Fire and Heaven became one

The retainers had just left to continue their normal lives. Jii had packed to go and stay with his granddaughter. Takeru, for the first time in a long while, felt lonely. There was a void within him, created by the sudden absence of the people he was closest to. Particularly, he was feeling down that he never told a special person about his thoughts...someone important to him... someone different from others he had met.

Wandering out to the training field, he absent-mindedly pulled his ShodouPhone out from his jacket. ShinkenRed wasn't needed anymore, but suddenly, he found his brush controlling him. Focusing all his Mojikara, he imagined his best memories and drew the Memory Character. Immediately, an image of that special person appeared before him- it was Mako. Although just an image, she was very real... she seemed to silently call him out to him through her eyes. He could even hear her voice calling, "Takeru... Takeru..." A few seconds later, he felt a hand on his shoulder, and the voice became clearer. He instantly recognised it and spun round. There Mako stood before him and it wasn't an image this time, no Mojikara was being used: it really was Mako.

Did you forget something? And what about your flight to Hawaii?" he asked shyly, trying very hard to conceal his feelings for her. But she was sharp. She could see him blushing.

"Well, not really. Um, Takeru..." she mumbled, walking towards him.

She was fidgeting with her bag. Her hands made their way to her hair and she untied it. It fell to her shoulders and neither of them could fight it back anymore.

Takeru moved forward and whispered, "I love you, Mako. I really do."

Before Mako could react, he had wrapped his arms around her. He knew that he was doing what none of the previous Shiba Heads had done, he was hugging his retainer. But he did not care. That was insignificant. All he was worried about was if Mako was fine with it. And then the most amazing thing happened. Mako whispered, "Oh Takeru, I love you too." But what surprised Takeru was that Mako responded completely, throwing herself into his arms. He was stroking her silky, raven hair as she gently kissed him on the lips.

For once, Fire and Heaven were one. Takeru and Mako were kissing. And they were savouring each moment of it. The burden of being a samurai was gone, the distinction between Lord and vassal no longer existed. All that remained was the essence underneath, an innocent love. The two were hugging each other out of pure love.

Maybe it was only an instant for which they were one, but it filled the void within Takeru. Then he heard the footsteps of the Kuroko and he let go of Mako. The clock struck four. Mako had an hour to catch her flight. He walked her to the gate. Mako walked a few more steps after he stopped but turned around and said,

"I'll be gone for a month only."

"I'll be waiting," promised Takeru, smiling as he waved to her as her figure shrunk and disappeared into the distance. Takeru walked back home and into his room.

His special person had left, but now he was not alone, and he knew he never will be, because Heaven and Fire had unified in his heart.