Words Hurt, Shego

This story is not for profit. It's based on a true argument. The characters and the details have been changed to make it a far more interesting tale. This is a very, very belated birthday ditty for my friend, BD.

Sorry about the delay in updating, real life has been brutal. A big cheerio to those readers who nudged me along.

6. Forever

Kim Possible, the girl who could do anything, simply could not relax. It was her birthday party. Family and her friends who loved her dearly surrounded her; yet she was a ball of nervous energy. She was doing everything in her power to avoid pacing around her home. The hero was alert; her heart was beating faster than any mission she had ever been on. Jumping out of a plane was nothing compared to this situation; free falling was fun. The sinking feeling in her stomach was not.

Kim was not interested in the party proceedings. She could hear Ann Possible, Betty Director and Andrea Stoppable, Ron's mother, chatting in the kitchen. James Possible was controlling proceedings around the barbeque outside. Even though it was low-tech for the scientist, he found the action of turning meat therapeutic. When Kim had last checked, Elliot Stoppable was giving her father statistics for deaths due to food poisoning from undercooked meat and other barbeque related fatalities.

She was also oblivious to her party guests especially those planted a few feet away from her, her brothers, her school friend Felix Renton, her cousin Larry and the Wegos. They were all loudly locked in battle, a modified version of the robotic wars. Ann Possible had read the young men the riot act. In fear of her furniture, the good doctor declared they were under no circumstances to have robots in her living room. Ever. Wade Load, computer genius extraordinaire, quickly modified the game so the enthusiastic players could do battle, broadcasting through the large plasma television located in the Possible living room.

Her brothers were just being their dweebie selves. She couldn't understand why her nerdy and annoying cousin was even invited. It wasn't as if she even liked him. The guy would not shut up about role-playing games, science fiction and fan fiction. Who in their right mind wrote and read fan fiction? Kim suspected her mother invited him out of familial obligations. The teen did like Felix, he was a one of a handful of people she trusted enough to call a friend but when he was engaged in his favorite pastime, he was one of the boys.

She suspected her brothers of inviting the Wegos. The two sets of twins got on famously. Out of costume the Wego twins were just regular boys, and polite ones at that, unlike their older sister. Shego. Kim's mind went back to her girlfriend. She just wanted to speak to the former villainess. The argument had gone on long enough but she just didn't have the guts to be the one who broke first. She feared the older woman rejecting her, but that didn't stop her wanting Shego there on her birthday.

The redhead was seated on the sofa in the Possible living room. Her view of the front door and window to the street was unimpeded. Her Kimmunicator was placed next to her, and the home phone had been adjusted to the loudest volume setting. Maybe it was wishful thinking but Kim was determined not to miss any incoming calls or any visitors. Kim chastised herself for being completely irrational and emotional but she couldn't help it. A song that her parents were fond of playing throughout her childhood and was imprinted on her brain came to mind. Kim quietly sang to herself,

It's my party, and I'll cry if I want to

Cry if I want to, cry if I want to

You would cry too if it happened to you

Movement in her peripheral vision brought Kim back to her surroundings. Monique had entered the room. Along with Ann, her best platonic girlfriend had been hovering around all afternoon. Kim could see the concern in the dark brown eyes. She had to reassure her friend that she was fine but it was not a convincing performance. The chocolate skinned woman made her way over to the sofa. She wasn't alone. Monique was leading a young child towards Kim, Hana Stoppable. The three year old lifted her arms indicating she wanted to be picked up. Kim obliged.

"Hey Hana, are you having a good time?" asked Kim. She was fond of the little girl and treated her as a little sister.

The toddler did not respond. She looked like she was about to cry. Kim immediately showed her concern to the child in her lap, "What's the matter sweetie? Are you hungry? Do you want to play a game?" Hana shook her little head.

"Are you ill?" There was another negative response. Kim touched the girl's hair in a soothing action. "Are you upset? Because if you are, you can tell me and I'll try and make it better. You're my little Hana-bana."

"Ronnie snot here."

"Oh, you miss Ron?" Hana nodded. Kim was missing her best friend too and wondered what could be keeping him. It had been hours since he mysteriously called to say he would be late.

"I do too Hana. He said he would be here soon. You know Ronnie keeps his word, right?" she asked reassuringly.

The little girl nodded.

