Demonic Touch Part 5

Don was trying his hardest to hold it together while he reclined on the couch. Raphael was still unconscious in his room, and his arms and legs were tied down with leather straps, older gear basically. None of the remaining turtles knew how long these would keep Raph at bay. Leo and Mike kept their distance, making Don feel very isolated and hurt, but they had their reasons. He was beginning to doze off...but somehow he'd thought of a way to find out if the bartender was the succubus. However it would be a risky move because he wouldn't be able to take Raph with him. He jerked upright, scaring his brothers.

"Whoa! Don't do that!" Mikey yelped and his hands flew up in the air, "I keep thinking you're gonna bite me bro!"

Don ignored his brother's little outburst, "I think I know what I can do to investigate the bartender."

With a lot of interest, Leo sat down next to Don. He pushed aside his unease in order to hear out the explanation, "How?"

"I'm going to let her seduce me."

"What?" Leo questioned.

"Easy, if she truly is the succubus, then she will come on to me and attempt to steal my energy. Worst case scenario, she is the succubus and Raph does not happen to be with me to kill her. Best case scenario, I'm wrong."

Leo stiffened, "Also worst case scenario, she isn't the succubus and you kill her by accident."

"Um...yeah. I guess I better keep a packet of blood with me. I'll have to get another from both of you but only one more for now," Don said.

"How much are you able to take from us safely?" Leo asked.

"Well, the average human has about a gallon of blood within and blood volume is replenished within the hour of donating. Your red blood cell count will take a few days to recover, so you might be a little tired for a short time. Have a glass of juice to follow up the donation and you'll be fine."

"Okay, let's get those packs done and check on Raph again before we hit the sack. Tomorrow is going to be a long night..."

The following night, Don prepared himself for the journey to the surface. Leo and Mike kept a close eye on him as he withdrew another pint of blood from each of them. Don hadn't had any blood since that morning. He was forced to drink the spare pack form yesterday when he felt hunger pangs creeping up on him. He estimated he could last for about six hours without feeding.

"You all set for tonight?" Leo asked.

"Yeah, I think so..." Don said, voice shaky. He had no idea what was going to happen tonight and turned towards Mikey, "You sure you can stay here alone with Raph?"

"No sweat, bro. I got two of your tranquilizer guns and ready for battle!" Mikey said.

Leo then touched Don's shoulder, "You better get into costume..."

Don nodded and he began concentrating on his appearance, causing it to evolve into a new form. He had to change it from the previous one to avoid any suspicions. This time he was a black haired, olive skinned, and tall gentleman. His clothing consisted of denims, a teal button down shirt and a leather coat. His feet were weighed down with heavy steel-toed boots. He didn't resemble any famous person this time, but was definitely a lady-killer according to Mikey.

"If that look doesn't draw out the witch, I don't know what will," Mikey commented as he circled Don, inspecting him.

"We'll see how it goes," Don replied.

Mikey remained behind as planned and Leo and Don returned to the resort where they met the bartender. Leo could tell Don was nervous and tried to reassure him.

"I'm only a call away," Leo said, showing Don his shell cell.

Don sighed and he began walking towards the resort's front entrance and found himself in the resort's foyer once again. However this time he was going in as a civilian rather than an officer. None of the staff paid him any attention as he wandered to the second floor to locate the lounge. On the other hand, he drew glances from the ladies...not necessarily a bad thing and for the briefest moment, Don enjoyed the giggles and the whispers knowing they were discussing his good looks. He entered the lounge. It looked exactly the same save for a change of drapes upon the windows. The bar was to his right and luckily the bartender was the same girl from the other night. He would have to be careful not to let slip that he'd already met her once.

He claimed a seat farthest from her position and waited. She would wander in his direction eventually to offer her services. Only a moment went by when she appeared before him.

"What can I get ya sir?" she asked.

"Oh, just a coors will be fine," Don said.

She nodded and fetched the order, returning with a cold bottle and a mug to go with it, "Let me know if you'd like anything else."

Don didn't want to lose her attention so easily, "Not very busy tonight..." he commented.

"No, in fact it's quite slow for a Monday night. No cocktail parties have been scheduled. I guess the economy is really suffering right now," she said and leaned against the countertop, "So what are you out so late for, if you don't mind my askin'."

"Oh it's my night off so I'm relaxing," Don replied.

They conversed off and on for twenty minutes, stopping occasionally so she could serve another customer. Don felt he was making some progress as she was growing a bit more interested in him. She returned from tending to her duties.

"So, what's your name?" she asked.

