OK lets see, this is my first Sweep fanfiction and it's set after Night's Child, I will try to restore all the things I didn't like in the canon series and add some more elements of my own, as a Wiccan I know how witchcraft works so no worries, you won't be scratching your face in frustration over details and rituals lol

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Chapter 1 – Goddess of War

'You need to push again, Morgan, once more and it will be over, sweetie,' Katrina urged her old friend and once daughter-in-law as Morgan writhed on the bed. 'Come on, the head is almost out, you have done this before, you know it needs just one more push,' Katrina added as she patted Morgan's leg in comfort.

Morgan Niall of Belwicket screamed in effort once more and pushed with all her might, Susan and Christa were at her side, urging her on. She finally was left gasping as the sweet cry of her second baby filled the room.

'A healthy baby girl, Morgan, a big girl like Moira had been when she was born,' Katrina announced and smiled at the thirty nine year old witch who was still panting on the bed, Morgan smiled back and hugged her new baby. Baby blue eyes looked back at her a patch of blond hair signaled her baby's heritage in color, while Moira had looked like Morgan mostly, with small lines given by Hunter, her new baby would be blond like her Da and Morgan would be able to see those beautiful eyes of her husband's in one of their children from now on.

'And here's the Da and the big Sis,' Susan announced as the door opened and a seventeen year old Moira rushed close to her mother with her father almost numb following, Morgan and Hunter locked eyes as he approached and Moira gave him space. After all they had been through, after all the banes that had taken place in the past years, even the new banes that had found them after Morgan had became the High Priestess and Moira had been initiated; now they were finally whole.

While she was young, Morgan had seen only one girl as her daughter and she indeed had Moira years later, even through pain and lies, she had her precious only child, but the Goddess works in mysterious ways and through the newly encountered banes of the past year, Morgan and Hunter had conceived again, maybe the Goddess showed them all those months back that it was time for them to find true light in their life, a second chance for them to raise a child together, to experience it all, to relive what they had missed with Moira and for Moira herself, to have a chance to see how it would have been and how it will be, when one day she's the one holding the destiny of the coven in her hands and her legacy to be passed to her own offspring.

'Hold her,' Morgan urged gently, her voice weak after the effort, Hunter moved closer, after almost three years of recovering he seemed as good as he could get, normal weight, light in his eyes, magic surging through his veins and his muirn beatha dan by his side, he was back to life and now his second child would complete his life. He took a baby sheet Christa offered for him and held the newborn baby in his arms, making sure she would feel warm and cease her crying as the baby hadn't stopped from the moment she was out of her mother's womb. Hunter looked at Moira who had tears of joy in her eyes and Morgan nodded as she glanced at him and then they both looked at their daughter.

'You should name your sister,' Hunter said and Moira looked at her biological father with wide eyes of joy, in the past years, she had put some effort to learn him personally, to accept all his aspects and realize that as her father he will always want the best for her, even in his stern ways, and after what they had been through in the past months, she had also realized that if something ever happened to him, a part of her would die with him, it was when she had tried to save him from death's jaws that she called him "dad" for the first time and ever since, she had called him like that, fully accepting and knowing deep down that Colm, the father she had known, wouldn't mind her accepting her biological dad fully in her life and soul.

'You're sure, Hunter? She has some crazy ideas…' Morgan teased lightly and Hunter chuckled with his deep voice but nodded as Morgan smiled at her firstborn, a grown woman by now.

'Ok….' Moira said and hesitated for a moment, that was huge responsibility, she needed a name that her sister would like and wouldn't hate Moira later on for. 'What about Morrigan? It sounds like Mum's and mine combined and after all she's been through while in mum's belly, she truly is a Goddess of War.' Moira said and Hunter smiled as Morgan reached for her older child's hand to squeeze affectionally.

'I think it's perfect,' Hunter said and smiled as he handed his little daughter back in her mother's arms. Katrina and the rest were helping Morgan with the post-labor spells and sterilization but everything seemed to be going smoothly so Morgan gave her baby to Susan to clean her up and prepare her for her first milk. Moira stood up as Christa and Katrina finished with the cleaning.

'I better go downstairs and leave you with her for awhile, Ian was about to faint with all the screams, he's dying to know how it went,' Moira announced and Morgan smiled and nodded, at her nineteen year old girl, Moira hadn't expected to have a baby sister but they all knew Morrigan's arrival signaled a truly new beginning for all of them.

'You promised that if we survived this time, you would be babysitting the moment she's done breastfeeding,' Morgan reminded Moira and her girl laughed and shrugged as Hunter watched the exchange of the two out of three women of his life.

'But she won't be done with it for at least a month so see you around Yule…' Moira said with her dry humor and Hunter laughed as Morgan rolled her eyes good-naturally.

'This is your fault,' Morgan accused Hunter tenderly as he leaned down and kissed her forehead and then her lips. 'You team up with her all the time,' Morgan accused and Hunter grinned.

'I promise I will be teaming up with Morrigan as well,' he said and Morgan gave him a gentle shove with the little of her physical remaining power. They both sobered after a moment and looked at each other's eyes.

'Are you ready to live the whole experience of having a baby? It's not going to be easy…' Morgan warned and Hunter smiled and cupped her chin with his hand, they had been through so much, through fire and here they were, she at thirty nine and he at forty one, having together what they were to have at their twenties, it was never too late.

'After what we've been through, I can't wait for the challenges lying ahead… pampers are going to be awful but I will suffer.' Hunter replied and Morgan could only smile and kiss his lips as Susan brought their baby back, all cleaned and a little bit calmer for Morgan to breastfeed her, Susan announced she would bring some soup for Morgan later and left the couple on their own as the rest had done.

'Let me help,' Hunter whispered as their quieted daughter looked around with gargling noises, he held the tiny babe while Morgan exposed from her sweat-soaked V neck blouse her right breast and Hunter repositioned their baby in her arms for Morrigan to find her mum's breast. Soon Morgan had helped her baby and the little girl was enjoying her first milk with closed eyes and her hand relaxingly touching her mum's breast. Hunter was left to watch in awe as he witnessed his wife and second daughter.

'Goddess…' he whispered as he helped Morgan by supporting their baby and her arm that held her a bit weakly. Morgan looked at him with shinny eyes.

'I know… the miracle of life…' she whispered and Hunter nodded and pecked her lips tenderly.

'Thank you so much, Morgan, for loving me, for saving me, you're my life and you have given me two daughters… I love you more than life itself,' Hunter whispered. He needed to tell her all his feelings, they had been through so much and even if she had survived their most recent banes he had been worried when her waters had broken, after months under stress and in danger while expecting, she hadn't been the twenty year old who had given birth to a nine pounds Moira. He had been so scared that something would go wrong at the last moment and he would lose either Morgan or their second baby, the baby he was to watch growing, like he hadn't had the chance with Moira.

Morgan watched her husband with eyes ready to spill more tears. She sighed and kissed him while their baby kept up with her milk.

'Thank you for loving me, for saving me, for showing me who I am to be, for making me choose light over darkness… for giving me Moira when I lost you… for surviving in that island for surviving the past months… for Morrigan… I love you, Hunter,' Morgan could only express her own feelings back after all they had been through.

They were left staring at each other, no more words needed to be said as they watched each other and their baby between them, the past was behind them finally and no one was going to disturb them.

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