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Chapter 2: Confusing senses

Inuyasha woke up with a start, the light of the morning sun blinding him instantly. He groaned and sat up clutching his head, feeling as if he was just about to throw up. So he leaned forward trying to shield his face from the sun's glare, trying to ebb the nausea away and wondering what he done to be left in this situation. His body felt so weak as if he had been battling Naraku all over again. His muscles screaming out from weariness.

Suddenly he felt something soft tickling around his stomach. Slowly he looked down, golden eyes widening when he noticed a particular snow white boa winding itself around his body. He tensed up when he recognised his brother's precious Mokomoko-sama, so where was his brother?

Hesitantly he followed his new furry attachment and finally noticed the very naked body of his brother practically spooning against his back. His very awake brother.

"What…?" he voice croaked.

"We mated," Sesshoumaru simply said.

"Oh," he said ducking his head down. "Did I go into…"

"Heat? Yes you did," he said once again, very calmly.

"Oh," he repeated, this time much slower. "Does that mean that I am…?"

"Possibly, but we're definitely mates now," he said pointing at his own neck, a healing scar on the junction between his neck and shoulder.

Inuyasha's golden eyes were fixed on the mark, and then he realised that there was a throbbing pain coming from his own shoulder. He lifted his hand to his neck, flinching when he felt the deep groove dug into his skin. It still felt quiet raw, but at least few days old. How long had he been out?

"You've only been sleeping for a day if that's what you want to know. We have been coupling for at least three days," he said as if he could read his mind.

Three days! Three days of s-se- of coupling! He could feel himself blushing from embarrassment, his body going hot, and god dammit Sesshoumaru knew it by how he was smirking so slyly at him. He couldn't take him looking at him and turned away from his older brother's gaze. God he needed to find his clothes, something to hide his body from the youkai's roving eyes. It was made even worse when he heard his damn brother chuckle, that utter bastard. There was some shifting noise, his ears twitched, and he knew that his brother had stood up and was walking around the cave behind him, probably getting dressed.

Did that mean that Sesshoumaru was going to leave him here alone, after what had happened? After what they did? He couldn't could he…?

Inuyasha suppressed a whimper, lifting his legs close to himself in an attempt to curl into himself, to hide. He didn't expect Sesshoumaru to leave him, at least it should have been against his noble nature. Maybe he expected too much. Inuyasha had been quietly brooding when he suddenly he felt a cloth fall over his shoulder. The hanyou blinked out in surprise when he noticed that Sesshoumaru had covered him in his outer kimono. The soft warm material engulfed him like a blanket, the strong scent of his brother lingering over the cloth.

"You will have to wear this for now, your fire rat robes aren't currently very suitable."

"Huh?" he then looked around the cave and noticed his shredded clothing simply lying in the corner of the room. Inuyasha gritted his teeth together in anger and crawl towards it, ignoring the tell-tale twinge in his back side. He picked it up to examine the damaged cloth, there were tears along the way along the chest and shredded bottoms from when his brother had tried to get them off. It was starting to mend however, but just like Sesshoumaru had said it would be unsuitable to wear for a while.

"Couldn't you have been gentler," he snapped.

That bastard chuckled. "I didn't think you wanted me to."

Now he was blushing even worse if possible.

"We should leave now, some lowlife youkai have been gathering since we mated."

"What?" he shouted and then sniffed the air to scent any threats. "I can't smell anything."

"You're still effected by the lingering heat, senses won't return properly for at least another day," he answered tightening his armour around his chest.

"Tch," Inuyasha huffed. He hated not being able to control his senses, it made him feel powerless.

Suddenly Sesshoumaru's hand came into his line of sight, his brother was reaching out towards him, waiting patiently for him to take hold of him. "What?" he barked, feeling quiet helpless in front of his alpha.

"You ready to leave now little brother? We have quite a way to go still."

The hanyou bit his bottom lip, it was true he couldn't stay here he didn't think he would be able to defend himself properly the way he was right now. But for the life of him he wouldn't figure out what his brother's intentions were, he could hardly remember their…coupling. Although his body showed enough signs of it, and if he was…expecting then…

"You are my mate now Inuyasha, I'm not leaving you behind."

This only caused him to frown. "Stop reading my mind."

"I will once you stop displaying all your emotions like an open book, now come Otouto, we're going home."

This caused Inuyasha to pause, "Home?"

"Of course, the ancestral estate."

