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Chapter 1: The Beginning of Everything

Gun shots could be heard throughout the house as a young boy, no older than eight years of age, watched his aunt lying lifelessly on the floor. The boy had spiked, light brown hair and big, beautiful eyes that matched his hair color. This adorable brunette's name was Sawada Tsunayoshi or more commonly known as Tsuna. He was currently hidden inside a shelf at the corner of the living room, behind the sofa making it very easy to miss. The shelf door had a tiny hole that allowed Tsuna to see what's happening outside. He watched as his aunt got tortured for his whereabouts then shot to death when the men in black was certain she could not provide them the answers they wanted. He doesn't care really, but the way she was handled almost made him gasp out in terror. Now don't mistake him, he wasn't afraid he just couldn't help but feel pity for her. He looked away, unable to watch any longer but soon, the gun shots died out followed by the sounds of people running and shouting frantically, then silence. Curious, he turned to look through the hole again just to see those men in black on their knees, their arms up in surrender and these other men in black holding guns against their heads. At that same moment, a blonde man with sky blue eyes, wearing a black suit underneath his black cloak and gravity defying spiky hair like Tsuna's, walked into the room. He was followed by a man with pink -cough- RED hair, red (?) eyes, a red tattoo covering most of the right side of his face, and wearing a black suit like the blonde man. Surprisingly, the blonde man looked a lot like Tsuna, they could be twins if they didn't have different eye and hair colors, and the age gap since the man looked to be in about his mid-twenties.

"Primo, there are no survivors found but we don't see the child that's supposedly in this woman's care. At least, it said so in the information given to us by Alaude," the pink haired man informed the blonde one that is now known as Primo.

"Keep searching, G. We got here too late I at least want to know the child is safe." It was just a whisper but G heard it well. He also felt guilty for not being able to get here in time to save the woman and the others living in the nearby. They stood there staring at the bloody body of the woman in front of them with pity. Hearing this, Tsuna felt it was safe to finally get out from that shelf. He somehow knew that those men were here to help him from the beginning, but he wanted to make sure so he stayed quiet until he heard what they said. He slowly opened the shelf's door and crawled out. The creaking of the door caught Primo and G's attention. They snapped their heads toward the direction of the shelf and saw a little boy crawling out. They immediately made their way to the cute brunette to help him up and ask him a few questions. "Hello there little one, are you alright?" Primo asked. He was worried about the child since he was actually there the whole time. He might have saw all the carnage going on and that could have traumatized the poor boy. All he got for an answer was a shy nod. Tsuna wasn't a shy person, really, but all these years without proper human contact except for his aunt, which could barely count as 'human', made him feel a little nervous to be in the presence of so many people at once. He played with the end of his shirt and blushed. The kid was very cute and it surprised the two older men that he looked so much like Primo but they didn't voice it out in case he felt frightened.

"Hey kid, what's your name? What were you doing in that shelf?" G was never one to be patient thus causing many problems and this time, Primo was sure it would scare the kid.

"G-, "Primo was cut off by a soft voice which was coming from the child.

"Tsu-Tsunayoshi… but most people just call me Tsuna… And I was in that shelf because I was hiding…" Tsuna replied softly, still playing with the hem of his shirt and blushing. It was a rather cute sight and Primo had to resist the urge to hug him while G just looked away to hide the oncoming blush.

"Ok then Tsuna, do you… do you know what happened here?" Tsuna nodded again. "Are you sure you're alright?" Another nod. "I see… Alright then, if you say so. G, can you check if he has any other relatives that can take care of him?"

"Sure, wait a sec. Hmm…. It says here that this woman is his only family member left. Doesn't seem like there are any other people to take care of him either…"

"I see… Well then Tsuna, would you like to come home with me? There are some kids your age at home too. I'm sure they would love to keep you company."

Tsuna stared at Primo incredulously before asking, "R-Really? I-I can go with you?"

"Of course. Come, let's get going it's almost dinnertime. I'm sure you're hungry right?"

"WHAT? ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND, GIOTTO?" G shouted all of a sudden. Primo and Tsuna winced at the high volume.

"G you're scaring Tsuna and no, I do plan on bringing Tsuna home with me." Primo, now also known as Giotto, sighed while Tsuna just looked at the two adults in confusion.