"You know what sweetie? I think we need to tickle Aunty Monique. I think someone has been holding out on us and knows where Ronnie is." Olive eyes met brown. Monique let out a squeal and quickly made an excuse to leave the room. The redhead urged the toddler to follow which she gleefully did.

Kim suspected that Monique knew more than she was letting on. Instead of being completely supportive, Monique changed the subject whenever Ron or Shego's names were mentioned. If you can't complain to your BGF, whom could you complain to? Besides, the dark skinned woman was normally upfront about matters. Skirting around the issue was not Monique's M.O. She would tackle her friend later to find out what the sitch was exactly.

The redhead could hear laughter coming from the patio. It wasn't the sound of Hana attacking Monique in a tickle fest. "Mom, is everything alright?" Kim called out.

"Everything is fine, honey. Actually Kimmie, could you come out here? Please make sure you bring the boys with you."

"Okay." The teen assumed James and Elliot had finished barbecuing and they were ready to eat. She got up and walked over to the television and announced that chow was on. There were no arguments, or comments, even from Cousin Larry. There were no requests to eat in front of the television. Just complete compliance and silence. Kim was surprised by the reaction and was starting to get very suspicious.

The feeling intensified when she noticed the kitchen was deserted. Full salad bowls, baskets of bread, and a pan of baked vegetables lined the counters. The food wasn't ready for serving. Okay, this is weird thought the hero. Beyond the glass sliding door, she could see her parents, the Stoppables and Betty Director giggling. Monique held Hana who was pointing at something out of view.

Curiosity got the better of the redhead. She marched out purposely. She needed to get to the bottom of whatever was holding everyone's attention. "Mom, what is going on?"

"Hey KP."

She turned in the direction of the familiar voice. "Ron, where have you been? I have been so worried." Well that wasn't quite true. Ron could take care of himself. Kim wanted him around for moral support. He had been there for every birthday of their long friendship.

For the first time she noticed what her friend was wearing. "Ron, what the heck are you wearing?" Kim noticed that he was not alone. With Ron were Drakken, and two of his henchmen, Bob and Becker. They were all dressed similarly as priests. Bob and Becker just looked very sweaty and uncomfortable even without their hoods. Ron looked quite convincing. Too bad he was Jewish. Drakken on the other hand looked like something a priest would expel in an exorcism. It was unnerving.

"Ummm... KP. We just ask for the next few moments, that you don't speak and just enjoy. This is part of your birthday present. Can you do that?" Kim nodded.

Ron moved closer to the other three men. "Hit it Mr Dr P." Music blared from a portable sound system that wasn't there earlier.

RON - How do you solve a problem like Shego?

DRAKKEN - How do you catch a cloud and pin it down?

BOB - How do you find a word that means Shego?

BECKER - A flibbertigibbet!

RON - A will-o'-the-wisp!

BOB - A melt down!

DRAKKEN - Many a thing you know you'd like to tell her,

Many a thing she ought to understand.

BOB - But how do you make her stay

And listen to all you say,

DRAKKEN - How do you keep a wave upon the sand?

BOB - Oh, how do you solve a problem like Shego?

Kim just stared at the four men performing. They sang it well and were quite polished but it was lost on the redhead. Her brain knew the music, it was very, very recognizable but she struggled to place the song. All she heard was Shego and how to solve a problem like Shego. Was Shego here? Were they going to make up? For the first time in weeks the anxious feeling in her stomach was gone. There was hope. Kim looked around for her girlfriend. She was disappointed that Shego was nowhere to been seen.

The teen then noticed the song had finished and another began. Nothing happened. The four performers looked expectantly towards the back of the garage. After a few bars, Ron nudged Drakken and the pair walked in the direction of the garage. They emerged dragging a reluctant Shego. Shego was carrying a white unicorn with a spiral rainbow horn. Kim couldn't decide whether to pay attention to Shego or the stuffed toy. Shego won out. She looked hot! Kim could focus on the unicorn later.

Ron called out to James Possible, "Hit play again Mr Dr P, song two this time."

Shego stood woodenly before Kim waiting for the music to recommence. She slowly started to sing,

Raindrops on roses and heroes on missions

Bright copper belles and warm wooly admissions

Redheaded packages tied up with strings

These are a few of my favorite things

Cream colored cocoa and rich snickerdoodles

Door bells and doom rays and Commodore poodles

Wild cheese that turns into Coon in a zing

These are a few of my favorite things

Shego's movements were a cross between a prance and a dance. The unicorn was being thrown around in time with the music. It was obvious Shego was not a natural dancer and unlike her fighting style she was not light on her feet. It was all a little stilted. To her credit she continued. Her singing voice surprised Kim. Her girlfriend could hold a tune.

