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The battle had been fierce and had seemed unending, in the end they all felt more dead than alive, but they had finally done it. In the end it took the combined power of both Inuyasha the Hanyou demon and his full demon brother Sesshoumaru to finally bring down the plague of that foul beast.

Naraku was finally dead, and the Shikon no tama had been completed.

Kagome; the girl from the future; looked down at the purified pink orb in her hands in fascination. The power coming off the crystal was immense, and beautiful that she could almost understand why so many youkai were bewitched by it; but now it was finally safe. She looked around the war torn battle field, watching everyone rest and heal after the encounter.

Sango's happy face as she finally had her little brother Kohaku back, Sesshoumaru had brought the boy back to life with his sword as soon as his shard had been removed.

Miroku was right next to her, looking down at his hands which were free of his curse, Kagome could tell that they would finally make the family they always wanted. Shippo was sleeping right at her feet, Kirara wrapping herself securely around the kit, vigilantly watching over him as he slept. The miko smiled at the cute sight.

Even the wolf clan was here, scattered around the band of humans in an almost protective circle with Kouga snoring closest to the flames. Kagome didn't think they would have even gotten close to winning the battle without the Ookami's help. Yet there was one surprise addition that she still could not properly get her head around.

Sesshoumaru was still here.

The Daiyoukai had turned up almost near the end of the battle after Inuyasha was injured fatally. They had bickered as always, which if they hadn't been in a life and death situation Kagome might have found funny, at the time however their spiteful words only brought her to tears. However the older demon protected them. Taking the brunt of Naraku's attacks, until Inuyasha was healed enough to join back into the battle so that they both could at long last finish it.

After everything was over and done with Kagome had thought that the older brother would have left, but no instead he stayed. At first she had thought he was only staying to rest and heal like the rest of them who had been too injured to even move. Yet the Daiyoukai hadn't even broken a sweat during the battle, in fact he looked just as immaculate as always. No there was another reason, but she could not quiet place it. Maybe it was just as simple that he was sticking around for protection.

Her gaze drifted towards a still injured Inuyasha, who just like always sat away from the group. His gaze locked to the moon as if he was contemplating something. Kagome bit her bottom lip and looked at the glowing shard in her hands again.

Shikon no tama had the ability to grant gifts, was Inuyasha still considering making himself a full demon? Or would he hold his promise to Kikyo and become human, even though the dead priestess was finally gone, it made her wonder if Inuyasha would change for her in that same manner. Something told her however that, that wouldn't happen. She loved Inuyasha, there was no way that she could deny that, but at the same time Kagome knew that her love for him was only going to hurt him.

Even if she was a reincarnation they couldn't recreate that same love again. Especially since she wasn't that person that Inuyasha had originally fallen in love with. He had already been dragged through a life-time, hunting a memory of a dead woman; she didn't want him to do that again. The young miko came to a decision, one that she didn't like, but she knew it would be for the best. Pocketing the jewel she crawled inside her sleeping bag, hoping to sleep, but sleep never came.

Morning broke at last, casting its warm rays on the mismatched group, and they finally set off to Kaede's village. Kagome knew this was goodbye.

It broke her heart to see them all so tearful, especially Shippo; the young Kitsune never considered that his adoptive mother would leave him. Even though Kaede tried to explain how the jewel had to be returned to the right place, this would sadly mean that the bone eater well would also be sealed forever. She held the small boy tightly, wanting nothing more than to stay, but knowing that she couldn't. So Kagome had only one last thing to do.

She turned to Inuyasha, the half-demon she had met, befriended, and loved. He stood in front of her, strong as always, long white hair blowing in the breeze, golden eyes that could even put the sun to shame. Bandages still covered the upper half of his torso, but it did nothing to sully his image.

"Inuyasha…," the miko said, reaching the jewel out towards him. "Do you still wish to be a full demon?"

He gave her a sad smile, the triangular ears that she so adored on top his head faltered slightly. "No," he said shaking his head. "I don't want to be a full demon; I don't want to be a human either."

Kagome tried not to act stunned, a part of her knew that answer was coming. Yet it still somehow hurt. "Why?" she couldn't help but ask.

"If I did that I would only disgrace the sacrifice that my parents made to me, they gave up their lives so that I could be born, and for that I'm proud. An' after today no one, either youkai or ningen can say that half-breeds are some sort of abomination. I finally found my place."

"Indeed," came Sesshoumaru's voice startled her, he was standing just behind Inuysha in all his regal form. Kagome stared at him, and was surprised to find sincerity in his usually cold expression.

"And for that I want to thank you Kagome," Inuyasha said and came closer. Reaching out towards her outstretched hands and closing her fingers back into a fist before pressing it back against her chest. "You've given me the greatest gift already, you made me realise that I don't need to change, that there is nothing wrong with who I am."

She enveloped him into a strong hug. "I know… I know that."

Kagome knew that she had to do it now, the more she dragged this along the more painful it would be. "Remember that I'll always care for you, but I want you to live your life. Find someone who is special to you, and have all the things that you deserve," she hung onto his shoulders for dear life, not wanting to let go.

