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Season 4-5 AU

Her lips are fastened to his neck and he has no idea what he's doing.

Each kiss sends an electric shock down his spine and his hands find her hips as hers work deftly against the buttons of his shirt. "Anna?" It's a question, a plea, a hope, and so much more. It's a request for guidance, because he will always look to her. His searching blue stare is clouded over in a delirious haze. Her lips meet his, sealing them with a promise.

"It's okay. I'll show you."

The smile in her eyes matches the one on her face. She's beautiful. He's always thought so. Castiel watches her in fascination, in awe, a kaleidoscope of emotions passing over his face at this new experience. Waves of hair spill over her shoulders, reminding him of the Red Sea; her bright eyes stare into his while conveying every truth they cannot speak aloud. He can sense the lifeforce of every star and constellation, but those filling his vision are the only ones he can see.

"This means something, Castiel," she tells him softly, pressing close, her lashes soft as a butterfly's wing on his face.

He can only nod, mesmerized into silence at the touch of her hands on his bare shoulders. He feels the soft flesh of her cheek, the slender column of her neck. The way his fingers slot perfectly through hers. Her skin is a porcelain he's terrified of breaking, even though she is the stronger of the two.

Reading the thoughts behind his expression, she tells him, "Don't be afraid, Cas."

Castiel cannot help but smileā€”no more than a fleeting upturn of his lips before they're covered again by hers. Small hands slide over his ribs. His arms embrace the slight weight of her body against his. Castiel loses himself to the moment, this affair that has spent countless millennia in the making. Since the day his celestial eyes could see, the moment he could perceive her true voice and visage, everything has been amounting to this very hour. The lights around them flicker, the sound of ringing bells filling the space between them. Separate tendrils of Grace bond together, forging a new light.

He's loved her, in his own subtle, quiet way. He always had.

And if this was Falling, he was doomed from the start.

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