Girls in pink dresses with green satin sashes

Snowflakes that melt on my nose and eyelashes

Silver white winters that melt into Springs

Kim stared with wonder. She had never seen the green woman look so beautiful. Kim thought Shego was dead sexy when she wore the green and black unitard, but this... Today's outfit... It went beyond any fantasy. This was now embossed on her mind forever. The redhead decided that from now on when they were role-playing; the onzie was out, as was her cheerleading outfit. This was much more naughty, so much more adult.

When the dog bites

When the bee stings

When I'm feeling sad

I simply remember my favorite things

And then I don't feel so bad

The teen could not wait for the song to end. Shego would have to sing to her some other time. She needed to touch her girlfriend now. Before her family and friends, she launched herself from the patio onto the older woman, knocking her to the ground mid song, the unicorn cushioning her fall. Kim could hear Shego gasp in surprise. Kim showered the green face before her in kisses.

"Pumpkin that hurt. A little warning would have been nice."

"Happy birthday, Kimmie," the teen said before she captured black lined lips between her own, kissing her girlfriend passionately.


The blond teen ventured outside the large cavernous room of the lair, which was dubbed the 'war room' by the henchmen. Ron thought that perhaps the unitard wearing muscle men needed something so masculine to take away from the fact they were in fact participating in something that was far from it. The room was where the team was setting in motion their plans to woo Kim. Proceedings were not going well. Ron Stoppable needed to take a breather from the ongoing tension.

The teen leaned against the wall in the corridor. He tried to get rid of the tightness from his body using the techniques he had used while studying to be the monkey master. What the heck was I thinking, thought the teen? Even though Shego had willingly agreed at the start to go along with any plan Ron devised without argument, this was never going to be the case. The green woman was not capable of letting anything pass without expressing her displeasure. The comments were flowing with ease and were often very sarcastic and caustic.

Shego did not react well to the unveiling of Ron's plans. To say she was flabbergasted was an understatement. Drakken on the other hand kept clapping his tiny black-gloved hands with glee. He was delighted and declared that 'this was better than karaoke'. Shego did not appreciate his enthusiasm; he was only getting on her nerves. Each time Drakken clapped his hands, she had sent a sudden blast of plasma in his direction.

Ron thought back on his conversation with Shego. The green woman seemed genuinely anxious at the idea of performing for her girlfriend.

"Shego, I really don't understand what you're getting so worked up about," said the teen. The former villainess performed for the world's media, playing the villain character for all it was worth. This in comparison should be a breeze for her.

"Because," was the blunt reply.

"But why?"

"Because," repeated Shego petulantly.

He was going around in circles. Ron rubbed his temples. "Shego, please explain this to me. What is the issue?"

"Why do I have to be the one that has to do this?" Shego murmured.

"We have been through this before. Kim walked away from you because you upset her, remember?" Ron said running his hand through his blond hair. He tried another tack. "Wouldn't you love to be serenaded?"

Drakken decided to join the conversation. "Ronald is right, Shego. You did upset Miss Possible. This is a lovely gesture."

Shego tensed up at the observation. "That's besides the point. Why do I always have to be the one to be making a fool of myself to tell Kimmie I love her? Why am I the one that has to put it on the line for Princess?" Shego demanded.

Ron looked at the older woman quizzically, "You've done this before?"

"Not on this grand scale." Ron raised an eyebrow. That comment caught his attention. Before he could say anything, the raven-haired beauty spoke, "How do you think Kimmie came out to her family?"

Ron gestured for Shego to continue. Shego shook her head before relying, "Oh, no, it was embarrassing enough at the time. I'm not going there, Stoppable. That's all you're getting from me."

The men looked disappointed. He wasn't sure about Drakken, but Ron was hoping for all the juicy details. He realized that Kim had been tight lipped on that one. The hero made a mental note to try and get the information out of his childhood friend over a nacho.

Shego continued, "Look, basically I'm not comfortable with this." She gestured to the men around her and then to herself. "I don't want to appear weak. What about my reputation? I worked hard to get respect. I'm the bad girl remember?"

Ron chuckled. "No one will think you're weak. In regards to your reputation, no offense to Dr D, but you worked for Dr D, Shego, and for years nothing ever went to plan, and where did you end up? Working for GJ. That's a bigger rep killer."