The words seeming more difficult to come out then she first thought, but Kagome knew she had to do this. Inuyasha was silent for the most part, but the way his hug tightened around her told the miko that he was hurting, but this had to be done. Inuyasha deserved happiness, and not a memory. Being with her would only end up hurting the Hanyou more. With some effort she finally broke the hug.

"There's one last thing I have to do," slowly she reached around Inuyasha's neck, for his subjugation beads. One touch and the beads shattered, falling to the ground in scattered thuds. "You're finally free Inuyasha, from both me and Kikyo…"

Suddenly she felt warm, like a blanket was enveloping her. She looked down at herself and noticed that she was shimmering a pale pink. Her skin glowing with its own luminosity.

"Kagome!" someone shouted her name, but she didn't know who it was.

Kagome felt herself being lifted off the ground, the Shikon no tama glowing almost white in her hands, and then just like that everything went dark.

The next time Kagome woke up she found herself in her bed, in her room, dressed in her pyjamas. She laid for a second trying to gain her bearing, wondering how she had ended up in her room, hadn't she been in the feudal area before, saying her goodbyes? How did she get back to her room?

With some effort Kagome finally managed to get out of bed, she looked around herself, but found nothing to be out of the ordinary. So had she dreamt it all? Did they not defeat Naraku?

Kagome was beyond confused, quickly she went towards her school things trying to find that small jar that contained the chipped jewel, but the container was empty. That had to mean that they had finished the mission, Naraku was finally dead, the Shikon no tama had been completed, and the well-

The Well!

Kagome quickly grabbed her jacket, and slippers and ran down the stairs. She ignored her mother's calls and continued towards the back garden where the well stood. The young miko stopped at the edge, her steps faltering as she came closer to the portal. It looked just like it always did, old and crumbling, the wood almost decayed and rotten, brick covered in ivy and the stone cracked with age. Yet as she stepped closer to the well she felt no pull like she usually did, no latent energy coming of the ancient stone work, nothing that pulsed with life letting her know it was open.

She sighed out sadly, realising what had happened, the well was sealed.

That meant that the pink glow from before was because the jewel had returned back to its rightful place. Remorse filled the young girl as she stumbled back from the well into something warm behind her. She turned only to notice that it was her mother, regarding her with a worried expression.

"Kagome…?" she started, but was cut off when her daughter enveloped her into a strong hug, crying into her chest.

Somehow words weren't needed to explain the anguish, radiating off her daughter. Her mother already knew what had happened.

Soon days passed into weeks, and Kagome slowly went back to her old life. There were times, especially when she was on her own that she could still imagine being back in the feudal era, going on adventure with everyone, camping out under the stars, and fighting evil demons. Shippo's giggle, the sound of slapping whenever Miroku tried to cop a feel, and the continuous bickering that went on between Inuyasha and Kouga. That's usually when her daydreams stopped, whenever her thoughts fluttered towards him, the regret returned. It felt she had abandoned him.

"Even though I can't love you like that I would have always been your friend…" she said to nothing but the empty air.

It was winter now, the house had already been decorated for Christmas, and Kagome sat at her desk finishing the last of her holiday assignment, when the sound of a car entering their driveway drew her attention. She stood up to look out of her window and her brown eyes widened at the sight of a limo parked in their drive. She tried to crane her head to get a better look at the occupants but couldn't see much else. Suddenly there was a loud knocking sound from downstairs.

Gathering up her jacket she went down stairs her mother was already at the door. She gave Kagome a confused look since they weren't expecting any visitors.

Mrs Higurashi looked through the peep-hole and a sudden gasp left her. Kagome watched in confusion as her mother hurried to undo the locks on the door to open it up to reveal a figure she didn't think she would ever see again.

There stood Inuyasha, more mature, maybe no older than his early twenties. Dressed in comfortable jeans and what looked like an expensive thick jacket, but is ears had gone. Next to him was Sesshoumaru, also older, but not by much. He was dressed to stun, in a sharp jacket and turtle-neck sweater and slacks. His demonic marking hidden, but both brother's still had their beautiful long silver white hair.

Yet that wasn't what drew Kagome's attention the most, it was the three children that they had with them.

The oldest that looked about 16-17, was almost a copy of Sesshoumaru, same impassive features. Cold golden eyes, a smooth face, and silver hair that was styled into a more modern look. The boy next to him was younger, possibly 13, and reminded Kagome so much of a younger Inuyasha, but also strangely enough Sesshoumaru. His face was more expressive, almost pouting like he'd rather be anywhere else but here. Even his clothing style was more colourful, preferring red over the black of the older boy.

The youngest was a girl, if that thick baby pink jacket was anything to go by. She couldn't have been older then 5, round cherub face surrounded by short white hair, but Kagome couldn't make out much more because the young girl had her face pressed against Inuyasha's shoulder shyly.

The miko continued to gape at the sight in front of her, blinking a few times, wondering if this was some sort of a dream, or hallucination, and soon she would wake up in her room. But no they were all still there, and her continued stunned silence was obviously starting to make Inuyasha feel uncomfortable.

"Inu-Inuyasha…?" she stuttered out.

"Hey Kagome," he said with a reassuring smile. "Thought I'd visit for the holidays?"

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