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Short Summary:

So far, we know Tsuna's aunt was murdered but he was saved by the Vongola. He was then brought back to the Vongola mansion and met with his three childhood friends. Primo also decided to adopt the poor child. And that will be continued in the rest of the story...


Tsuna was happily making his way to the garden when he remembered he'd need to show Natsu to Kyoya before problems arise later on. Kyoya has always been protective of him ever since they met. If he saw Tsuna with a flaming lion cub like this, he might think Tsuna was in danger and attack Natsu. That would be horrible. So with that in mind, Tsuna started searching for the elusive Skylark. Just because Kyoya liked hiding, to be alone, doesn't mean Tsuna can't find him. He had this voice-like feeling in the his head that tells him the general area of the person he's searching for. I think it's called In-tu-i-tion. At least, that's what Papa called it. Papa knows lots of things. It looks like it's not only the doting parent that worships their precious, adoptive family member.

As Tsuna was thinking, he had somehow arrived at the garden, having followed his intuition. Hmm. So where would Kyoya-nii be? The garden is too big. Tsuna pouted. Ah! Maybe he's napping in a tree? He likes doing that a lot. And Tsuna ran off towards some trees that the gardeners always took great care of. Actually, they take great care of every plant in this lot. They really do love their jobs. There he is! "Kyoya-nii!"

Chapter 3

In the Garden:

In the garden, there is a young black haired boy sleeping on the branch of one of the shorter trees that has a lot of shade. A small, round, yellow, fluffy bird lands on the dark locks of hair, its beady eyes searching the vicinity for any unnatural movements. No. None at all. Still the same colorful variety of plants, the same wind rustling the green leaves, and the same morning dew dripping on its yellow feathers. Everything was the same as usual. "Kyoya-nii!" Well, other than that voice calling out for its master, that is. "Kyoya-nii!" The bird didn't alert its master though; he was sure the boy already knew, he didn't need Hibird to tell him. Besides, Hibird recognizes that voice, it's the same as the voice of that person who saved Hibird and gave him to his current master. Yes. It's that kind brunette's voice. He still remembers that day fairly clearly.

Hibird's Flashback:

One dark, stormy day, back when he had just lost his family and no name - Hibird was still just a small baby feathers still forming and barely able to fly. His parents tried their best to protect their nest but, in the end, they failed to protect his siblings as he was the only one left. Even as his parents gave up and left, even as the winds blew rigorously against his nest, and even as he was blown away by the strong winds, he desperately tried to survive, not giving up even that small ounce of hope that he would live. He flapped his tiny wings futilely until he tired himself out and fell. The wind and gravity pulling him across the little playground his family once resided in and then down towards the unforgiving ground. He shut eyes closed tightly, waiting for imminent death.

But it never happened. He was just about to meet his death when he showed up. His savior, the one with the unusual brown hair, Tsunayoshi. "Are you alright there, little birdie?" Hibird, who was prepared to die from falling out his nest, felt himself being caught in the small hands of a human. He opened his black, beady eyes to see a brunette boy about five years of age and had caring, brown eyes, before he fell into the dark abyss of unconsciousness.

The next time Hibird woke up, he was all bandaged up, dry, and most importantly, warm. His brunette savior was sleeping while hugging him gently, in a room the yellow canary* has never seen before. But then again, who cares right now? Hibird was sleepy and cold, and his savior was warm. With that said, Hibird didn't hesitate in snuggling closer to the source of warmth, even if he was a stranger, and fell into a peaceful sleep.

The next day, Hibird woke up to see the same warm brown eyes staring at him in worry that soon changed into happiness once the human noticed he was waking. "Good morning, birdie~ Do you hurt anywhere? You just suddenly flew towards me, in the park, yesterday. Good thing I caught you."

Hibird answered by chirping, "Alright! Alright!" then a, "Thank you! Thank you!"** Which made Tsuna gasp in amazement then smile kindly.

"Wow! You're so smart~ Ne, ne! Do you want to live with me for a while? At least until your wounds are all healed up, ok?" And that was how he met the mysterious but kind boy named Sawada, Tsunayoshi.

Back to Present:

Hibird was snapped out of reminiscing when the same brunette ran up to him and pet him with one finger. Hibird chirped in content and flew up to perch on Tsuna's shoulder and nestle his face then settled on the boy's head. His hair, despite looking so spiky, was actually pretty soft and comfortable. Hibird snuggled in a bit more into the warmth. He did this while his master watched in amusement. Hibari Kyoya always liked to watch his pet act like that with his cute, little Tsunayoshi. He could still remember that day his little brunette gave him that bird about three years ago.