Shego did not seem pleased. Drakken took the statement in the spirit in which it was intended. "No offense taken Ronald. Shego, he's right. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. So why not try? You can't go wrong with a well-placed song. It strikes at the heart. It shows you care, and you do care."

"From what Kim told me it won't be a big party, so you will be amongst family and friends."

Ron and Drakken took turns in trying to coax Shego. When Drakken brought up the idea of using a mind control chip on the green woman, Ron thought for sure everything was lost. The teen was amazed at the older man's gumption. Even he knew how Shego felt about mind control. To his credit, Drakken just picked himself off the floor where Shego had forced him to the ground with a plasma blast and just continued.

The teen began to have a newfound respect for Drakken. He had put up with Shego for years, and yet they called the blue scientist the madman. She was incorrigible. It seemed like forever before she capitulated.

The teen knew that he was being a little harsh but it had been a trying few days for all involved. Ron did like the green woman any other time. He knew that the former thief dearly loved his best friend, and that they were pushing her well out of her comfort zone to prove it. The fact that none of them had been maimed was a positive sign, but they had been threatened, yelled at, and had plasma thrown in their direction numerous times. Thankfully the room was heatproof and they were all good at ducking. Drakken it seemed, was really, really fond of show tunes, even at the expense of his own safety.

Ron took a long breath and prepared himself for the onslaught. He was ready. He just had to convince Shego she was as well. The teen walked back into the 'war room'.

"No, Shego, that's not how it's done." said Drakken. The blue man was trying to help Shego with the choreography. Drakken as it turned out was a natural director. The pale woman on the other hand was not gifted. Shego was a graceful fighter, making the most complex martial art move look easy but this did not translate to simple dance moves. No matter how many times she attempted the ball change, the martial artist looked quite clunky and self-conscious. She tried again.

"No, no, no. Like this, Shego," instructed Drakken. He repeated the move. "You don't have to do too much."

"I'm surprised you haven't asked me to pull out the jazz hands and the spirit fingers Dr D," the green woman said sarcastically.

Ron could not help himself and said the first thing that came into his head, "Those aren't spirit fingers, these are spirit fingers and these are gold!" The blond stretched out his hands and his fingers started to wiggle. Drakken chuckled in response.

Shego looked at him suspiciously. "Really, Stoppable? You're quoting Bring It On now?" Ron could feel his face redden in response.

"Well, I was a cheerleader you know," Ron, said defensively. He decided to put it back onto Shego. "Considering you knew the quote makes me think Kim has made you watch the film just as many times as what she did with me. Did you watch it for Kim or for Eliza Dushku like I did?"

Green features flushed. "Touché," admitted Shego.

Drakken clapped his hands to get their attention, "Might I remind you both we are running out of time. Shego, please try again."

She tried again a few times and faltered. "Aaaaaah!" The former villainess exploded. "This is insane! I am the most dangerous and sexiest woman on the planet, why am I not getting this?"

"You're trying too hard. You just have to sell it," Drakken replied simply.

"How did you know so much about this Blue Boy?" Oh-oh, thought Ron, Shego was going to take her frustration out on Drakken once more.

"Shego, please we have already gone through this several times. You know I love musical theatre and karaoke. As much as you will ridicule me for saying so, all that time I spent in front of the mirror with a hair brush, has done me no harm."

Drakken continued, his tone as reassuring, "Shego, you're trying too hard. You know the song. You know the routine, but we can see you all but count the beats as you perform it. Don't worry if you miss something. A good performer doesn't let a mistake stop them, a good performer carries on regardless."

"Dr D, this isn't a Disney audition," said Shego dryly.

Drakken chuckled. "Regardless Shego, stop over thinking and just let the music take you. If you need to improvise, then do it. I know you can do this. You can do this."

Ron was impressed by Drakken's pep talk. He had not heard the man sound so lucid and so calming.

"I don't know Dr D, facing Global Justice and Betty was never this scary." The raven-haired woman still didn't sound confident.

Ron took the baton and ran with it. "Shego, you aren't doing this alone. You're right; you're not auditioning for Disney, or the awesome American Starmaker. Drakken, the boys and I are not professional back up dancers either. Remember why you're doing this. It's for Kim. She won't be judging you. She will appreciate any effort you make. Trust me with this."

Shego considered the teen's words, "Are you sure?"

"Yes!" the males in the room said unanimously.

