Tony DiNozzo yawned as he stepped out of the elevator and into the semidarkness of the NCIS parking lot. It had been a long, stressful day investigating the accidental shooting death of a young sailor that turned out not to be the accident it first appeared to be. The long hours spent with Gibbs in interrogation attempting to get to the truth with the wife had been exhausting. The woman had at first denied everything, claiming her husband had accidentally shot himself. Tony smiled as he remembered the way that Gibbs had cornered the woman with her own lies, finally eliciting the truth.

The light touch of what he instantly recognized as the barrel of a gun pressed against his back snapped the young agent back to the present. "Ahhh, Agent DiNozzo, I thought Gibbs' would have trained his agents to be far more aware of their surroundings." A soft, male voice whispered into his ear as a hand reached around and removed his gun from its holster.

"What do you want?" Tony asked, raising his hands in a show of non-resistance, aware that the cameras located around the parking lot would be capturing his possible abduction and help was most likely on its way. All he needed to do was keep his attacker calm and stall for some time.

"All I want from you, DiNozzo, is to pass my message onto your Boss!" The soft voice chuckled in his ear.

The young agent felt more than heard a soft pop a split second before he felt something slam into his back, robbing him of his breath as he was thrown to the ground. He blinked in confusion, his mind had told him that he had just been shot but his body felt no pain. A shadow dropped across him blocking out most of the light as a dark figure knelt down into his slowly fading line of sight.

"Tell Gibbs, next time I won't just shoot to injure, I will shoot to kill! The hunt is on!"

Tony struggled to remain alert as the figure rose and walked calmly away. He heard the distant sounds of running feet and shouts as the darkness slowly claimed him.