"D...David," he quickly covered. Letting her know his real name could be a serious mistake, "How about you?"

"Katherine, but don't call me Kat," she laughed and looked at the bottle sitting before him, "You haven't touched that."

Don looked at the full bottle of coors. This was the perfect opportunity to move the conversation in another direction, "I guess I found something more interesting than my drink."

She obviously picked up on the cue because she smiled at him, "Oh really..." she said.

"Yes. Join me for a drink when you get off?" Don asked.

Her grin never faded, "Sure. I get off in an hour."

Donny remained patient. When Katherine wasn't looking, he slipped the bottle of beer into a crate with other used bottles and left his mug on the bar. He got up and paced around the lounge, watching her clean up the bar and put away clean glasses. Resort guests were leaving for their rooms and any customers from the streets went home.

After the lounge was clear of people, Katherine shut off the bar lights and grabbed her purse, joining Don near the lounge's door.

"So, wanna go up the street to another bar? They're open for another two hours," she said.

"Sure," Don replied and the two of them exited the lounge.

Katherine locked the double doors and they headed down to the resort's foyer and onto the busy streets. It wasn't very long before they made to a very crowded bar and grill. People were outside, chatting and drinking to their hearts content, discussing the events of their days and nights. Don escorted Katherine inside and the two of them were seated in a booth. Food and drinks were ordered, but it seemed Katherine was the only one eating and she noticed.

"Not hungry?" she asked.

"I had a good sized meal at my brother's place earlier."

"Your brother a good cook?"

"Decent. He's aspiring to be a chef," Don said.

Katherine picked at her plate of pot stickers, "How many siblings do you have?"

"Three brothers." Don wanted to kick himself for answering that question honestly, but he felt she wouldn't make a big deal out of it.

"Wow...all of you single?"

That question caught him off guard and he swallowed before answering, "Yes."

"I find that so hard to believe. A lady killer like you?" she flirted.

Don grew nervous at her 'lady-killer' comment...if only she knew. Or maybe she did know. Still he continued with the conversation, hoping she wouldn't suspect anything. They talked until closing time, getting a feel for one another. Katherine had quite a few drinks and her speech was beginning to slur. This was the opportunity he was waiting for and he offered to walk her to a cab. She wasn't trashed, but slightly tipsy. Years of drinking and working for a bar upped her tolerance for alcohol.

A few cabs passed them and Don flagged one down. He helped Katherine climb in, but her balance was a little off and Don climbed in next to her, "You okay?" he asked.

"Yeah, uh cabbie, can you take us to 26-44 96th street please?" she asked politely.

"You live way out from Manhattan," Don said as the cab flew off. He only hoped that Leo would be able to keep up on the rooftops.

"Yeah, but the rent is good and its furnished with a well stocked fridge. I'm thinking of moving sometime, maybe to another state."

"Change of scenery can be good, but right now let's get you home."

"I'm okay David, really. I've gone home alone drunk a few times before."

Don smiled, "Well I'm not one to abandon a lady while she's inebriated." He leaned back into the seat and relaxed. The rest of the ride remained silent.

When they arrived in Long Island, Don paid the cab fare and lent her his arm, "May I?"

Katherine smiled, "You're a real gentleman." She took his arm and he helped her out of the cab. The cabbie blazed off the moment the door shut, leaving the two of them on the curb.

"Well there goes my ride home," Don commented, waiting to see her reaction.

"Come inside, we can call for another cab in a bit."

Above on the rooftops, Leo barely managed to keep up with the cab. He saw Donny standing on the curb with the bartender and watched as they headed up to the porch. Leo perched himself on the edge of the nearby rooftop, waiting for Donny's call if it should ever come.

The two of them entered the house and removed their shoes. Katherine headed straight for her dining room. She tossed her purse on the table and moved into the nearby kitchen, "You haven't had a single drink all night, how about wine cooler?"

"Oh no thanks. Still pretty full from earlier," Don lied.

"That must have been one hell of a dinner." She yanked open the fridge and pulled out a hard lemonade. Her balance wavered and she nearly tumbled but Don caught her.

"Maybe you should cut yourself off now," Don said and he took the bottle out of her hands.

"Nonsense," she mumbled and reached for the bottle once again but Don held it out of her reach, "C'mon..."

"I think you're done," he said.

"You're no fun," she replied and stood on her tip-toes, still reaching. This time she leaned against him and they both lost their footing, tumbling to the floor. The bottle slipped from Don's hands and a decent amount spilled all over his neck and chest.

