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Brittany's POV

Well, now Jeanette is married. That leaves only Eleanor, and me, if Alvin ever asks me. But as every day passes, it seems like it is all becoming nothing but a empty hallow dream. A dream that will never come true.

I keep dreaming, and hoping that he would ask me soon, give me a hint. But nothing. No hint, or anything from him. The only kind of indication he ever gave me, was a the wedding, when he seemed to kind of stare off there for a moment. But that was over four days ago. And I haven't seen anything things.

Jeanette was still on her honeymoon with Simon, which left me, Alvin, Theodore and Eleanor alone with Dave.

And unfortunately, without Simon acting as the reasonable voice to try and talk some sense into Alvin, he was making Dave a lot more angry. I swear, it was every few hours, I'd hear Dave shouting his name.

Alvin was still though, being very sweet and romantic to me, treating me like a princess.

If I was reading a magazine, he would sneak up behind me, wrap his arms around me, and start kissing my neck. He would the lay next to me, and read the magazine with me, even though he hated the ones I read. But I would always melt into a puddle every time he did that.

If we were on the couch watching a movie together, I would lay back on his body. He would wrap his arms, legs, and tail around me. Holding me tight, acting like a pillow and blanket. He was like a heating blanket. He would then stroke my hair, making me feel so relaxed, I would suddenly fall off to sleep.

And every now and then, at night, Alvin would sneak into my room, or I would sneak into his, and then we'd go for a little 'get togethers' outside, so that no one would know what we were doing. And I was in no rush to tell anyone either. I don't think Dave would be quite happy if he learned me and Alvin showed our love for each other.

I know that people say you have to be patient, that the time will come when you'll get married. But I want my time to be now. I love Alvin so much. I just want to get as close to him as possible.

So, like I said, it has been four days since Jeanette's wedding. She was going to be back home in about three days. I could only imaging what it was like for her, spending that much time alone with the boy she loved. I am sure that the two are still nervous around each other. But I do know one day they will grow past that.

I sat with Eleanor on the couch, going over some of the last minute details for her wedding. Her's was just as easy to plan as Jeanette's. She wasn't inviting a lot of people. Mostly family and friends, and doing it in a small church.

I think it is going to be a cute little wedding. Ellie and Theodore were always the adorable ones. They always had that sweetness between the two of them that would make everyone say 'Awwwww.'

"Are you nervous Ellie?" I ask, looking to her with a smile.

She looked down, her facial expression telling me all.

"A little." She said in a soft voice. "But not as nervous as Jeanette was though."

We both laughed as soon as she said that. I knew she was right. Eleanor always had a bit more courage than Jeanette when it came to this stuff.

"But I know that she is going to be really happy now." She continued. "She is now with someone she loves. That is all she ever wanted. That is all we ever wanted."

She then stopped, realizing what she was saying as she looked apologetically over to me. It was a good thing that she did stop. I could feel some of the emotions rising to the surface. But like what I always did, I put on a smile, pretending it doesn't bother me.

"Sorry Britt." She said.

I shrug it off, pretending like it didn't bother me. "Don't be. I have found someone I loved. Just like you and Jeanette. We are just at a different stage at our relationship."

Those words rolled out of my mouth really easy, but it made my blood burn like acid.

When I compare my relationship with Alvin to my sisters. It seems like we are a few years ahead, yet at the same time, we were so far behind. I look back at Eleanor, and could tell she was having trouble believing what I was saying. She was staring at me with those eyes that told me she wasn't buying anything.

I just keep my smile on my face, hoping that she wouldn't talk about it anymore. She slowly opened her mouth, as I braced for what she was about to say. But before she could say anything, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I look back, seeing Theodore standing there, looking at me.

I breath a sigh of relief. "What d0 you want Theodore?" I ask, looking up at him.

He moved around me, sitting down next to Eleanor. "Alvin wants to see you." He said, giving Eleanor a sweet smile.

"What does he want?" I ask.

Theodore didn't answer. He and Eleanor were locked into each other's gazes.

"Theodore?" I ask again, waving my paws to get his attention. His eyes remained locked on Eleanor, like nothing else existed.

"I think he is waiting for you near the front door." He replied half dazed, their gazes still locked.