Kyoya's Flashback:

It was a sunny day with a slight breeze, rustling his hair while he slept peacefully on the rooftop of Namimori Elementary. His eyes snapped open when he heard his favorite herbivore shouting his name. "Kyoya-nii~" Hibari Kyoya looked up to see just the person he was expecting, Tsunayoshi.

"What, Herbivore?" Hibari*** asked.

"Kyoya-nii~ Look! Isn't he cute?" Tsuna said while pointing at the yellow fluff ball currently resting on his equally fluffy brown hair.

"Hn." It was just a bird, nothing special, but he agreed since it was kind of cute. Not that he was going to say that out loud or anything. He did always have a sort of soft spot for cute and small animals, Tsunayoshi included.

"Kyoya! Kyoya!" Now that shocked the older child, his eyes widened just a little bit. That bird's actually pretty smart. "Herbivore! Herbivore!" Hibari's starting to like it more and more. Hibari started wondering who taught the bird those words. Most likely Tsuna, the little boy knows Kyoya well.

"I found him a few days ago. He was injured so I brought him home!"

"Hn." Hibari was so busy staring at the bird that he didn't notice Tsuna watching him in interest.

"Since he likes you so much, would you like to keep him until he's fully healed? That is, if you don't mind." Now that got a reaction out of the normally expressionless boy, his eyes began shining with excitement. He usually wouldn't be so expressive but he was young and this was Tsuna he was with. It's hard not to show any positive emotion with him around.

"Hn." Hibari held his hand out to the bird as a silent command to come over and the canary did so, flying away from Tsunayoshi and landing on Hibari's finger. And from then on, Hibari and Hibird were inseparable. Even after being fully healed, Hibird never left, preferring to stay by his side. He even followed Kyoya to Italy later on. And no, he didn't literally follow Kyoya all the way across the ocean by flying. He was 'shipped' there as a pet. Hibird had also been a big help to hisjob as the Head of the Disciplinary Committee, patrolling and bringing in bird's eye view surveillance films of the school and its surrounding area.

Back to Present:

Kyoya was brought out of his reverie by Tsuna's voice, calling out to him once again. When he looked down again, he saw Tsuna pouting cutely at him. "Mou! Kyoya-nii, you weren't listening to me were you? Oh well. Look! This is Natsu, we found him today at the park. Papa and Uncles**** let me keep him! Isn't he cute?" It was true, the lion cub in his younger brother's arms -that he was just now noticing as he was having a flashback and didn't notice much- was cute and it reminded him so much of Tsuna too.

"Hn," was all he said. To say Kyoya was unaffected by the fact that his brother was holding a lion - cub or not - would be wrong. If he didn't know better that Tsuna's intuition was amazingly accurate and that the rest of his family was as protective - if not more so - than he was, he would've freaked out and attacked the baby animal. However, he does know better. He knows that Tsuna's intuition would've warned the boy against keeping the cub if it was dangerous to him (these dangerous things happened enough in the past to prove this point). Also, the boy did say his Papa and them agreed to let him keep the lion, so it should be fine. He wasn't going to attack a small animal if it meant no harm to himself and his family. And yes, no matter how reluctant he is to admit, that pineapple head Mukuro is included in his family as well. But nobody needs to hear that, especially not from his own mouth.

"Kyoya-nii?" Tsuna's worried voice brought his attention back to the brunette. "You were spacing out again. Are you alright, you're not sick or anything are you? Or do you just dislike Natsu? Why? Natsu is cute and won't hurt us."

"No. I'm sorry, Tsunayoshi, I was just thinking. Natsu is fine." Kyoya does tend to talk a bit more when with Tsuna, but he still isn't that talkative. He only says the minimal amount and sometimes confusing people with his short sentences.


"Hn." Tsunayoshi smiled at this.

"Alright then... Umm.. Kyoya-nii, can you come play with us? The others are busy or out and I can't find Hayato-nii even though I was just with him this morning."

"Hn." Kyoya sighed but agreed. As long as he doesn't need to spend more time with that annoying pineapple, then he was fine with playing with Tsuna. No one in the family wanted to see the boy sad, after all.

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**Hibird's a smart baby.

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