"Alright, alright, I get it. Okay, lets do this again."

Ron watched Shego run through the number three more times. It still wasn't perfect but Shego wasn't as robotic in her movements. Thankfully she had a surprisingly lovely singing voice. The trouble started when it was time to go to Kim's birthday party, when the group had to dress for their roles.

Ron placed a black cassock and clerical collar over his red shirt and khaki pants. His white shoes stood out by the contrast. Bob and Becker removed their hoods, their hair flattened and sweaty. Their unitards were completely covered beneath their robes. Drakken did not bother with the cassock, instead placing the clerical collar around his blue coat. The look did not make him any more angelic.

Shego initially seemed pleased when she was handed her black veil with the green coif, but went into a serious panic when her employer handed her the remainder of her outfit. "Drakken, there is no chance in hell I'm going to wear this. Where is the rest of it?" she demanded. She looked with disdain at the short habit, green apron, black woolen belt, fishnets and black boots.

"We felt that perhaps the outfit could distract everyone from your dancing, Shego. You've always been proud of your legs. This is the perfect vehicle to do that," said Drakken.

Shego did not look happy and immediately expressed her displeasure, "Oh great! So now I'm so terrible that the only way to save myself is to dress like a hooker. I'm not doing this!"

"Shego, we aren't saying that at all," said Drakken.

"Then what was going on in those tiny brains of yours when you all came up with this tarty ensemble?"

Ron answered as diplomatically as he could, "We figured we'd channel that sexy confidence you have in abundance."

Shego's intense green eyes narrowed. "You do realize that Kimmie's entire family will be there."

The blond hero flushed. He had not thought of that. He could now see James Possible firing up the rockets. He would cross that bridge when he got to that. Right now he had other headaches.

"Where the hell did you get this?" the former villainess demanded.

The men looked at each other. Bob nudged his boss. Drakken spoke for them, "Well Shego, my mother made it."

Shego's brows furrowed. "Your mother made this?"

Drakken became defensive. "Yes, Shego my mother made this for you."

"How the hell did you even explain this one to her?"

Drakken's body language became very closed as he justified his actions, "I simply told her that we are going to a soiree where there were lots of doctors, and you were hoping to find yourself a partner. Mother agreed in an instant."

"You know why your mom agreed?" asked Shego.

Drakken shook his head. For the first time in a long time her face showed a hint of humor. "She's hoping you'll pick yourself up a doctor too. What will you tell your mother when you come up empty handed, Drewbie?"

Ron could see the panic in Drakken's face. At least Shego wasn't yelling at them anymore.


Shego never felt so nervous as she waited her turn behind the Possible garage. How did people do this for a living, she thought. From her vantage point the four men dressed as priests were doing well. Drakken was giving it all he had, much like he did at karaoke. She would tease the henchmen later about being Drakken's cha-cha dancers when she wasn't so stressed and her heart wasn't in her throat. Was Stoppable adding spirit fingers? The Buffoon was now improvising? Shego never remembered that in rehearsals.

The green woman breathed deeply as the music faded. It was her turn and she was rooted to the spot. Oh dear God, I'm going to humiliate myself. What was I thinking? Before she could answer, Drakken and Stoppable dragged her forward. Shego clutched the unicorn for dear life. Kimmie better love this or we are so over was Shego's last thought before she was flung to a spot near the barbeque. She registered the smell of lamb chops cooking which made her stomach turn before she began singing.

...Redheaded packages tied up with strings

These are a few of my favorite things

Somehow Shego made her body move. She pretended she was dancing with the unicorn all the while counting the steps in her mind. She couldn't really see Kimmie's reaction, nor did she want to just yet. She did see Betty Director. Was that sadistic bitch crying with her one good eye? Damn. They were all laughing. Double damn.

... I simply remember my favorite things

And then I don't feel so bad

One minute she was singing and dancing with a unicorn and the next, the stuffed toy was beneath her with the pointy bit in the small of her back. On top of her was one hundred and twenty pounds of feminine goodness slobbering all over her face.

"Pumpkin that hurt. A little warning would have been nice," said Shego when she got her breath back.

"Happy birthday, Kimmie," said the redheaded package on top of her before she thoroughly kissed Shego. The former villainess could vaguely hear cheering and wolf whistles in the background but she didn't care. She had her girl back and she had missed her terribly.

