Demonic Touch

It was the middle of the night...

Donatello stumbled through the lair doorway, grasping his injured shoulder and grimacing as his skin burned. He had been out alone, rummaging through the city dump for parts. Normally his brothers accompanied him, but tonight he wanted to be without distractions and at this point, regretted the decision. He was attacked out of nowhere and forced to the ground under tremendous strength. His plastron was drove into the dirt and his arms were held down. Then he felt the piercing sting penetrate his neck...

Donny pushed open the door to his lab and quickly closed it behind him. Thankfully his brothers were asleep so there wouldn't be any questions or fussing. He could tell the wound was very minor but it sure hurt quite a bit. He flicked on the overhead lights and retrieved a medical kit from his cabinet. A cool compress would feel very good against the wound, but first he needed a shower.

Not waking anyone he wandered into the shower room and turned on the faucet, letting the water heat up before setting foot inside, gear still cladding his body. Well...it needed to be cleaned anyways. He pressed his palms into the tiles and leaned into the refreshing shower. He saw trace amounts of blood flush down the drain and he removed his bandana, letting it sling over his good shoulder. He reached up and over his other shoulder, touching the injury. It was swelling up and ached. At least it was healing...

"Damn..." Don muttered and he slipped off the remainder of his gear to allow it to soak in the water for a little bit.

After twenty minutes of doing nothing but stare at the shower head, Don stepped out and grabbed the nearest towel. He wrapped it around his waist and peered at the mirror above the sink. His eyes lingered on his injury...

The blood was washed away and the freshly made wound was visible. Four punctures lay upon his skin in the shape of a square. He took a small bottle of peroxide out of his med kit and soaked a piece of gauze in the disinfectant. He pressed the cloth down on the wound and gently wiped the tiny holes. It all happened so fast.

After thoroughly cleaning up, Don dropped his sopping wet gear on a desk in his lab to dry and decided to crash on the the old couch he kept in case he didn't feel like sleeping in his room...like tonight. He dropped down on the cushions and pulled a blanket up. Sleep came rather quickly for him...

Two hours later, Don woke up in a cold sweat and found his limbs to be burning and his insides felt as though they were wedged in a vice. He rolled off the couch and onto the cold floor, his body trembling and shuddering with the new sensations. It took every last ounce of his strength to refrain from smashing his inventions and destroying schematics and assorted plans. He wanted to scream from the agonizing pain. The worst of it surrounded his injured shoulder and he managed to climb to his feet and stumble through the darkness, back into the bathroom. He yanked the chain to turn on the lights. He ripped off the dressing on his shoulder and stare at it in the mirror...

The wound was gone...but why does it hurt so badly? And how did it heal in such a quick rate?

Donny cringed as another burning sensation rushed through his body and he collapsed to the floor, hitting his head on the edge of the sink. He knocked himself out cold and wasn't found until the following morning.

Someone was shaking him...

"Bro...bro...you okay?"

Don's eyes opened slowly and his vision was blurred heavily. He could hear his little brother's voice trying to pull him out of his stupor.

"Donny...bro, snap out of it," Mikey said.

"M...Mikey..." Don stuttered.

"Dude, you fell asleep in the bathroom. That's not like you. You okay?"


Mikey gasped, "And you're completely clueless about it! Dude, something really is wrong with you!"

Mikey's comment attracted the attention of his other brothers.

Leonardo and Raphael arrived quickly to see Don still sprawled out on the bathroom floor.

"Donny you all right?" Leo asked.

"Yeah ya look like crap bro," Raph commented.

"Oh um...I just don't really remember much. I must have sleep walked," Don replied. He touched the injured side of his neck and was surprised yet again at the wound's disappearance.

"Sleep walked? Geez Don, ya been workin' too hard lately," Raph said and he left the bathroom to spend a little time watching wrestling.

Leo assisted Mikey in helping Don to his feet and the three turtles filed out of the bathroom and into the kitchen. Don took a seat at the table and brought his head down into his hands, a gesture of not feeling well.

