We're The Same


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Ten Years Later…

A mother and her small boy walked into a distinguished clinic next to Urahara's Candy Shop. The child coughed as the mother approached the receptionist. "Excuse me? I was wondering if we could schedule an appointment?" From behind the desk, a short, raven haired, violet eyed, Nekojin stood up and smiled.

She pressed a button on the desk and said, "Dr. Kurosaki. We have a walk in…" Moments after she said that, a man with bright orange hair opened his door and walked out. The doctor smiled down at the mother and said, "What's the trouble?"

"My son's been coughing for a few weeks. I-I don't have the money for an appointment right now but…"

The orange haired man looked at the small boy and smiled. "If it takes less than an hour, it's free. That's our policy." He leaned down to the boy and grinned, making the boy laugh. "I figure we can fit you in before an hour goes by." The mother's eyes widen as the doctor directed them into the examination room.

"Dr. Kurosaki, a moment." The Nekojin receptionist politely said. The bright headed man turned back and closed the door to the examination room, leaving him alone with the catwoman. A tiny fist embedded itself in his stomach and he grunted loudly. "How are we gonna pay bills if you keep doing these things for free?" The Nekojin proclaimed.

"Dammit, Midget! We're doing fine for this month. Besides, the kid could be really sick…" Rukia smashed her foot onto his and he held in a yelp.

Rukia glared up at him and said, "If I didn't like that selfless attitude of yours I'd of left you by now, Dandelion." Ichigo grinned down at her and slipped his hand onto her ears, rubbing slightly. Rukia's mood instantly lightened and she let a small purr erupt from her throat.

"How about I cook fish for dinner tonight?" Ichigo offered, making Rukia's ears perk up higher and her tail swish with excitement. "Bribe accepted." She answered him with a smile on her catlike face. Ichigo leaned down and gave her a quick kiss before turning back to his patients, leaving Rukia to manage the desk.

For years to come, stories of a respectable clinic with a cute little Nekojin and a tall orange haired man spread throughout Tokyo.

The End

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