"But G, what else are we supposed to do with the kid? Put him in an orphanage? Not possible. You should know me well enough to know I would never do that."


"G, I won't change my mind on this. Now let's get going before we miss dinner." Giotto walked away, holding Tsuna's small hand.

"Che. Fine, but don't say I didn't warn you." G sighed and followed Giotto out of the house and into their car.

It took about fifteen minutes for the carriage to get to their destination which is actually a mansion in the middle of a forest that Tsuna's always noticed when he peeked out the windows in his aunt's house. Though that only applied to the forest since it was so big and visible while the mansion was hidden from outsiders view making it seem mysterious and hard to find so to actually be able to see it made Tsuna amazed. The carriage came to a complete stop once it reached the mansion's metal doors. G kicked open the door and got out while Giotto just calmly stepped out before helping Tsuna out too. They went inside and were 'attacked' by 5 kids and one standing far away from the crowd. Tsuna hid behind Giotto and peeked out from behind him. He noticed that he recognized 3 of those kids.

"H-Hayato-nii, Takeshi-nii, and Kyoya-nii?" The three children, whose names were called, snapped their heads towards the brunette when they heard that familiar voice call their names. Hayato had silver hair and jade green eyes while both Takeshi and Kyoya had black hair but Takeshi had dark brown eyes and Kyoya had cloudy gray eyes. Kyoya walked up to the brunette and stared.

"Tsuna…" They all said in unison.

"Uwah~ It's been so long~ I missed you guys~" Tsuna threw himself at the one closest to him, which was Kyoya. This caused many to gasp and stare at the brave little brunette that had the courage to hug THE Hibari Kyoya. He was renowned for being emotionless and cold towards others, and had a passion for fighting. He wields a pair of steel tonfas and "bites to death" those who dare defy him and his rules. Well, that's what everyone else thinks about him so they were very shocked when they saw Kyoya actually hugging the brunette back instead of "biting him to death". They stood there gaping while Hayato glared at him enviously and Takeshi just smiled at them but there was a rarely shown seriousness in his eyes.

"Wait, you guys know that little one?" Giotto was the first to recover from his shock.

"Hm? You mean Tsuna? Yeah, we all used to live in Japan remember? Hayato and I were classmates with Tsuna and Kyoya was our senpai"

"O-oh… I see…"

"Oh? You're back already, Giotto?" A black haired man who looked just like Takeshi with clothing from the Heian era of Japan walked down the stairs. "Oh? And who might this little be? He looks just like you, Giotto! Haha!"

"Asari. Yeah, I just got back and this-," Giotto was cut off.

"Hey dad! This is Tsuna, the one I told you about!" Takeshi shouted then pointed towards the brunette.

"Oh~ So this is the 'cute little brother' that I have been told so much about? Well he certainly is cute!"

"Hey! Who said he was YOUR little brother? And of course Tsuna's cute! What'd you expect?" Hayato yelled at Takeshi and Asari. While the three of them had this conversation, Tsuna was hiding behind Kyoya, holding onto the skylark's white button-down shirt. Kyoya didn't complain but he felt the need to glare at the ones who were making his adorable Tsuna uncomfortable, more specifically the other two pineapple haired children who were just standing there staring at Tsuna curiously.

"Kufufu. It seems we have an interesting one there. To be able to make those three so protective of him but truthfully, he is quite adorable," The older male with the dark blue pineapple hair said while the girl who had violet hair just nodded silently. Kyoya and Hayato settled on glaring at him while Takeshi continued to smile. "Oya, oya? It seems we haven't been introduced yet, little one. My name is Mukuro and this is my little sister, Chrome." Chrome blushed and hid behind her brother.

"N-nice to meet you, I'm Tsunayoshi but you can call me Tsuna," Tsuna stuttered and smiled shyly at the pineapple twins. Both of them blushed at his cuteness but Mukuro tried to hold it in as to not embarrass himself in front of his rival, Kyoya. Despite Mukuro's effort, he still could not escape from Kyoya's pervasive eyes.

"Hn… Tsuna, stay away from that perverted pineapple herbivore over there, alright?" Tsuna nodded, a little worried.