Don groaned at having the cold liquid seep down his neck and soak the collar of his shirt.

"See what happens when you play 'keep away'?" she chuckled.

"Great..." Don muttered and he touched the wetness on his shirt. He completely ignored the fact that Katherine was sitting on his belly, giggling at him.

In a drunken stupor Katherine said, "Let me help clean that off."

The next thing Don knew she was hovering over his face and brought her head down. Her lips brushed along his cheek and then creeped down to his neck. He felt a delicious warmth lapping against his skin. It slid across his throat, soaking up the traces of alcohol. Feeling her tongue run all over his neck gave him a sense of excitement...and not of the favorable nature. His demonic intuitions were becoming prevalent and he was forced to fight them back. Revealing himself now would mean failure. He focused his mind on other things, pushing the hunger pangs away. He allowed her to continue in hopes this was going where he wanted it to...

Katherine let up on his neck in favor of trailing down his collar until she reached the top of his shirt.

"Are you sure this is okay?" Don asked.

She replied with a kiss to his chest and then started to unbutton his top. With every button undone, Don could feel a bit of cool air embracing his flesh. She separated his shirt and ran her hands up and down his pale skin. The sensation was very new to Don. Normally he wouldn't feel anything through the plastron, maybe just a little vibration. Continuing his little game of playing 'naive' he allowed her to lead and threw in the occasionally protest of 'we really shouldn't'.

However Don was slowly slipping into a black void. If he was not careful, he would lose it completely. In a false last effort he said, "Katherine, I don't want to take advantage of-"

"You're not. It's been months since I've last gotten laid." She pushed herself up and immediately ripped off her coat and slipped her blouse over her head. Then the simple white bra followed and her lovely breasts fell into view. She grabbed Don's hands and placed them on her chest, encouraging him to squeeze and caress.

He had to admit, having five fingers rather than three made a difference as he could cover more surface area. Her flesh squashed between his fingers and he brought his face up to nuzzle between his hands. Her body was so warm to the touch. She groaned as his mouth left fluttering kisses down her sternum and slowly made its way along the softness of her breast and centered on her right nipple. He licked and nipped, causing it to harden and heard her cries of desperation for sexual satisfaction. Don then let go of her body, using his hands to push himself up and into a seated position with her still in his lap.

Katherine's first instinct was to press her lips to his in a heavenly kiss. Her arms wrapped around his neck tightly.

It was new. The kiss from human lips to human lips. Sure Don had kissed humans in the last week, force but his normal muzzled face didn't quite fit with the small lips of a human. He liked how well they embraced each other and intensified the kiss.

Wait a second...was he enjoying this? He's supposed to be flushing out the succubus! In a panic he refocused his attention on the directive and began looking for signs while she continued the kiss. Her tongue slithered along his lips and found its way inside his mouth all while her hands explored his chest and assisted in the removal of his coat and shirt. Then those sneaky fingers of hers wandered down to his waistband and undid the button and slowly unzipped his jeans.

She broke away from him to catch a breath of air, "My" she mumbled.

Don quickly grasped her by the waist as her legs curled around him and he lifted her. She directed him to the master bedroom and upon reaching it, he dropped her on the queen sized bed and he ripped off her jeans and underwear. In his mind he was fighting to retain control of himself but at the same time, he wanted to put her in a position where she received so much pleasure that she would slip up and reveal her true nature. He yanked off his own pants in a flash and he gripped onto her legs, tugging her to the edge of the bed. He knelt down on the lush carpeting and pushed apart her thighs. His first move was to torture her right off the bat and his face flew into her genitals, plunging his tongue way up into her boiling heat. She was already soaked and trails of fluids flowed down his chin. His tongue twisted and lapped at her hot canal, making her nearly scream and beg. He refused to let up.

In addition to his tongue, he sent two of his fingers inside, rubbing along her walls and pumping them in and out. She tried so hard to roll onto her side, hoping he would give her some relief from the insanity, but he wouldn't. Instead he gripped her thighs and pushed them into the soft mattress.

"Oh! Fuck!" she screamed loudly as she writhed, "I can't take it!"

He wouldn't let her go...

Don slid his tongue out of her agonizing pussy and targeted the swollen pearl centimeters above. The moment his tongue touched it, she wailed in ecstasy and sent her hands flying down to grasp his head. She tried to push him off, but he was stubborn as hell and she lost it. Orgasm ripped through her and Don gripped her tighter as she screamed and rode it out. He was certain this would be the push she needed to drop her guard. Her body grew limp but Don had other ideas and he continued his rapturous torture on her lower body.