"Here," Leo said, bringing Don a glass of orange juice, "I think you should skip our exercises this morning and lay down."

"No, no...I'll be fine I just need to wake up," Don replied. He gulped down the orange juice and stood up to stretch out. "I'm okay, really." He noticed Leo's concerned look, "I'll see you in the dojo. I just need to get my gear."

During the rounds of sparring Don appeared to lose his footing on several occasions and he was facing off with Raphael, which meant a rougher battle. Don was not winning. In fact he cut short his defenses to kneel down on the tatami mats, using his staff as a support while he hunched over.

"Yo Don, you-" Raph started but he was interrupted as soon as Donatello started to vomit. "Whoa! Hey guys give me a hand!" Raph shouted and he jammed his sais into his belt before grasping one of Donny's arms and helping the sick turtle up.

Leo took up Don's other arm while Mikey took the bo staff. They brought Don to his room and lay him across his bed. Raph fetched a garbage can and placed it next to the bed.

"We should contact Splinter," Raph commented.

"No...no..." Don uttered, "It's just...flu."

"But Don, this could be serious buddy," Mikey said.

Donny shook his head no, "We shouldn't interrupt Master Splinter...for a minor illness."

Splinter had been away for a week and would not be returning from Japan for another two months. He took this trip every few years since the boys were older, for meditation and visiting with the Ancient One. Leonardo was more than capable of running the household while their father was gone.

"Okay bro, do you want us to get you anything?" Leo asked.

Don shook his head and pulled a blanket up over his chest as his brothers exited his room. What was wrong with him today? His head throbbed, his limbs felt like jello, and he felt like his body was trying to expel all of its organs. He rolled over to face the wall and counted the cracks in the cement until he fell asleep.

Leo, Mikey and Raph remained in the living room, chatting about Don.

"Great...this means that the rest of us are gonna catch it," Raph barked.

"Not necessarily, if we practice good hygiene and eat well, we should be fine. Don is the one exposed to everything in that lab of his and when he goes to the surface to dig for parts. I think I'll start limiting how much digging he does so we can avoid these nasty illnesses," Leo said.

"I don't wanna yack like that...gives me the shivers..." Raph said.

"Tell me about it, you guys made me clean up the mess!" Mikey whined, "It was gross!"

"Quit ya bitchin', so whattya wanna do fearless leader? Should we contact Splinter anyways or at least send him a letter or somethin'?"

"No, we'll respect Don's wishes...for now. If it gets worse, then we'll contact father," Leo replied.

Mikey nodded and he cheerfully marched over to his computer and put on a set of headphones. He started up his favorite online rpg, World of Warcraft and began playing.

Raph plopped down on the couch once again and retrieved the remote on the coffee table. He flipped on the news and settled with watching a story on photography while Leo went back into the dojo for a private meditation session.

The hours rolled into the night and Don couldn't sleep...he was overcome with pain. But not a pain as in a terrible wound or migraine. His body was craving nourishment and after a whole day without food, he planned to raid the refrigerator. He slid out of bed, thankful he wasn't queasy anymore and tiptoed into the kitchen. It was strange, he couldn't figure out what he was craving...nothing sounded good. He yanked open the fridge and peered inside...

There was plenty of leftover chinese and all sorts of deli meats and cheese. As he glanced at the food, his nausea suddenly returned and he quickly closed the fridge. Why was the sight of food making him feel sicker? Don slowly backed away from the appliance and leaned against the sink.

If food wasn't going to gratify his aching stomach, then what would? He pondered on his unique situation and as he searched for answers, he felt a warm sensation in his belly begin to emerge. It spread along his limbs and slowly to the base of his neck. His body felt as though it was enveloped by several layers of clothes. Moments later he found himself wandering through the lair, passing by his father's room and going to the second level where he and his brother's rooms were located. He moved into the first bedroom, which belonged to Raphael. His older brother was fast asleep in his hammock, one leg dangling over the side and a quilt draped over part of his body. Raph's head was craned towards the wall, his neck completely exposed and unusually...enticing. Donny crept closer, careful not to wake his brother and he leaned in close, almost to where he could smell the musk wafting from Raphael's body. He spotted the jugular. It was surrounded by thick muscles and lined with smaller veins.