Inuyasha looked away, he hadn't been to the ancestral home since he was just a young pup. His mother had taken him there when he had been very young, it had been one of the happiest moments in his life, the safety he had felt there, he hadn't felt anywhere else since. Then they had to leave of course, he didn't remember if it was Sesshoumaru's wish at the time or his mother's. All he knew was that one morning his mother bundled him up and they ran away into the forest to some shack near the river. But he always thought of it as home.

"So I really am… your mate?"

"Of course, did you forget what I told you before we mated? This Sesshoumaru never goes back on his promises."

Inuyasha felt his breath shorten, his body heating up and his pupils dilated. He remembered exactly what Sesshoumaru had said to him, the sweet words he had whispered into his ears as he had stroked his hair. Calming him down, reassuring him. I can offer that you protection, I can look after you. Take you as my mate and cherish you as one should… I shall give you everything that you want, there won't be anything that you will be lacking if you are with me. I can promise you that…

I can promise you that…

Slowly Inuyasha reached out his own hand. He couldn't believe how much he was shaking as he grabbed his older brother's hand, letting himself be lifted into a standing position. His legs felt like jelly as he stumbled into his brother's chest, shuddering when he felt his strong arms wrap around him, adjusting robes in a more comfortable way on him. Inuyasha felt his brother's chi surrounding him, warm and strong like his brother, forming a cloud beneath his feet. He was already starting to feel sleepy when he suddenly startled himself awake.

"Tessaiga!" he shouted.

"Do not worry I have it."

"But…" he looked down at Sesshoumaru's hand and saw that he was holding his sword, without getting burned. "How?"

"It must be because we mated, or maybe you're trusting me enough that your sword can sense it."

"…" Inuyasha didn't reply to that. He didn't exactly know how to reply to that, saying that he trusted his brother completely…that was still too soon to decide.

So instead he was simply looking around at the passing scenery, the blur of the forest green and shimmering blue of river just passing underneath them. He sighed when he felt the cool wind rushing against his warm cheeks, and for a while he could simply imagine he was flying. He loved how freeing it was to be in the air, he only ever got that feeling when he was jumping from place to place. However even by jumping he couldn't get as high as Sesshoumaru could with his puffy cloud thing. He was slightly jealous of that fact; always had been.

"Wish I could do this…" he muttered to himself.

Sesshoumaru looked down at his brother, "I could teach you how, it takes a lot of concentration and training, but you could do it just fine."

"Really, you'll teach me?" a part of him couldn't believe it, although he could detect the sincerity in the daiyoukai's voice.

"Of course."

Inuyasha nodded, but he felt himself starting to slowly feel sleepy. He rubbed his cheek against his brother's sleeve. When he felt something soft stroking his cheek he glanced to the side and noticed that the soft thing was his brother's Mokomoko-sama stroking the side of his face in a comforting manner. A part of him wanted to swat the damn thing away but felt so tired that he just let himself ignore it and fall deeper into his slumber.

Sesshoumaru looked down when he noticed his brother was sleeping, a small smile made its way to his normally expressionless face.

"Sleep tight little brother."


Inuyasha felt warm, warm and comfortable. The familiar scent was in the air, it reminded him of his mother's. The light hint of Sakura, a scent his mother always wore. Was he dreaming, he had to be. There wasn't anything he had left that carried her scent, so why was he smelling this now? Slowly bleary golden eyes opened up, staring up at the stone ceiling of a big room. How did he get to a room?

"Are you hungry?" came a deep voice from the side.

He turned to the side and was surprised to find his brother was sitting upright with a portable writing desk, with an open scroll and quill.

"Were am I?" he said, slowly sitting up himself.

"Your room."

Now this had the hanyou confused. "My room?"

Slowly he looked around the room, and his eyes widened in recognition. It was his nursery, rather the room his mother and him had stayed in when he was younger. There was his crib, a carved cherry oak frame, and soft downy bedding. The walls a rich red in color, the printed Sakura pattern scattered onto one side of the wall, tatami mat flooring under the futon with fur extra bedding underneath for comfort. Next to futon beside him lay his sword safely. There was a window on the left side of the room, the shutters closed and the only light in the room coming from the candle his brother was using for his documents. A dressing table was next to the window, and then he noticed his mother's most precious possession.

Her music box.