A discreet feminine cough brought Shego out of the kiss. She instantly was aware there was an audience. "Shego, I'm glad that you and Kimmie have finally made up but you are flashing us your lady parts. Save it until the pair of you are alone," said Ann, her amusement evident.

Before Shego could pull the offending piece of fabric down she heard the distinct sound of a camera. "Tweebs, what did I tell you? If I find one bit of evidence online you guys are dead meat!" Shego hoped that she sounded menacing enough to deter the mischievous pair.

"It wasn't..."

"... Us."

"Then who?" Who else would dare?

"It was us," said the Wegos simultaneously.

"Guys, I'm warning you, those photos better not get out. I will hurt you."

"Ah-ah, if you don't come to visit us soon, we are showing Hego everything. And we mean everything." For their efforts, the Wegos were receiving high fives from their gaming partners.

Shego was stunned. She thought she was the sneaky one in the family. "Alright but get that camera out of my face. I have a reputation to uphold."

The green woman could feel her girlfriend shaking on top of her. She was giggling. "Sweetie, you have well and truly blown that rep out of the water with your song and dance."


"She's right Shego. I'm afraid you can no longer call yourself evil. You're as soft as that stuffed toy," said Drakken who was leering down at the pair.

The green woman looked up at her blue boss. Granted, he had gone out of his way to help her, but that didn't mean she wasn't going to get her revenge. No one calls her soft to her face. "Whatever, Drewbie," she said dismissively.

Instead of being offended, the blue man waved his forefinger at her. "Tisk, tisk, Shego. What have we learned from this? Words hurt, Shego."

For once the mad scientist had something sensible to say. It was sobering. Shego addressed her girlfriend, "Listen Kimmie, I was a real bitch and I'm sorry I hurt you like I did. I promise that I will do better."

Kim placed a finger over Shego's lips. "Shhh... We'll talk about it later. The most important thing is you're here. You showed you cared. I love you."

"I love you too." She pecked Kim on the lips. She reached behind her and presented the unicorn to Kim. "And happy birthday. I hope you like him."

The redhead grabbed the toy appreciatively with her free hand. "I love him. Thank you."

"I'm glad."

Shego watched, as Kim's olive eyes turn mischievous. "What are you thinking, Pumpkin?"

"Well Maria, you don't have any excuses now to avoid The Sound of Music sing-a-long." Shego groaned. She knew she couldn't get out of that one now.

Kim continued, "You know, I think I found something you look hotter in than your onzie. Oh baby, are we going to have fun with this outfit."

Shego could hear Ann ushering the guests inside in order to give the pair some privacy. There were still children present. She smiled before responding in kind, "Princess, only if you dress up like a wicked private school girl."

"Okay, you love birds, there is time for this later when you don't have an audience. Right now you need to get off the ground so we can go in and eat. Mr Stoppable has already scared us witless about the statistics of cooked food. Besides, Ron has started without us. He says spending a few days with you Shego has left him totally exhausted and he needs to top up on food before he wastes away," said Monique with a smile as she helped the pair up.

As they made their way into the house Shego could hear Kimmie's Cousin Larry comment, "I bet Charlotte at the comic bookshop never had to put with this many distractions."

"I still hate Charlottes. They're all harlots," declared Kim. Shego giggled at the randomness of the comment.

"Mmmm... I wonder what the chances of finding a single Jewish doctor named Charlotte?" asked Drakken absentmindedly.

"Are you serious? Drakken is on the prowl?" whispered Kim.

"No, but his mother doesn't know that," Shego whispered back. She turned to Drakken and said, "I don't know, Dr D. Why don't you ask the resident actuary?"

Drakken rubbed his hands together. "Good idea, Shego." He raced ahead.

Shego grabbed her girlfriend's hands. "Shall we Birthday Girl?"

"Whatever, Shego," said Kim with a giggle before leading them inside.


A/N - Lyrics are from Lesley Gore's 'It's My Party' and from Rodgers & Hammerstein's wonderful musical 'The Sound of Music'. I apologize to any fans for how I have bastardized the lyrics.

The dance scene is from my own pathetic attempts at choreographed dancing. There is footage out there of me trying to hide at the back of the stage wearing a pink feather boa in front of twenty thousand people. It wasn't pretty.

To Stoddapb, yes I do dastardly things to Shego in my stories but she is sexy enough to bounce back.

Happy birthday, BD. I hope you enjoy this story and hope that you will begin to forgive me. Again. I do enjoy our conversations. You keep me on my toes.