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Why the hell an angel of the freaking Lord had to end up imprinting on her like a baby duck, Meg would never know. Whatever the reason, she had shit to get done, and having a perpetual shadow was not helping matters. Frankly, it wasn't helping her sanity, either. Meg hazarded that, if he kept this up, she'd be as bonkers as him by the end of the day.

"What do you want?" she spat, more annoyed with the fact of her goals getting interrupted than being angry with the angel. He cowered away, and she took a deep breath. Patience, Meg told herself, gritting her teeth. Castiel looked at her like she was going to bite him, or worse. He hovered uncertainly, waiting for her to do something. He'd followed her the whole distance off the grounds and she didn't know what to think about that. He was too eager to please and it was giving her an eye twitch. Was his wiring screwy? Did he forget they hated each other? Sure, they'd had some damn fine chemistry and therefore phenomenal sexual tension in the past, but they still couldn't stand one another. "Don't you remember? What's wrong with you?" Was his amnesia acting up again?

Castiel just stared, not understanding.

"You could kill me with a touch. Absolutely obliterate me with a narrowing of those big dewy eyes. Why the hell are you afraid of me?"

Surprising her, he touched her elbow with the tips of his fingers. "I don't want to kill you," Castiel told her tentatively, a puzzled expression on his face. "Please, don't be angry. Whatever I've done wrong, I'll stop. Please. Just... tell me what I've done. Whatever it is, I won't do it again."

Meg, upon realizing the cause of his quiet panic, felt her icy demeanor thaw against her will. "Oh."

The angel waited, whether for punishment or further explanation, she wasn't sure. This was so not her pay grade.

Sighing, she told him, "I'm not the Winchesters, Cas." Seeing the look on his face, the flash of pain, she did something on a whim, something dangerous. She took his hand in hers. "You don't have to be scared of me. And I won't leave you."

His blue stare nearly liquefied before her eyes, rooting her to the spot in a hypnotic, empathizing way. Then, in the next instant, he was smiling brightly at her, fingers tugging at hers. "Come to the garden with me. I'd like to show you something."

Meg bit her lip, averting her eyes and allowing herself to be towed after him. "Fine. But if I get stung by one of your bees again, Clarence, your sorry ass is gonna heal me."

"I think it's safe to say you're deadly in your own way," Castiel assured her, like he knew what she was thinking. That she loathed and dreaded the softening of her jagged exterior and deliberately raised her hackles in defense against his coaxing. His tone resembled that of someone admiring a kitten trying to be threatening.

Meg considered clawing at him just to show him up for the unwitting slight. "Don't get cute."

Then again, with the way he was bounding ahead, still so eager to please, like some perverse version of a golden retriever, Meg wondered what would happen if she scratched him behind the ears instead.

"I would like that," remarked the angel, rooting through her thoughts without effort and, as usual, without permission. Petulantly, the demon huffed. "But after the bees."


Unbidden then, a thought came to her as he ushered her about the garden, ambling through flowerbeds and admiring the insect life. Meg smirked to herself, another thin layer of ice melting away.

What was that golden retriever's name, from Homeward Bound?


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