Don found himself...longing...wanting to find out how a person's life essence tasted...

And he berated himself...

How could he think like this?

He tried to restrain himself but found his being moving closer still.

Still in a deep sleep, Raphael adjusted himself for comfort's sake, his head falling even further away. Don swallowed hard as a burning hunger overtook him and he leaned over, ready to sink his teeth into the tender, glistening flesh...

Before the connection could be made, Raphael jerked in his sleep, bringing Don out of his trance. The panicked turtle thought he'd woken up his brother and he rushed out of the room, not wanting to attempt another try. When Don reached his own room, he mentally slapped himself for letting his emotions and desires go out of control. Wait a minute...desires? Since when did he desire blood? He worried for his sanity and locked himself inside his room. His laptop rested upon his nightstand and he picked it up and settled himself on his bed.

All night he searched the web for answers...

By morning, he found several possibilities, but he didn't want to believe any of it. There was no scientific explanation for his odd symptoms save for mental instability. But he was a scientist, he felt he couldn't have any of those oddities. He didn't belong in an asylum. The last few sites he visited fell on religion and the supernatural. Though he was considered closer to Buddhism due to his father's heritage, he never fully acclimated himself to it in order to keep an open mind for science.

He drew up a list of his symptoms and found the obvious match...vampirism. But it required several tests to be sure and he could only go off of rumors and folklore. He decided he would keep the situation to himself until he was certain.

Don didn't eat anything that morning and his brothers noticed, but assumed he was still feeling sick. Leo allowed him to skip lessons and it gave Don the opportunity to get started on his self-examination.

He wandered out of the lair and into the sewer system, looking for a source of light. According to myths, vampires burned in the sunlight. Hesitant at first, Don shied away from the light but forced himself to reach out. The light reflected on his skin, but appeared to do nothing in regards to burning him alive. He even stood in the rays for twenty minutes to be sure. Nothing.

Next he took his own vitals. Vampires are supposed to be dead, but Don located a pulse in his neck and wrist. He also found a dark place to relax...knowing it would be impossible for an undead to get 'excited', Don imagined several pornographic images and greeted the rise of his erection. He allowed himself the luxury of masturbation...just another test of course. Lastly he needed to figure out his attraction to blood.

He returned to the lair, feeling a sense of relief. He wasn't sick to his stomach anymore and even had a minor burst of energy. The others were doing their usual activities.

"Hey bro, feeling better already?" Leo asked.

"Yeah, a bit," Don said, "Not so nauseous anymore."

"Good. Think you can keep down some soup? Mikey made a pot of beef stew. It's sitting on the stove."

"Maybe. I'll try a little but not right now."

Leo nodded and the two of them went their separate ways.

That night...

While Don was no longer suffering from nausea or a burning pain; his unending hunger for blood grew strong. He was rolling around in bed erratically, like a drug addict craving his next hit. He groaned and stuffed his face into his pillow, trying to focus on something else, but to no avail. Grumbling, he rolled out of bed and put on his gear. Perhaps a night stroll would do him some good. He wandered out into the living room and towards the exit, heading for the surface.

But he never knew that he was being watched...

The cool night air was very refreshing and he leapt across the rooftops, happy to be venting his frustrations with exercise. The streets were bustling with people and honking cars. The nightlife flourished...he could could see the people enjoying themselves and for some reason...smell them...

How could that be?

Don prowled the rooftops, watching the humans below and his eyes fixated on the women in particular. A growing warmth took over, a thirst if you will...

