Revenge is a dish best served cold and I have waited a very long time Gibbs to serve this dish to you and I know this revenge is going to be sweet. First DiNozzo, followed by Todd, than McGee and I haven't forgotten the Goth called Abby. Each will regret ever knowing you before they die. I promise each will curse your name and the day you were born, just like I do.

"Oh my, Jethro." Ducky breathed softly again as he re read the note over Gibbs' shoulder.

Gibbs nodded grimly as he carefully refolded the note before he turned to McGee and ordered gruffly, "Bag it McGee and get it over to Abby. Tell her I want the full treatment. Then get back here- I want Tony's room and those security tapes gone over with a fine tooth comb before they bring him back down from the O.R."

"Yes Boss." McGee answered as he reached into his pocket and withdrew a blue glove and a small plastic evidence bag. Quickly tugging the glove onto his hand, he carefully picked up the note by the corner of the folder paper and eased it into the bag before he hurried away.

Turning his attention to his female agent, he instructed, "Kate, I want you to interview DiNozzo's nurse. We need a full description of the 'guard' who was supposedly sent by me. I want as many details as you get from her- what he looked like, what ID he showed her, anything he said."

"Will do, Gibbs." Kate answered as she turned and headed towards the nurse's staffroom where she had just seen the young nurse enter.

"Duck I want you to stay here. Contact me as soon as you get an update on Tony's condition." The silver haired agent requested softly before adding. "When McGee gets back and is finished going over the room, tell him I want him to pull the first guard duty on DiNozzo."

"Where are you going, Jethro?" Ducky asked.

"I'm going to try and find out who this bastard is!" Gibbs called back over his shoulder and he headed towards the elevator.


"I'm sorry, I really thought that he was the agent sent by Agent Gibbs to guard Agent DiNozzo." The nurse sniffed as she dabbed her eyes with a tissue. "I never thought that he would try and murder Agent DiNozzo when I left the room. I thought he was legit." Looking down at the tissue that she was twisting anxiously between her fingers, she choked back the tears as she whispered, "God, this is my fault. I should have asked for some ID or something."

"It wasn't your fault." Kate tried to soothe the distraught young woman, "He told you he was the NCIS agent sent to guard Agent DiNozzo and you had no reason to doubt his word. But we do need your help right now to capture this man and prevent him from harming Agent DiNozzo again. Do you think you can tell me exactly what happened and give me a description of the man you saw in the room?"

Blowing her nose, the young nurse wiped away the tear soaked mascara that now stained her cheeks before she nodded and spoke. "He…he was in the room when I went to check on Agent's DiNozzo. He gave me a bit of a scare. I didn't realize anyone was in the room. " She sniffed again as she worried the tissue she still held in her hands, twisting it as she continued to talk. "I…I asked him what he was doing there and that's when he told me that he was the NCIS agent sent by Agent Gibbs to guard the patient. " The nurse's voice trailed away as new tears began to flow down her face.

Patting her arm in support, Kate swallowed down a wave of impatience as she softly asked, "What happened then?"

The nurse shrugged, "I carried out the physical observations on Agent DiNozzo and checked the IV and then left the room. The agent stayed in there guarding the patient. I didn't know anything was amiss until after Agent Gibbs arrived and began to demand where the guard was. That's when all Hell broke out! It was all my fault!"

"No it wasn't." Kate murmured, handing the woman another tissue from the box between them. "You weren't to know. Can you give me a description of the man that was in Agent DiNozzo room?"

"He was tall and dark - I guess he looked Middle Eastern in appearance -Like an Arab." She shrugged but continued at Kate's encouraging nod, "He had short dark hair and his eyes were dark- almost black. He was thin but not skinny-if you know what I mean. Kinda cute…" The nurse blushed, "I guess I like dark swarvey looking men."

Kate nodded, "Did you see the guard leave?"

"No. I thought he was still in the room, when you all arrived. I was surprised when you found he was gone but I guess he slipped out after he… tried to murder Agent DiNozzo. "

"Do you think you would be able to recognize the man again?" Kate asked.

"I would." The nurse answered eagerly, "I don't think I will ever forget his face."