"Kufufufu. Whatever do you mean, Skylark-kun?" Mukuro asked eerily.

"Tch. Just what I meant perverted pineapple herbivore." At that, Mukuro took out a trident as Kyoya took out his tonfas.

While all this happened, Giotto and G were explaining what happened to Asari.

"So that's what happened, he doesn't have any family left and he's only about eight years old at most. I want to adopt him, what do you two think?" Giotto asked his friends.

"Haha! That's great! Congratulations, Giotto! Now you have a clone of your own!"

"WHAT! NO! What are you thinking? We can't keep him here! We barely know him! For all we know, he could be a spy from the enemy! He couldn't have hid from those people in that shelf! Besides, we have enough kids here as it is! Let's just find some other place for him!" This earned G glares from the three protective children and a soft sob from Tsuna, who had hid his face in Kyoya's shirt.

"D-do you *sniff* not like *sniff* Tsu-Tsuna?" This caused G feel a pang of guilt and the kids' glares to intensify. G froze. He couldn't believe this child could be this cute even when he was crying and most of his face was covered.

"Look what you did, old man! You made Tsuna cry! HOW DARE YOU!" Hayato took out sticks of dynamite from nowhere and was about to light them when Tsuna stopped him.

"Wait! Hayato-nii, please stop! Tsuna doesn't want people to get hurt!"

"Che. Fine, if Tsuna says so then I'll stop…" So Hayato says, but he continued to glare at his dad. This exchange amused the adults and the twins since Hayato usually wouldn't listen to anyone so easily.

Hmm… Interesting. To be able to stop Hayato, get Kyoya to show emotion, and get Takeshi so riled up truly is admirable. I think he's a great candidate to be Vongola Secondo but does he have a Sky flame? I need to know him better first. Giotto thought. "Hey Tsuna, I want to ask you something. Could you come here for a second? Don't worry, I won't hurt you." He held out a hand for the brunette. Tsuna hesitated and clutched Kyoya's shirt tightly.

"No worries, Tsuna! Uncle Giotto is a good person! I'm sure he won't hurt you!" Takeshi consoled.

"Hn. That omnivore won't do anything. If he does, I'll bite him to death!"

"Yeah Tsuna! I'll protect you!"

"Mm…. Ok then…" Tsuna cautiously walked over to Giotto and took his hand. Giotto smiled gently and kneeled down so he was eye to eye with Tsuna. "Ano… W-what do you want to ask me?"

"Tsuna," Giotto's expression turned serious, "Do you know if you have anybody who would take you in? I mean, you can't go back to your aunt's and I wouldn't want to puts you in an orphanage." The older male got a confused stare as an answer. "I see. Then would you like to live with us from now on? I'm sure the others won't mind having you around, especially the kids." This surprised Tsuna.

"Y-you would take Tsuna in? You won't hurt Tsuna, right?"

"Eh? Why would I hurt you? And of course I would take you in. That is, if you'd like to be with us…"

Takeshi was ecstatic, "That's great Tsuna! We'll get to be together from now on! Isn't that great, Hayato?" When he didn't get an answer, he looked over to his left and saw Hayato's eyes sparkling with a huge grin on his face. He then looked over to Kyoya and saw an expressionless face but with a happy glint in his eyes. Takeshi chuckled. All three of them are excited that they get a chance to live with their precious little Tsuna, the one who saved their lives years ago. If not for him, they wouldn't be here today. They wouldn't have met these people who took them in. Sure, they're happy to just be able to see him again, but it would be so much better if they got to live together so they have a chance to protect him and repay their lifelong debts to him.

Tsuna, unaware of the thoughts of the only three people he knew, looked over to ask for approval. What he saw made him delighted. He quickly turned back towards Giotto, "Ano… If you don't mind having me here… then… yes…." With that, Giotto and the kids cheered in their own ways….

Hayato and Takeshi was grinning and hugging the life out of the cute brunette while Kyoya's face stayed expressionless with a satisfied look in his eyes and Giotto stood by and thanked Asari and G for their approval. After their little happy session, they took Tsuna on a tour to make sure he won't get lost but they soon found out it was pretty hard seeing as the mansion was too big.

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