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5x10 - Abandon all Hope

The first time she looked at him, she hated him. And she could tell it was mutual.

Oh, was it mutual.

It didn't even take him casting her into the ring of holy fire for her to notice. No, it was in his eyes and scribed over every inch of his face. Those blue eyes that pierced through her and ruined her in a glance. Blue eyes that willed her to dust, to nothingness. It wasn't possible for that haunting, largely otherworldly shade to belong to his vessel. It had to be his light, his Grace, shining through.

He wanted her dead. She wanted him humiliated. So, she taunted him; circling him slow, savoring every emotion to skip over his face while he was trapped and at her mercy.

And then she was stumbling over the flames and they were a breath apart. The tables were turned, coated arms encasing her like steel and drawing her deceptively close like a lover might, and she could taste the purity that surrounded his towering form like it was acid on her tongue. A forbidden elixir that unwittingly piqued every interest she possessed. A new feeling swept over her then, and the beast inside her smiled—because how delicious would it be to corrupt an angel? So she'd leaned in; enticing, waiting, maybe even hoping. Go on, angel. Just a little stumble.

His eyes had softened at that—after he realized he couldn't smite her, of course. And it could have been her imagination, but he narrowed their proximity of his own accord, inching closer, eyes drinking her in.

Meg smiled.

And then everything about him had darkened—I can do this—and she was falling into the flames, her own screams filling the deserted room as he stepped over her and left. Watching his form disappear, she realized she'd only been tricked—she, a demon, by an angel. And of all the angels…

Crawling painfully from the fire licking at her stolen body, Meg vowed to rip out those pretty wings herself.

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