It was a small plain wooden box, no significant carvings or marks, but what was inside was more important. He moved the bedding off him and walked towards the table, picked the box up and opened it. The soothing tune of Nenneko yo, and with that all the pleasant of the days with his mother. Her rocking him to sleep in her arms, with the music box open, and her singing softly to him.

"Nenneko, nenneko, Nenneko yo!
Oraga akabo no Neta rusu ni,
Azuki wo yonagete, Kome toide,
Aka no mamma e Toto soete,
Aka no ii-ko ni Kureru-zo!"

His grip on the box tightened. He felt his breath shorten, his throat closing up as tears threaten to escape. To be honest Inuyasha didn't expect any of these things to still be here, he had expected this and everything else in this room to be thrown away, but no everything looked just as how he remembered it. In fact the room looked like it had been cleaned on a regular basis.

"Why am I in here?" he asked.

"I thought you would be more comfortable in your old room," Sesshoumaru answered.

Inuyasha took a deep breath, trying to calm himself down. "But why am I here?" he asked again.

"Where else would my mate be?"

That statement shook him to the core, a hand went up to his neck touching the healing scar that was still there. He was mated, actually marked as a mate, and not the mark of a concubine. Which would be lower down, much lower, left butt cheek to be exact. He hadn't even taken that properly into account that morning. He was actually mated to Sesshoumaru his older brother. He was a omega male, mated to his brother. A fucking omega… it was taking him a lot of time to process this.

"Are you going to announce it?" he couldn't help but ask, mating especially of those with high-status have to announce it to their family. It was a symbol that they actually recognised the mating and it wasn't just a one off 'in the heat of the moment' deal.

"Of course, it is what this Sesshoumaru has promised."

I can offer you that protection, I can look after you. Take you as my mate and cherish you as one should…

cherish you as one should…

He turned around to look his brother straight into his eyes, searching them for answer. "Did you really mean what you said in the cave?"

Sesshoumaru put his scroll and quill down and put the writing desk to the side. "I don't lie."

"I just don't understand why you chose me."

The daiyoukai didn't say anything to that, instead he stood up from the futon, and that's when Inuyasha realised to his horror that his brother had been wearing nothing this whole time. Looking down at himself he noticed he was in a similar state of undress. But instead of asking what they were both doing naked alone in bed, he was distracted by the sight of his brother's tall muscled body making his way towards him. Perfect in every way, a precision killing tool, one that was standing in front of him at this very moment. One hand raised to touch his cheek, clawed fingers stroking the sensitive flesh, tickling down his neck making his breath shudder until it finally reached his mark. His thumb idly stroking along the groves of the crescent shaped bite.

"It is true that in the past I had not been a brother to you, but I'm trying to make amends."

"Aren't there easier ways then mating with me?" he finally brought himself to say.

"That wasn't originally my plan. I had wanted to tell you about the possibility of your omega status a long time ago; but after your miko disappeared, you had also. And the times we did meet I knew you wouldn't talk about this since you were still grieving over your miko, there never seemed to be the right time."

Inuyasha couldn't keep his eyes open, couldn't take the intensity of his brother's gaze, the feeling of his touch. Both hands came up to clasp his face forcing him to keep looking at his brother. He wanted to close his eyes, to simply make it all disappear, but he was transfixed hypnotised by his brother's golden orbs.

"I wanted to propose this to you years ago, give you time to think, to choose. Your heat came earlier than I anticipated, much earlier, and then trying to keep control…"

"It doesn't explain…"

"There is no other," he said quickly. Inuyasha was silent, but Sesshoumaru seemed to be able to read the confusion on his face. So he pressed his lips against his Otouto's forehead. "Demon's don't feel love in the sense that ningen do, we live too long to be tied down by such a small notion. The love that they feel burns out as fast as a matchstick, but we youkai base our relationships on mutual respect and trust. Which is what I have for you."

This made Inuyasha pause, respect? Did they respect each other, much less trust? If there was one thing about Sesshoumaru he respected it was his strength, but he also feared it. His brother scared him at times with his indifference, his coldness. Yet the way he was acting now just confused him, showing him such affection, such reassurance. It seemed almost unreal to him. But he was right here standing right in front of him giving him all of the support he could ever want.

"There could be others that are much better suited…" he said, his voice no more than a whisper.

"But none that I trust, none that I hold in the same high regard as you," he whispered right back. "Everyone in my court only wants one thing, fathers land, and the title they could get by mating me. There is a little trust between me and them and even less respect."