Soon enough, Katherine couldn't take the torment any longer and sat up. She grasped Don's shoulders and tugged him onto the bed. Her mouth met with his briefly and she shoved him against the pillows.

This was good. Letting her take the initiative would be a great opportunity. Don relaxed against the pillows and watched as she pulled down his boxers. Her warm hands encircled his partially erect penis and then she followed with her hot and wet mouth. So this was what it was like to receive a blow-job...

His mouth hung open as her tongue slid up and down his entire length. The head of his penis was on fire with every scrape of that flexible muscle. Eventually Don found himself panting with each pass and placed his hand on the back of her neck.

Once again he was fighting with his mentality. The demon wanted to come out so badly and his hunger grew. There was no way he'd be able to get into his coat pocket and chug down the spare blood packet since it was lying on the kitchen floor. He would have to make do without. In a last desperate attempt, Don closed his eyes in hopes that blocking his view of her would ease his demon's hold. Next thing he knew, he felt a draft on his length, meaning she'd stopped sucking him off. It was only a moment before he felt an even greater heat than her mouth. He peeked at her to see that she was now crouched over him, his entire length stuffed up into her pussy. She started to ride him and his instincts took over, his hands flying to her thighs to keep her balanced. At this rate, he wouldn't be able to keep himself in check for very long but would it matter? He expected her to start draining his energy soon, but when?

She bounced up and down, ground her hips into him, and even swapped her position so she was facing away from him.

This was a good thing because he was losing the battle with himself and he somehow knew the demon presence had appeared. His eyes were glowing red and his teeth were now protruding. Why wasn't she attacking him yet? Perhaps he made another mistake?

Don growled and forced his mouth closed, trying to regain control of his body. The closer he got to his end, the harder it was.

When she reached her peak, it was much worse for him. She was frozen in place, but Don continued thrusting into her harshly, hoping that she would do something. In his own pleasure, he decided to let his own orgasm release. Perhaps if he was in his most vulnerable state, she would attack. He groaned, feeling his body grow warm as he erupted into her. It was at this point that Don was ready to sink his teeth into her and his mission would be ruined. He struggled against himself and just when he thought he would attack her, he bit down hard on his forearm and sucked heartily, hoping this would appease the demon. It appeared to work, tricking his body into thinking it was fed, but the hunger pangs wouldn't go away entirely. Katherine slipped off his body. His flaccid length flopped lazily against his lower belly, a small amount of semen leaked out of the tip. He was grateful that the room was dark. She would not be able to see that he'd bitten himself or that he was still greedily sucking from his arm. He kept his eyes tightly closed, so not to give away his predicament.

Only moments went by and she crawled off the bed, "That was so...refreshing," she said dreamily. Not bothering to put on any clothes, she wandered away from the bed and into the master bathroom where she readied the shower. She climbed in and began to clean off. Don stayed behind in the darkness trying to calm himself down. His heart rate was lowering slowly and his eyes returned to normal. It was obvious to Don now that this girl was not the succubus...he mad another mistake. However, he needed to get out now before he made an even bigger one. He climbed out of the bed and grabbed his boxers and jeans and rushed for the kitchen to gather the rest of his clothes. He quickly dressed and flew out the front door for the streets. He stopped briefly on the front lawn.


Don looked up at the rooftop to see Leo waiting for him. Don quickly leapt to the side of the building and scaled the wall to join his brother.

Leo checked him for any injuries, "Was it her?"

"No..." he replied, disappointed.

With a heavy sigh Leo said, "Let's go home. We'll figure this out bro."

Nothing was said on the way home as Don was truly upset. He was back to the drawing board. He marched to his lab, ripping the blood pouch from his coat and downed it. It was the last one he had and he called to Leo to ask to withdraw again.

"I've been getting dizzy sometimes after we do this," Leo said as Don wrapped a piece of rubber around his arm, cutting the circulation.

"Try drinking a little extra and I'll see if I can last a little longer between withdrawals. It's just been getting more and more difficult."

"I understand."

Don poked Leo's forearm with the needle and began filling a new pouch, "This will be for Raph. He's gotta be suffering right now."

Following the withdrawal, Don cleaned up Leo's arm and called for Mikey, doing the same with him. He had a total of four pouches and planned to take one of them to Raph now. He can only hope his brother was brought back to his senses and wanted to break the news that he was back to square one.

Back on the surface, Long Island...

Katharine paced around her bedroom wondering where her guest went at first, but at this time it didn't matter. She succeeded...

To be continued...