Swiftly, he leapt down to a darkened alleyway next to a luxury hotel and spotted one woman who smelled particularly sweet. He saw the dark haired woman enter the double doors of the hotel and he glimpsed into one of the thickly paned windows. She wandered through the crowded foyer and to the front desk. She was there for at least ten minutes and he was able to drink in her visage. She had black hair tied in a bun, obviously dyed, but beautiful none the less. She wore a long khaki-colored raincoat and a pair of knee-high black boots. On her arm she carried a red purse, which she was currently digging through for something. The clerk at the desk waited patiently for her and she finally found the necessary object from that oversized tote.

Eventually the woman was joined by a bell boy and she was escorted to the elevator, likely to go to her room. Don groaned. He would have to climb up the side of the hotel in order to catch another sighting of the woman. But why was he so interested in this girl? Grasping onto the rough brick wall and pulling himself up along the ledges, Donny climbed and peered into the windows to see where she was going. But every hallway he could see was empty until he reached the sixteenth floor. His arms never grew tired, surprisingly. He normally would have some sign of fatigue by now but it never came. He peeked into the hall window and saw the bellboy that assisted the woman. The bellboy was leaving a room, likely having carried bags for the woman.

Don watched the bellboy return to the elevator and disappear inside. He could see the woman's door, but not the room number. He counted the number of doors between the window and her room...a total of three and he carefully climbed his way along the balconies. He was certain he'd found the woman's room after counting the balconies carefully and perched himself just outside the windowsill. The curtains were mostly drawn with only a small gap to look inside. His instinct was correct as he saw the woman seated in front of a vanity inside. She was placing a travel bag on the dresser top and rummaging through it. Her jacket had already been removed and underneath she wore a business suit. Her pencil skirt touched her knees and was a slim fit while her blazer hung open loosely, revealing a simple white button-down shirt beneath.

After she removed several grooming items from her travel bag, she picked up a wide toothed comb and removed a series of bobby pins and a clip from her hair. Her locks tumbled down her back, curly from a day's length of being tied up. She brought the comb through her hair, brushing out the curls into silky waves. When she finished, she placed the comb onto the vanity and slipped her blazer off and draped it over the back of her chair.

The visual had Don begging for more. But his conscience was telling him to leave this balcony and keep his honor in tact but something else was tugging at him, wanting him to stay. His mouth then fell open as he saw the woman unbutton her blouse. His eyes lingered on her delicate fingers, watching them undo every button and then slide the shirt down her arms, tossing it on the bed nearby. He stared at her visible skin and the bustier that she now wore. The garment was lacy; a lovely shade of ivory and strapless. Don spotted a tiny tattoo on her left shoulder. It was too small to see any detail. However his attention was brought back to her entire being when she reached down along her back and grasped onto the skirt's clasp to undo it and followed up with unzipping the garment as well.

Don held his breath as she stood up to allow the skirt to fall down her legs and softly land on the floor. She gracefully stepped out of the skirt and now stood in all of her glory, clad only in her lingerie. Her panties were a matching lace to her bustier and provided moderate coverage. The garters lining her legs were easily removed and she slipped out of the sheer stockings. Then she began to unclasp the bustier...

When the thick material fell away, a set of soft and supple breasts fell into view, making the turtle blush, but his eyes never left her body. He watched as her fingers trailed down her skin, rubbing at the tiny indentations left but the tightness of the bustier. She then rummaged through another bag and retrieved a satiny peach colored gown. It easily slipped over her head and fell down past her curves, just barely covering her thighs. Then she quickly pushed her dark locks over her shoulders to keep them out of the way and calmly walked towards another room. Donny assumed it was the bathroom to finish up her nightly routine and he decided to wait patiently for her to come out again.

Twenty minutes had passed and the woman finally returned to the brightly lit bedroom. She was free of makeup and inspected her teeth in the vanity mirror, likely making sure she cleaned them thoroughly. Lastly, she applied a lavender lotion to her limbs and tugged on the pull chain to the vanity lamp. The room darkened and she climbed into the queen-sized bed, pulling up the comforter to her chest and reaching for the tiny lamp on the nightstand. She flipped it off and the room was a pitch black.