Inuyasha couldn't help but frown; he shook his head trying to pry his brother's grip off him. "Is this only a business arrangement?"

"It is to protect what our father gave us."

"That's a farce of a mating."

"No, it is honest. Neither one of us is out to steal from the other, you wouldn't mate for glory, not for bragging right for having slept with a daiyoukai, and natter like those weak whining bitches who simply want my riches. You're a warrior like me, one who follows and that understands the code of honour, you understand the meaning of loyalty."

Inuyasha was silent. From one side what Sesshoumaru was saying made complete sense, but he had grown up being taught that there was nothing more important than love. His father had loved his mother after all. Then again… all the people he had loved had died, or been taken away from him, his mother, Kikyo, and then Kagome. Everyone that he had loved was cruelly ripped away from him, and how here was Sesshoumaru, offering him something that was tangible. His brother was strong, he wouldn't die… he wouldn't leave him. Miroku and Sango would die from old age, and Shippo would mate and move on since he was a full demon he would have it easier to find someone. But for him he might never get another chance like this, no one else would even go so far for a hanyou as his brother had right now.

And Sesshoumaru didn't lie.

His body shuddered and he felt himself lean forward, his forehead resting against his brother's chest.

"I don't want to be alone…" he whispered out.

Two strong arms moved to wrap around him again in a hug. "You won't be, I'll be right here. I have always been," Sesshoumaru reassured.

It was odd that the one constant presence in his life had always been his brother. Menacing or not. He had always been there.

Just like he was now.

"Do you want to undo the mating?" Sesshoumaru asked.

Inuyasha shook his head, "No, I don't, but can I…can we take it slow?"

"We already coupled little brother I don't think we can take it any slower."

"You know what I mean!"

Sesshoumaru chuckled and took a step back giving Inuyasha some space. "We will wait for as long as it takes. Although I will miss the feel of your little body against mine until then."

He felt himself going red with embarrassment. "I'm not little!" he shouted indignantly.

The smirk on his brother's face grew. "Not where it counts."

Inuyasha gritted his teeth together and quickly used his hands to try and hide his body with little success. "Put some clothes on! And-and… get me something as well!"

"Of course little brother," he said and moved to a pile of clothes that were folded neatly on the side of the futon. He picked it up and put it on before handing another pair of robes to Inuyasha. "You missed breakfast and lunch, but I can have something brought up from the kitchen."

Inuyasha nodded and took the silk robes off him. "Yeah."

"Anything in particular that you want?"

"Meat," then his stomach gave the most unimaginable gurgle. "…lots of meat."

"Of course," he replied, and pulled a thick cord next to the futon that probably lead to the kitchen or something.

Not soon after there was a knock on the door, Sesshoumaru ordered the person in. it was an inuyoukai demoness, not of the white dog descent probably common brown by her ears.

"You called my Lord?" she asked with a bow, but didn't raise her head as an act of submission towards her Lord.

Instantly the kind expression Sesshoumaru had shown him was gone and back was the fearsome cold daiyoukai that Inuyasha knew well. "Yes my mate is awake and requires substance bring up any meat dishes we still have," he ordered.

"Of course my Lord," she bowed deeply again and left the room closing the door behind her.

Inuyasha was still pretty tensed up so he went back to the futon and sat down. Watching as Sesshoumaru sat down beside him, picking up his writing desk and got back to whatever paperwork he had to take care of. The hanyou started to fidget, pulling at the sleeve of his silk robe. Admiring the stitch pattern, although all he was really doing was trying to ignore his brother's presence.

"There' no need to be nervous."

"I'm not nervous!"

Sesshoumaru gave him a look that told it all. Which only managed to irritate the inuhanyou, who tsked and looked away, only for his gaze to fall on his old crib. He bit his lip nervously, a question still lying on his mind.

"Am-am I p-pregnant?" he asked.

"I have yet to call a physician to check properly, but I haven't smelled a change in you," Sesshoumaru answered, not looking up from his papers. "Although it is not often for a pup to come out from the first heat."

Inuyasha didn't know if he should feel relieved by the news or not. He decided to not think about it anymore, instead his focus was drawn to the knock coming from the door. The daiyoukai ordered them in and suddenly in came three inuyoukai servants, holding trays laden with plates of meat and rice. His mouth was watering at the sight. For now all his worries were pushed out of his mind and his focus was only on the food.

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