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3. Morgan

Cells create organs, organs create systems, a beautiful harmonized chain of life, we all start from a tiny cell and we involve into complicated organisms, with feelings, senses, thoughts and powers.

Sometimes, I marvel at these simple, granted facts, these standards. Even if my body rebels right now, my head hurts, Hunter's hand on my shoulder the only good remedy, I can't stop but marvel how life works, how evolution has brought us here.

As I watch the little girl's eyes opening and seeing her mother again, how her bruises and cuts already look slightly better. I marvel at the greatness of the Goddess in all of us.

'Thank you, thank you so much, I will be forever grateful, I will fix my life and this won't happen again.' The mother was saying again and again, looking at Hunter and me with guilt and relief in her eyes.

Even if tomorrow is a big day, the Charter had asked me to help a girl in a small village a couple of hours away from Cobh and I had accepted of course. Ever since Hunter's return the Charter had been more than proper with us, they had accepted Hunter with open arms, the true symbol of surviving in a world with Wicca turning into a great religion and they had even raised the money they gave me for my work, but of course it wasn't about the money, it was about serving with my powers, doing the right thing even mare hours before my handfasting.

'We hope you and your daughter will find your way,' Hunter said diplomatically and I just nodded, feeling all the tension coming from Hunter in waves, I knew why he was so angry , it had taken hours to help the little girl. Her name was Breena and she reminded me of Bree who was possibly landing any minute now with her daughters in Ireland.

The woman that had summoned us was a twenty three year old with a daughter at the age of five, her boyfriend had been using drugs and alcohol for years and he had been beating her but the woman named Emma had tried to stay with him, she loved him, she had been ranting when we arrived, but the guy had turned on their daughter, hit her without expecting the little girl to fall down the stairs of their home. It had been too much since her neck had almost been broken in two. It was possibly one of my worst cases to heal and I hoped I had done a good enough job, time would show if Breena would be fully recovered.

'We better be going,' I whispered and Hunter nodded and we left the two girls –in my eyes at least they were both girls facing a cruel world- to recover in more than one essence of the word. As we moved outside the room a man that both Hunter and I felt was the father of Breena –same eyes, same nose and waves of fear and regret off him- was approaching but Hunter left my side and gripped him from the collar of his jacket, pinning him against the closest corridor wall.

'You should be ashamed of yourself, hitting a child! Your daughter! When others never get to have children, try for them for years! What kind of man are you?' Hunter hissed at the man's face and after the initial moment of shock, I rushed close to him and dragged him away. The man seemed too shocked and scared to even protest so he just slumped against the wall as I took Hunter away, the exhaustion catching up with me even faster.

'Enough, please, it's not our place to interfere with this.' I tried to reason with my husband but his green eyes turned to me and I could see all the things he felt, all the feelings of injustice, he had a child and he met it just over a year and a few months ago, Moira still couldn't call him "dad" and we would all still need years to fully adjust on each other's roles. Other people had children and beat them down the stairs… I could understand his pain, his anger. Hunter sighed and nodded, supported me all the way to the car and helped me climb in as he moved to the driver's seat. We had a handfasting to deal with and so little time.

We remained silent in the car, I always felt drained after healing people and I was so grateful for Hunter helping me go back and forth between the places, I felt grateful to have him here, sometimes it felt like the past year and half had been a dream, and I was so scared to wake up alone in my bed.

'I think we should talk to Moira about our idea.' Hunter broke the silence as he reached and took my hand, his eyes on the road, like so many years ago and he was using that rented car back in Widow's Vale. I smiled and sighed, we had so many things to do, we had booked all the rooms in Cobh's tiny hotel for our guests, they were all arriving for our handfasting that was to take place the next afternoon yet we were away and all he could think of was one silly thing I said a few days back, after I spent some time watching Ian with Moira being close during a meal in our cottage.

'Maybe after the ritual,' I mumbled and he smiled and nodded, his hands once so hard and calloused by what he had been through in the island now felt softer, more familiar. I smiled as I imagined them on m skin tomorrow, under my ceremonial robe, when he will be touching me as my husband. 'Yet I'm not sure if she will be happy with the possibility.' I added as I thought of what I had suggested a few days back.

Ian was living with Katrina for the past year and half while Lilith was still under the watchful eye of the Charter and Moira lived with us in the cottage she had grown up. However they spent many hours together and Moira was almost seventeen, the age of mine when I considered living with Hunter while back in America. I had thought that Moira would like to have a small place of her own for her future move, maybe a flat in the new section of Cobh that was now being built as to have the place expanded. The charter had filled Hunter's bank account with money since he deserved a lot of it in the past years so now we could give her a future, a place to live if she wished to go to the local college or some other place in case she wished to study away.

