As I know of my mother, she always have protected me

She always protected me from a secret that

She didn't want for me to see it

Is it because that secret involves with violence?

Or is it about sexuality?

For this night, I have danger in my hands when some monster

Or an ugly looking kind of monster shows up attacking me, Mom, and Mr. Takayama

As the danger gets worse, I saw Mom turning into something that she feared


Because she thinks it would terrify me

What is it?

As I looked at her, her hair is white, her eyes are purple, and wears all red

After the battle, I stared at her with this discovery

She thinks I'm scared of seeing her like this

I just simply run to her and hugged her

The truth is, even though I saw her like this

She's still the mother I know of

I could find it in myself to accept my mother in a new way