"Good." Kate smiled as she stood up and gently guided the nurse up from her chair and led her out of the room they had retreated to to speak in private. "I would like you to come with me back to NCIS headquarters and look at some photos. I will like to create a composite sketch of the suspect with your assistance."

"I'll have to check if I can go with my Nursing Supervisor." The young woman announced nervously.

"It has already been arranged." Kate smiled encouragingly as she rose from her seat with the nurse following her lead.


"Dammit!" Gibbs growled as he hit the steering wheel with his hand. "Dammit!" He muttered again as he climbed back out of the car, slamming the door behind him. "DiNozzo's been hit twice in the last twenty-four hours, I am not going to let there be a third attempt! Not when I have his six. I have failed him twice- I will not fail him a third time!" He growled as he turned and headed back into the hospital bumping into a dark haired man just exiting the building.

"I'm sorry." The man apologized politely as he grabbed Gibbs' jacket and arm in an attempt to steady himself. Quickly regaining his balance he released the NCIS agent as he apologized again. "I am so sorry; I wasn't looking where I was going."

"That's okay." Gibbs reassured the younger man as he turned and hurried into the building.

Tommy turned and watched the lead agent disappear inside before he reached inside his pocket and withdrew a small earpiece and slipped it into his ear. A small smile tugged at his lips as he heard the activity-taking place within the lobby of the hospital before he heard the distinct sound of the elevator doors swishing open and a moment later - closed.


"Come on, Tony, fight, dammit, fight!" The surgeon muttered as he recharged the paddles for a second time and placed them on the patient's chest as he called clear. Tony's body arched off the bed as the electricity surged through his body and all eyes turned to the monitor, desperately watching for the small blip. "Damn, nothing!" The surgeon muttered in anger as he again recharged the paddles and prepared to shock the young agent again in a last desperate attempt to bring him back from the edge of death upon which he now teetered. "Come on, you have to help me and fight!" He demanded as he placed the paddles back onto the young man's chest calling clear as he pressed the button for the final attempt before he admitted defeat.

The straight narrow green blip that rushed across the screen, jumped before falling back into the flat line again for a few long seconds before it jumped again. "That's it." The doctor grinned in relief as he watched the heart monitor as the small blip began to hesitantly dance across the screen, increasing in strength with each heartbeat. "We've got him back. Let's finish up before he decides to try and scare us again. I don't think he is going to be able to tolerate much more."


Looking up from reading Tony's chart, Ducky was unsurprised as the elevator door slid open and Gibbs stepped out. He waited for the lead agent to join him before he spoke. "I thought you were going back to NCIS, Jethro. Has something happened to make you return? Young Anthony is still in surgery, so I know it isn't that."

"Is there any word yet, Ducky?" Gibbs asked, deliberately ignoring the older man's question.

"No, but he has only been in surgery for a few minutes. It's too early to expect any news yet. In fact I would be worried if we did." Ducky admitted as he studied the younger man closely. "But that is not the only reason why you have returned, is it?"

"This maniac has managed to hit DiNozzo twice already, Ducky. I am not going to allow him to get close enough to Tony to try for a third hit." Gibbs declared as Ducky guided him towards the small waiting room. "Tony is one of my team and I am responsible for watching his six. Something that I haven't done very well in the last twenty-four hours."

"Jethro, what happened to young Anthony wasn't your fault." Ducky stressed.

"Ya think not?" Gibbs growled angrily as they reached the closed door of the waiting room. "It's me this nut case wants revenge on and he is using my team to try and get!" Gibbs hesitated with his hand on the handle as he turned to the Medical Examiner and admitted his guilt. "Duck, I know you are going to tell me that it's a risk we live with each day. The possibility that some nutcase we have dealt with in the past wanting revenge. But I kept the team busy on the Hogan case. I wanted a confession from Linda Hogan and the case wrapped up before we called it a night. Tony was exhausted, Ducky, they all were. It made him sloppy." Gibbs explained as he opened the door and entered. "Tony should have been more aware of his surroundings when he entered the garage. If he were than the chances of him being jumped would have been almost zero. If he had have been aware of what was going on around him then we wouldn't be having this conversation and Tony wouldn't be lying in that damn operating room with the doctors fighting to save his life! This time I am going to make sure there is not going to be a third attempt on Tony's life. On any of their lives!"