Don stayed on the balcony for forty-five minutes, remembering everything he'd just seen...and it made his thirst intensify...

When he was certain she was asleep, Don removed a small pin from his duffel bag, which he always carried. He bent the pin to a ninety degree angle and squeezed the bit of metal between the patio doors. All hotels with balconies and doors like this had an interior latch which could be opened with the correct turn of a pin. When he heard the door click, he stuffed the pin back into his bag and slowly opened the glass door. Luckily there was no breeze so she wouldn't be startled awake. Donny then reached into his bag once again, searching for his flashlight. He couldn't find it, but noticed that his eyes adjusted to the darkness quickly...almost unnaturally. It was like he was standing in a brightly lit room. He would ask questions later and wandered over to the dresser nearby, finding the woman's briefcase upon it. It was open and had a few papers laying neatly within. He picked up the top sheet, looking it over. It was her hotel reservation and contained her personal information. He felt a twinge of guilt going through her things, but he couldn't stop his curiosity. He scanned over the top line...

So, her name was Angelina DeLunne...

Don replaced the paper back in the briefcase and he wandered over to the nightstand. There was a book and a hotel card key. The book was a biography...based on the celebrity Johnny Depp. Was this a secret passion of hers? He never understood the obsessions of women. He then glanced down at the sleeping woman. Her face was peaceful and her breathing steady...

That overwhelming warmth returned to Don's body, almost taunting him to do something...unexpected. He removed his duffel bag and quietly placed it on the floor next to the bed all while his conscience screamed at him to leave the hotel at that moment, but he couldn't ignore his inner desires. They were calling to to him to press on. This woman was completely vulnerable...

He leaned over her, not making a sound and touched her hair, pushing a lock passed her ear. She breathed in deeply and released it, making a tiny moaning sound in the process and sending shivers up his spine. He pressed his hand down onto the mattress, letting his palm sink into the soft layers of comforter and satiny sheets. He then climbed over her, growing bolder with every movement until he was resting on his hands and knees above her. She never moved as his hand moved closer to her face to stroke her cheek. It fascinated him that she didn't wake up from his touch and he began to wonder if his "illness" had something to do with it. His fingers trailed over to her lips, brushing along them and feeling their plump softness. Still she did not wake...

Within moments, Don found he was able to control himself. It was as if someone was trying to take over his subconscious and guide his every move. His hands slid down her chin and along her smooth neck until it reached her collar. He leaned forward, bringing his mouth down to her throat and placed a tender kiss onto her flesh while his hands busied themselves with the top of her nightgown. His fingers hooked around the tiny straps and he slid them down her shoulders, stopping only to lay more delicate kisses along her skin. His mind was clouding as he gave in to his desire and found his mentality slipping away even further.

He was no longer himself...

His fingers pulled the straps down even further and his lips met with even more flesh. He nibbled the skin and left tiny red marks along it until he finally reached the peak of her right breast. He immediately placed an intense kiss directly on the nipple before taking the hardening peak into his mouth. He sucked on it harshly, now feeling the women shift slightly but he gently grasped onto her hands and held them down at her sides while he continued his lustful torture. His tongue flicked and swirled around the bud. Between his knees, he could feel her legs intertwining and struggling to move, but his heavier body held her still.

Then a brand new feeling flooded him...wanting to taste her life's essence...

His teeth grazed along the skin of her breast and he could sense the lengthening of his canines. Then he gently sunk them into the fleshy mound, settling around the rosy coloring of her areola, letting her blood trickle into his mouth. The sucking of his jaws against her breast intensified his desire to claim her. He lapped up the delicious fluid and swallowed a generous amount, but it didn't satiate his hunger. He needed more of it...more of her...

He released her skin, admiring the four puncture holes left behind, but was startled when he noticed her head move. He glanced up at the woman and she was staring right back. But something was unusual about her expression. It didn't any sign of fear...but contained a look of infatuation and acceptance. Her eyes were not focused, resembling the state of being in a trance or under hypnosis. She neither screamed or struggled and Don was suddenly under the impression that she was enjoying this, whether she was aware or not and he made his decision to continue.