I rolled my eyes, getting up from my seat. It was clear I wasn't going to get a definitive answer from that love struck chipmunk. I jump off the couch, leave the two love birds alone. I slowly walkover to the front door, glancing around for Alvin.

As I reach the door, I look down the hallway, and into the adjacent room, seeing no sign of him. I sigh, heading back to the living room. I quickly move over to the couch, and jump up onto the arm rest.

"Hey Theodore. Alvin wasn't th-" I stop in mid sentence, seeing Eleanor against the back rest of the couch, with Theodore in front of her, his lips pressed tightly onto hers.

I quietly move away, leaving them alone, not wanting to interrupt their time together.

I move towards the back of the house, glancing around for Alvin. As I moved towards closer to the kitchen, I could hear small snores coming from Dave's room.

I felt bad for him. He had been running around, trying to keep Alvin in line, and now he was dead tired. I quickly reach the back door, and hop out of the small pet door.

I was soon hit by the fresh smell of nature and flowers. I take in a deep soothing breath, enjoying the smell.

Then it suddenly dawn on me. Flowers? Dave doesn't have anything in bloom right now.

Suddenly, two arms carefully snake around me, as I felt a something warm press against the back of my body.

Small electric shivers go through me, as I felt warm soft lips press against the side of my neck.

"Hey Beautiful." A gentle voice whispered into my ear.

I giggle, as I turn around, while arms still held me close. He smiled at me, as I quickly gave him a quick peck on the lips. It amazed me how I felt so angry towards Alvin. Yet, every time when I am near him, I completely change.

"Is that you I smelled? Because if it is, the you smell really nice." I said.

He laughed, letting go of my body, as he went over to the nearby bush. I watched as he reached in, pulling out a large, single pink rose.

"For you." He said, holding it out to me with a large, and sweet smile.

I wrap both my paws around the stem, pulling the flower close to my nose, allowing the odour to fill my nose. I give a long dreamy sigh, enjoying the smell, before pulling it away from my face, looking right at Alvin.

"What did you do Alvin?" I tease, smiling slyly at him.

"Why do you assume that when I give you something, it is because I did something bad." He replied.

"Because you are Alvin Seville." I said, examining the flower.

"I didn't do anything Britt." He said, laughing lightly.

"Then, may I ask why?"

He gave a small shrug. "I just thought I'd et you something special for our date tonight."

"Date?" I asked. I never recalled Alvin talking to me about making plans for one.

"Yeah. I made a reservation for a restaurant down the street. Nice gentle candle light, fancy meal, romantic. You name it."

My heart began to flutter with anticipation and excitement. He never did anything like this before. At least, not for some fancy place. Could he be doing, what I think he is doing?

"When?" Was all I could ask.

"In about a hour." He replied. "There is no need to dress really fancy, but some neat and dirty clothes would be a good idea."

My heart was pounding. The colour drained from my face. It could really be happening. He could really be asking me tonight. Before he could say another word, I drop the flower, and ran into the house. Running through the hall, and straight to my room.

In a matter of seconds, I was in my dresser, rummaging through all my clothes, trying to find something really nice for tonight.

After finding a few outfits that didn't work, I found one that I thought was perfect. A pink sleeve shirt with long sleeves, and a jean skirt. I throw them one, then rush to the bathroom, up onto the counter, and began to apply my make-up.

If he was going to propose, I wanted to look my best.

I wasn't going to go overboard with the make-up. Just a little pink blush around my cheeks, and that is it.

And in no time, I had achieved the look I wanted.

I rush out of the washroom, across my room, and the door. Alvin was already there waiting for me. He was leaning against the wall on the other side of the hall. He was wearing a black jacket with a red t-shirt underneath.

As soon as he saw me, he smiled, moving over towards me. I was smiling ear to ear, as he hooked his arm around mine.

"Ready." He whispered.

"More then ever." I reply, as we make our way fro the front door.

Determination is the drive force for us all. It make what others think is impossible, possible. It give you the confidence, knowing you can do anything. It will give you that last ounce of strength you need, to accomplish your goal.

Used right, determination can bring you many friends, an rewards. Used wrong, and it will push everything away from you.