The cottage had been mine and her home and Hunter had grown to love it even if it was the place I had lived with Colm and his presence still lingered. I had reconciled with Katrina for the things she had done behind my back, things that considered my child and myself but I still felt conflicted over what I felt for Colm. He had been my husband, I had grew to love and respect him, yet somehow, the image I had for Colm had cracked ever since I had learnt of the things he had hidden, the things he had left me believe. He would always be my first husband and I would always be grateful but something had changed within me, something had made me feel like I had used a substitute only to live now fully. However, that cottage was my house and Hunter's only house ever since he had returned from that Godforsaken island. That cottage had actually been his only home since he was a child because after he left his uncle's house, he had been around, then in America, then around again and then, when we had to be together, he had been trapped by Iona… so yeah, that cottage was his home as much as it was mine and we wished to live there for the rest of our lives.

'I think she will love it, she's already as independent and ready to fly as you were…' Hunter replied and I turned and looked at him, he had learnt our daughter so well, he had understood her completely in many cases and that made me feel good. She was his daughter after all, half of him, and I was the other half.

'I just don't want her to think we're exiling her or something of that kind… I just want her to feel welcome, I want her to know she's our family.' I spoke out my thoughts and Hunter's hand tightened around mine.

'She will love a place of her own… we like it or not, she's almost seventeen and we like it or not, she has Ian… you know what you were doing at her age…' Hunter said and the warm feeling of having him knowing her so well settled in me, along the will to tease him.

'At my age… hmm trying not to be killed?' I asked and he smirked.

'Apart from that,' he replied dryly.

'Trying to kill bad people?' I asked again and Hunter glared at me.

'Regarding me…' he tried to narrow down what I was doing at Moira's age and I laughed.

'Throwing a knife at your neck?' I asked again teasingly and this time, he took his hand from mine to tickle my ribs, I squealed and pushed his hand away as he kept driving. 'Oh you mean trying to sleep with you but never getting to actually do it?' I asked as I held of his attacks but he reached and pinched my rib playfully and I cursed as he started tickling beneath my blouse.

'You're closer now…' he added and we finally calmed down as he took the main route for Cobh and I took his hand in mine again.

'I know, I just…' I tried but he smiled this time.

'You just worry she will think she's out casted but she won't be, she will never be, not by you and me, not in a hundred years.' Hunter's tone showed me all the things I wanted to hear to reassure myself, he would die before he could abandon me and our daughter and death had already been fooled in his case more than once, I believed him.

'Come on, guys, your guests are driving me nuts, Sky even considers holding a circle to occupy them all…' the witch message from Moira made me gasp, arriving after minutes in silence that had followed. I smiled and send a message back, saying were close and they should wait a little more. I felt great excitement, Bree and Robbie after so long and Bree's daughters, Esther, Irene and Anna had arrived, the rest of Kitchic wouldn't be able to attend but they all had sent their love through letters, emails and phonecalls. Alisa with Charlie and their daughters Shallot and Sarah were arriving later that night. Mary K was also to arrive with her children and I would see her husband again, Mom and Dad couldn't make it but we would have a video call through the internet during the party for them to see us all. Killian as well was reaching Cobh for my handfasting, Alwyn, Sky and Daniel were coming back once more since the last time we had seen them was in Yule for Moira's initiation. Now they were returning and it felt great to have so many people gathered for the handfasting.

We reached Cobh and realized they were extra people in the cottage just by looking at the extra cars in the street around it. I got out of the car first and rushed to our home's loan the moment the door opened and no one else but my best friend Bree Warren opened the door and looked at me with sparkling eyes before we could both squeal and rush close to each other, colliding in a hug only best friends can share.

'I can't believe you made it!' I exclaimed and Bree held her hands around me tighter, even in our late thirties we remained great friends and I was glad I was finally over my insecurities before her still amazing beauty. From behind her shoulder I saw Robbie like Bree did with Hunter and we broke our hug to hug the respective men. Robbie lifted me off my feet in his hug and kissed my cheek, he looked handsome like he had done ever since that little spell for his acne.

'Morganita! A handfasting…. Hunter and you just can't be separated!' Robbie laughed as he settled me down and smiled down at me. 'And Moira grew up so much! She's taller than your sorry short ass.' He added and I batted his hand as Bree and Hunter approached us, Bree had seen Hunter before, during a small trip of us to see my parents in America and she had needed time to realize he truly was alive but ever since they were the best of friends, always teaming up against me since I usually teamed up with Moira or Sky.

'Alisa called, said she will be here in about an hour. Your sister is inside, and your sisters, Hunter, and Killian, he has brought his children as well. I hope that hotel in the center of the town will hold us all.' Bree started ranting and I laughed, good old Bree. The moment we got inside the house with me and Bree leading the way, three little clones of my friend rushed around me and hugged me at once.