She sighed deeply when he adjusted his position and braced her thighs with both hands. She didn't move once as he separated them and pressed his body down on top of her once again. Her legs immediately clamped themselves around his waist as he leaned forward, this time to capture her lips with his. His hand traveled back down her belly as they passionately kissed. His fingers tickled her skin and he thrived in her reactions. He sent them even lower, sinking beneath her lacy panties and brushing against the perfectly groomed curls. Her gentle groans turned into mewls when his fingers reached her apex and pushed against her silken folds, spreading her feminine moisture along the length of her crevice.

"J...Jo..." was barely uttered past her lips. She couldn't make out any words as he tormented her with his agile fingers. Her eyes closed as he pressed his thumb against her delicate pearl and caressed it. His forefinger slid into her waiting cavern and he pumped it slowly in and out. Her kisses slowed as her mouth gaped open with pleasure. He knew she was falling deeper and deeper under his spell.

Don released her lips, intending to focus more on her body now. He removed his fingers from her and studied the glistening fluid surrounding his digit. His hunger was returning with a vengeance and he knew he needed to quench it soon before he drove himself mad. Quickly, Don sat up and removed his belt and tossed his bo staff to the floor before bringing his face back down to her neck. His tongue spilled out of his mouth and onto her skin moistening it as he brought his hand down his own body this time. He could feel the stiffening of his erection and he stroked himself briefly. His other hand wandered back to her panties and he grasped onto the fabric, ripping them off her. She willingly spread her legs even further, bringing him closer.

His aching length begged to be enveloped in her heat and he obliged his desires by pressing the tip of his penis to her folds and slid inside. She sighed as he filled her and her hands grasped onto the bedsheets, squeezing the satiny fabric with every one of his thrusts.

She was so warm and soft...

Don then focused on her neck once again, spotting the jugular...it looked so tempting...so delicious and he sunk his teeth into the firm, yet smooth skin. Her blood was rushing from her excitement. The increase of her heartbeat sped up the blood flow and he could barely keep up with the sweet nectar filling his mouth.

Her pants were quickening and her fingers flexed as she neared her end. Don could tell that she would slip into a rapturous fit any moment. Her legs wound tightly around him and her fingernails were pressed so hard into the sheets that they ripped and frayed. Her mouth hung open and her eyes squeezed tightly shut. Her body shuddered and then froze as her orgasm ripped through her.

Blood poured into his mouth like a fountain as her orgasm forced the delectable treat out of her body. The sheets were stained a deep red and the pillow her head rested on was covered with sweat. Her hair was sprawled out around her and some even matted to her forehead.

He continued to drink from her as he continued his thrusts. Her body was growing weak but it was no reason for him to stop, his subconscious told him. He pushed against her again and again until his own orgasm struck and he relinquished his hold on her neck to voice his pleasure as well.

The act was complete and Don leaned back, glancing down at the girl. She had a peaceful expression on her face again, but appeared to be paler than normal. His length slid out of her body, spent and ready to retract back into his shell. He inspected her face a little while longer and even shook her gently...but she did not respond. His brow furrowed with confusion and he pushed his finger into her neck, looking for a pulse...he found nothing.

His eyes suddenly widened...what had he done? She was lifeless! In his shock he fell off the bed and gathered up his gear. He'd just killed a girl! Why?

He flew out onto the balcony and began climbing down the building. He couldn't let himself be caught with a dead woman...it would be dangerous for him and his family. How could he explain this to his brothers?

The trip home was slow and he couldn't think of any excuse for what he committed. His father would be so disappointed in him.

He finally reached a manhole residing close to home and quickly disappeared beneath the streets...still not knowing of the brother who followed him...and bear witness to the crime.

Raphael had a lot of questions for his younger brother...

End Part 1

To be continued...