Chapter 7- Kelly

Nikolaj readied his combat stance, his crossbow glinting under the dull sunlight, his eyes locked dangerously at the Green Toa. The Toa smirked, a small quirk in the lips, and unleashed his battle axe, which was locked on the Golden Toa.

Mads scowled, his fire swords glowing, like a metal over a crackling fire. "Bring it on, green man. I still have a lot of kids to manage out there, so make it fast."

Toa Green chuckled, spinning his weapon simply. "If you want this fast... I might have to kill." Then he lunged at the two Toa, and their weapons collided.

Sparks emitted from the swords danced, as the three warriors leaped from place to place, defending and attacking. Nikolaj stared as a plant erupted from the fragile grounds, attempting to seize the Toa of Fire. "Whoa!" Mads dodged the unexpected attack, and sliced the creature of nature to pieces. "So much for Go Green."

Nikolaj stared at the Toa. He chuckled. "Yes, once, ONCE, I was like you. Guardians of the realm, the idols, the beings of fame. But yet it wasn't the best. I could have even more power, to join the darkness, to take steps to the level of a god. You foolish Toas will never be acknowledged again after a few months of your death, but I, will be stamped permanently into the matoran's minds, and will be recorded into the lists of history, forever. And the only condition was killing my team members. Isn't that so easy? I always wonder, why do you foolish Toas always loved the light when they could get much more."

Nikolaj registered the sentences one by one, dodging every elemental blow he got. Will he, Nikolaj do that? Will he fall to the darkness because of greed too?

Not the time to ponder, he said under his breath, and launched to toa Green. Mads yelled, and charged too. The Toa of Darkness hit the Toa with a powerful sphere of his element, and Mads dazed the Toa with a brush of his fiery weapon. Nikolaj hit the Toa of Plantlife's back, and Mads stabbed his chest, causing the Toa to hit the meter of consciousness. He was tossed to the ground, the breath deep, and Nikolaj stepped on Toa Green's armor. "Save the moral's later, plant boy." He muttered.

Fear filled the young girl's heart as her eyes met a limitless expanse of light grey clouds blanketing the dull sky. Sunlight struggled to break through the misty air, making the girl's heart drop every inch in every moment.

Where am I?

Her mind played the memory a few moments ago- it changed so much, as fast as a humming bird's wingbeat. She was in mid slumber- so deep she was barely conscious of her tossing her blankets. Yet it was a terrifying nightmare. She couldn't remember, but the image of two glowing red eyes hissing at her was stamped permanently in her mind. Then she was forced into a portal-

And landed here.

She scratched her head randomly, out of ideas what to do in this odd situation. She scanned her surroundings. She was in a deserted area, with all types of tubes and almost dead, unknown twisted species of animals surrounding her.

Then she noticed something wrong almost immediately. She was expecting soft, fluffy hair that she always admired since she was a kid. Yet what met her hands were metal. Panic rose, and the girl scrambled to anything that gives a reflection to look at herself. When she did, she let out a unexpected shriek that rang through the empty, eerie room.

She wasn't this kind of person, always shrieking like she saw a mouse everyday. No. She was mild and soft. But what that met her eyes was enough to drive her out of the cliff of sane. Instead of a fleshy face, like any other humans do, with two pair of black and white eyes, a pink mouth, a nose, two pale cheeks, there was a alien mask.

It had two eyes, like a skunks, but it was completely like orange gummy drops, but no sugar coating. And there was, like a light bulb inside each eye, darting everywhere like a normal pupil. There was no sign of her silky hair, she was just bald. There was no nose, but at least she had the mouth. And the whole thing was metallic sapphire blue. Even her arms, legs, her thing on the chest that what seemed like a piece of armor. A huge bow was slung onto her back, gleaming under the dull light, as if it was made of pure water.

She wasn't a big fan of medieval stuff. To be truthful, all those axe, blades and arrows she saw in Wikipedia was way creepier than the killer moves her sensei did. The young one looked in shock as her fingers crept through her metallic skin, or, using a assuring term, armor. It was lighter than she expected, like she was wearing normal clothes.

The girl swung a little, and tried to pinch herself, sharp on the shin, to make herself wake up, in the middle of her room in the cold wooden floor, far from her cozy bed, the sheets tangled around her. She found a gap between the armor and the skin with sheer difficulty. It was strangely delicate, like a slug's skin, but she managed to take the risk and give herself a jolting pinch. Nothing happened. She was in reality.

Fear rose, and she started to think about her mom. Did her body disappear? Will mom scream and call the police? It was up to God, she guess...

Nothing to entertain herself, excluding the haunting thoughts about the police and her human body, she began walking and trying out her new body, and tried to take a look around the odd environment. There was strange, organic skinned monsters everywhere, but she forced herself to swallow her fear, and made her alien feet muscles move on.

Soon, she heard clanking noises. A female shout came ringing into her ears, and even more fear rose. Whatever was it, she had a feeling she didn't know it. She took out her bow, and a arrow appeared in her palm. She squeezed a hopeful smile, and shifted to a move she saw the archers to in the television. Foot steps clanked on the metal tiles, and a robot peeked out from a nearby hidden door.

The girl shrieked, and waddled back as her frightened eyes forced her mind to take in the looks of the robot. It had eyes similar to what she had now, though its body size was smaller and much more stubbier. Then a slender body robot walked in too, its eyes locking on the girl's. It looked almost same as the girl's current body, slender, strong looking, but they were wearing different pattern of armor and hues, the the robot was colored a deeper shade of blue than her.

"Hello. May I have your name?" The taller robot asked quietly.

The lost girl stared at her. She looked trustworthy, and what's her name gonna do with this crazy world? It should be safe...

"K-kelly. Kelly Swift." The girl stammered. "What is this place, may I ask?"

The blue robot shifted uncomfortably. "You... are you from Earth, too?" The questions hit Kelly like a blow from a kickboxer. Too. That simple word was implying the 'it', was actually a she. She was from there, too. A earthling.

"E-earth." She stammered back. "You're from there too, I think. But how? Why?" The blue robot shifted. "It's... a long story. You'll know sooner. My friends call me Roxie, and I think you either came here at a wrong time, or you know how to fight."