight of Turaga Vakama, and leaped backwards, as if he had saw a cockroach.

"What the hell are you two?" That was all he could say, even with all the questions bursting in his mind. Toa Tahu stepped forward and told him his name, and the duty of his, then followed by Turaga Vakama. "I DON'T GET IT! WHERE THE HELL AM I!? I WANNA FREAKING GO HOME!"

"Are you sure we can trust this creature, Turaga?" Toa Tahu reached for his magma swords. The elder stopped him. "No, every being deserves a chance to show their abilities, Toa Tahu." The elder mumbled.

If it weren't so horrific and sudden, the human might've said "I can hear you guys perfectly fine, dooshbags."

Turaga Vakama sighed, and explained everything, from the history of the land to his duty. All the human can do was just blink occasionally. "So... you're saying I'm a Toa, a guardian of the realm?"

The Turaga nodded. Toa Tahu tensed. "Turaga, we must get him a Toa suit. His vulnerable skin will be a great advantage of the enemy. He won't stand a chance."

A Toa suit? Cool. The frizzy haired boy gave a grin. Turaga Vakama nodded. "But first, what is your name?" He questioned slowly.

"Mads." He boy greeted firmly.

"Very well. Mads, please, follow me." And the Turaga took slow steps to his hut.

This was crazy.

One minute Nikolaj remembered he was dozing off in the lobby of a certain shopping mall, and now he woke up, all the sleepiness drained out of him and he was lying in a desert. Questions whirled around his head, clicking and dying for a good explanation how the heck did he got here. But he could only ponder while the wind blew across his face, caressing it like a rough hand.

Hours of walking and thinking exhausted him again. He tried so many scenarios and guesses, yet not even one could lead him to the right answer. He tried thinking about cool stuff, like the cool jackets and skateboards, but that just led him even more sleepy. Well, a little sleep won't do me any harm, wouldn't it?

He thought it would just be a sleep, but he collapsed into the sand, and he can't think anymore.

Beyond the sandy horizon, a blue figure trudged along the paths. It was long before she had visited this deserted area, given the name Shperpus Magna. The last time wasn't such a good impression, she was invited to a duel between their deadliest enemy, Makuta, and their worshipped go, Mata Nui. Mata Nui won, and peace reigned. But this land didn't really get affected by the god's remaining magic. She simply came here to think a little, as she had been offered a trip to and fro to this world by Brutaka as a gift of saving him from the Order of Mata Nui(long story). Come to think of it, guilt stabbed her for releasing that cruel being from the Prison.

The deeper she thought, the more distracted she was, until she didn't see a body almost tripping over her. She winced, and looked over the sand. On it lay a still being, with blue and khaki color on it. The blue figure looked at it with sheer interest, and looked back at the scarlet being behind her.

"There's something lying in the sands."

The red figure examined the unconscious being on the sand. "It's a living being. Strange, it isn't from this universe."

A shiny black heartlight, pressed deeply into its heart, glowed brightly. She bit her lip. It wasn't entirely alien. The red being gasped.

"Maybe we should bring him home. We can't take any risk leaving something maybe important lying here, dying."

The blue figure nodded, and picked the being up gently, careful not to harm anything. His skin was tender and extremely exposed, which made the blue figure strangely concerned.

Without further thinking, she started her journey home.

"I am really in total hallucination. Do you actually think I'll even fit into that...Iron Man suit?" Mads crossed his arms, frowning as he looked at the bulky combat attire. It was, from tip to toe, lined with iron armor.

Toa Tahu shrugged. "Why not?"

Mads took deep breaths. This was beyond any limit of insanity he had ever experienced. Back on Earth, he had once tried a rugby suit on, and it took him a solid hour to raise it from his body. Forget this medieval armor. "Okay, I would like to clarify a few things. First, I'm no fit in lifting armor. not even a one pound block of it. Second, I'm not a Toa. I'm just a kid with a big red 'target for bullies' words on my head."

"And that's the reason you're here. I'm your specialized trainer, Tahu. Trust me, and you'll be able to handle things that are out of your bonds before this. Now wear that armor." Tahu said proudly.

"Fine, fine! I'll try it on, but don't expect me to move." Mads groaned, and suited up. He was more than surprised when it fitted almost perfectly on his body, and it was light. "Hey, not bad." He muttered, and swung around for a little try out.

"Its made of protosteel, one of the strongest and lightest material on this universe. Perfect for combat conditions." Tahu explained.

Mads clicked his tongue, like he would always do when he gets impressed. Then he thought about all the controlling powers in movies, and concentrated. A fire erupted on the ground right in front of him, sending Mads crashing back.

"The armor is only one of its kind," Tahu added. "It only gives the power to whom it chooses. And now you just scorched the ground the matorans just freshly paved, that completely clarifies that you truly are a chosen Toa."

It was like Harry Potter to Mads, except it was the armor was the wand. He stared at the mini destruction with awe. "Sweet. I am a Toa." He grinned, and Toa Tahu chuckled at his new ward. "Come, let's begin the training before you burn us all up."

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