'Oh for the love of the Goddess, look how much you all grew up!' I exclaimed as I looked at the girls. Esther was the eldest at fifteen, Irene was the middle sister at the age of tweleve and little Anna was the youngest and the one who looked like Bree the most at ten years.

'Aunt Morgan we're so glad we'll participate in a witchwedding.' Anna said and I laughed and hugged her closer to me. 'And Moira said she will lead of the ritual?' Bree wondered and Hunter and I smiled and nodded as our girl approached and kissed my cheek and moved close to Hunter, allowing him to wrap an arm around her shoulders.

'Welcome back, gossiping about me again? I heard my name.' Moira said and I laughed and nodded as we all got further in the house. The moment I entered the crowded kitchen two identical girls rushed close to me and I scooped them both in my arms, my black dress helping me with the weight as my sister approached right afterwards. Mary K hugged me tightly and I did my best to return the hug with her daughters in my arms.

'So great to see you again,' my beautiful sister told me and I smiled and kissed her cheek as she took one of the girls so we could share. I smiled at Mary K.'s face the moment she saw Hunter, from all the people close to me, Mary K. was the one who hadn't been able to visit in the past year with the babies so I had seen her only briefly when Hunter and I visited America yet he hadn't be able to come see her too so now they met again after almost eighteen years.

'Oh my God, I cannot believe this,' Mary K. whispered as she moved close and hugged Hunter tightly. 'I cannot believe it…' she whispered again as she smiled at Hunter who smiled back and nodded, thankfully she saw him now that he had recovered. I spotted Mary K,'s husband Jacob as he approached and I smiled and shook his hand. I knew Mary K. had married a strict catholic and I knew it was hard for him to be among people, as far as I knew one of the greatest fights between my sister and her husband had been about her visiting me and that was one of the reasons she always used excuses as not to come to Ireland, and I was certain they had fought again for Mary K. to win the fight and actually visit so I appreciated his try to be here among people who according to his belief system, will die in Hell.

'Jacob, so good to see you, I hope the room in the hotel is cozy enough.' I tried to sound cheerful and he smiled –forcefully- and nodded his head, I was certain he had examined all the symbols, herbs and objects around the house as talismans and amulets that had been set by me, Moira and Hunter. My smile turned genuine and effortless the moment Killian's children rushed close to me, I still held Christiana, Mary K.'s little girl as I hugged Ewan, kissed Braeden's forehead and greeted little Melissa, Killian followed right behind them and wrapped his arms around me as I handed Christiana to Jacob.

'Little Sis! Congratulations on the handfasting, can't wait for the drinks afterwards.' He told me and I laughed as he broke the hug and smiled at me, you could see parts of Ciaran in him, like I me, but we mostly looked… free, independent.

'Where is your wife?' I asked as he had promised he would bring her along this time, he just shook his head and waved, I knew something was wrong.

'She wished she could come but the divorce files got in her way…' he answered and I felt disappointed even if he looked his normal cheerry self, with the corner of my eye I could see Mary K. and Jacob's disapproving glances at Killian, knowing catholics' views on divorces I felt protective of my step-brother.

'I'm really sorry,' I finally said and Killian smiled and shook his head.

'It's alright, we're good friends, we just can't be anything more by now… but it's fine, she gave me these three little fairies here… we're good.' Killian finally replied and I smiled and nodded, I knew how live can get in the way of your dreams. Killian moved a step closer to me and whispered in my ear when Hunter suggested something about drinks to the children, Mary K and Jacob. 'I want to talk to you about something, but not now, too many people, it better be just you, Belwicket and people you trust… people of our kind.' Killian whispered in my ear and I looked up at his eyes for his grave tone. Something was wrong and I wouldn't like it.

'OK, tomorrow, after the party for the handfasting, when the non-blood witches are gone, we can stay maybe for a small blessing ritual and to talk, would that do?' I asked and he nodded, I was ready to ask more but Bree approached and Killian moved a step away and brought back his happy face.

'So who is leading of the ritual since you're the high priestess and the one getting handfasted?' Killian asked quickly to change the subject and Bree looked with curiosity for my answer. I tried to push away all the worry Killian had flamed within me and I smiled as I answered, glancing at Hunter who possibly sensed my frustration.

'It will be Moira, since she's initiated and we're her parents, at first she was worried but I think she will do just fine,' I answered and Killian and Bree smiled.

'She will perform perfectly, she stopped a dark wave after all, having her parents handfasted will be piece of cake.' Killian replied and I smiled and nodded. Whatever he wished to tell me, however bad it was, it could wait a few more hours, first I had the handfasting that became delayed for about seventeen years…

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