Sakura POV:

We were waiting in the usual spot for Kakashi sensei. He was running late, as per usual. It's so irritating especially since I have to wait for him alone with Naruto. Uh, how gross. We've been waiting for three hours, which is longer than usual. Suddenly, a puff of smoke appeared and I knew inside was Kakashi. Grr! Why was he so late today!

"Hey guys, sorry I'm late. I had to pick up something," Kakashi moved to the side to show someone. I was amazed at what I saw.

"SASUKE!" I squealed.

"Yes, Sakura, I went to get Sasuke. I also had to great some transfer shinobe that I will be training, they call themselves the sand siblings," Kakashi continued.

"The sand siblings?" I repeated with a confused look.

"WHAT! You mean that freaky Gaara kid is here?" Naruto yelled in protest.


"Uh, yes Naruto. It does mean that 'freaky Gaara kid' is here. Along with his brother, Kankurō, and his sister, Temari," Kakashi commented.

"Huh, Temari?" Naruto repeated, all anger replaced with confusion, "hey, isn't that the name of Shikamaru's ex-girlfriend?"

"What does it matter to you, idiot. It's Shikamaru's business not yours," Sasuke finally spoke.

"By the way guys, I need to get us all to Lady Tsunade's so that we can all meet the people you will be training with from now on. Until they decide to leave, that is," Kakashi interrupted. With that we all disappeared.

Miyuki POV:

As I sat there I felt like crying, Gaara was sitting next to me, Kankurō was relaxing on the floor and Temari was pressing her face against the window searching for someone she used to date and was forced to break up with because she had to go back to the sand village. Why does Gaara have to leave? I don't want him to.

"Miyuki," Gaara said. I knew he could tell I was sad. I looked at him. Tears started to form at the corners of my eyes. "Don't cry," Gaara said concerned.

"I can't help it," I cried. He turned so he wasn't looking at me. Gaara can't handle it when I cry. He can't take it because he doesn't understand or know how to get me to stop.

"Are they even going to show?" Kankurō groaned.

"They'll be here," Gaara and I said at the same time. I got up and ran out of the roo. Gaara gave Kankurō a look then chased after me.

Sakura POV:

With a puff of smoke, we entered the room. Judging by the look on everyone's faces we were late. No doubt about it.

"Sorry were late. Traffic was terrible," Kakashi lied.

"Well better late than never. Although when it comes to you, Kakashi, you always seem to choose late," Lady Tsunade commented.

"Yeah well, because of your lateness, Gaara ran off," Kankurō shot back.

"You know that's not true, Kankurō. Gaara ran off because you made him and Miyuki talk at the same time, making her sadder resulting in her running off and Gaara chasing after her," Temari corrected than pushed her face against the window again.

"You do know we're back, right?" some girl said from the doorway, standing next to Gaara, "your new sensei is here. If I remember correctly that means I have to leave now," she told Gaara, beginning to cry.

"Don't cry," was all Gaara said.

"I'm trying not to but it's really hard," was the girl's response.

"Excuse me but who are you?" I heard Naruto say from behind me.

'Trust Naruto to be the one to be inconsiderate' I thought to myself.

"This is Miyuki," Gaara answered angrily but not as angrily as I expected, more annoyed than I'm-going-to-murder-you-if-you-ever-do-that-again. This Miyuki girl has some kind of hold on Gaara making him calmer but not by much.

"So, why is she here?" Naruto continued. I noticed this really annoy Gaara. Uh, oh. Gaara's face turned into a snarl.

'Now this is the Gaara I used to know. The one where if you said anything to him he would threaten to kill you.'

"I was just dropping them off. I was told that once their new sensei got here that I was to return home, but I just can't!" Miyuki threw herself into Gaara's arms as she started to cry again.

'Man, this girl is a weakling.' Gaara hugged her for a moment then pushed her way.

"Close your eyes," he instructed. Miyuki did as she was told. Gaara took some of his sand out then turned it into a beautiful necklace with a big love heart on it that was shaped as though it was made from a diamond but you could clearly see it was sand. Gaara hardened the sand then put it around Miyuki's neck. The second he did she opened her eyes.

"It's beautiful," Miyuki said in awe.

"Yep, that's Gaara for you doing then unexpected," Kankurō teased. Temari gave him a look, told him to sh and then went back to pressing her face against the window.

"It's hard so it won't break, if it does it'll just fix itself and the only time it'll be completely destroyed is when I die," Gaara informed Miyuki.

"Die?" she repeated with a worried look.

"You won't have to worry about that," Gaara told her,
"you should be going now. You've done your job."

"You're right," she said, giving him one last hug then leaving without saying goodbye. If she had of I think she would've ended up bawling her eyes out.