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I peered outside at the window as I saw New York. The sun came up as the night disappeared into the horizen. I tried to wipe off my sweaty hands on my uniform brown skirt. Mom looked at me with the wing view mirror. She sighed as she stopped the car from the red light.

"Hinata, it's going to be fine." Mom said. "You might like New York."

"No it won't." I objected. "It's going to be like the same thing everytime."

"Maybe this time will be different," Mom said hopefully. "The company is staying at New York for now on. We can finally stay at one place, instead of moving around a lot."

The green light turned on and the car began to move. While Mom was driving, I fiddle with my two index fingers together. It always happens like that when I'm getting nervous for something that is new and changing. As mom drove, I saw the Empire State Building. It was really magnificent scenery. As the car stopped, I look outside of the window. There was a large brown-black building. I saw students at my age going inside the building. Like the girls, I was wearing the uniform that had a white collar shirt, a black jacket over it, a brown tie, and a brown skirt, while the guys wore only black.

"You'll be fine, Hinata," Mom said. "You might make some friends this time."

"I miss my old friends from, Washington," I said. "Before the company started to move us around the states."

"Hinata, just try to make a good impression," Mom said in an encouraging voice. "Don't be so shy and timid of everyone around you. It's not going to be like last time in Hawaii."

I sighed. "I'll try, but it'll be the same thing like many time: going to a new school, try to have friends, and lastly getting bullied by girls and harass by boys."

Mom turned to me. She reached into her pocket and got out a small box, that looked like it was fit for a ring or some kind of jewelery. Mom handed me the box and I took it. As I open the box, inside was a necklace of a locket and in the middle was a sun.

"Your father wanted me to give this to you before he...left," Mom confessed.

I looked at Mom. She rarely talked about Dad. When I asked her about him, when I was little, she told me that he had to go away to work for NASA and study about the suns in the galexty. I took out the necklace and put it on. The locket gleamed as if it was touched by the sun itself.

I smiled a little. "Thank you, Mom."

Mom smiled back. "Now get going. I'll see you at three."

"Actually, I've found a part time job at a bakery," I said. "I will just go work there every after school. I'll be home at five."

"When did you start to look for a job?" Mom asked

"After we got our apartment." I replied.

"Okay, but try not to over stress yourself," Mom warned. "If bad happens, contact me as soon as you can."

I sighed. "Yes, Mom."

I got out of the car and waved a farewell to Mom. She waved back and drove away until the sun had gotton higher and I couldn't see her anymore. I inhaled and exhaled a breath as I turn around to face the school. My heart was pounding rapidly as my nerves overwhelmed me. My legs began to shake and my cheeks flushed red. Sweat was dripping at the side of my head.

I slowly walked to the from doors of the school, as my legs tremble. Then someone pushed behind me and I bumped into a person and fell on my butt. I look up and saw a girl. She was wearing the same uniform as me. She had light brown hair, she had green eyes like grass, and a huge forehead which she doesn't look like she didn't mind about it. Some of the guys stared at her as if she was their prize model of the cenurty.

"I-I-I'm s-s-sorry!" I stuttered

"Move it, you freak!" the girl shouted angrly at me.

I got up quickly and walked away from her. I went to the office and got my schedule from the office. The bell rang and a student office took me to the classroom. My heart was beating rapidly as if nine atomic bombs were about to explode. I tried to calm myself down, but nothing worked. My first class in my schedule was Home Econmics. I was glad about having the cooking class first. I do enjoy cooking and I always cook my mother food becaues she's a horrible cook.

As the student office, open the door to the classroom, the teacher stopped talking and stared at me. The teacher had warm firy red hair with warm brown fire-like eyes. She was wearing an apron and I think that she was about to tell her students to cook something.

"You have a new student." The student office said. "She's a transfer student from Hawaii."

The class full of students started to talk at once. The teacher smiled. The office student left and closed the door behind me. I walked slowly and shyly to the fornt of the room. I lifted my head up so everyone can see me. My face was turning pinkish red as everyone stare at me as if I was a new show on T.V. I could see the girl that I ran into this morning was there and she was glaring at me like crazy. I notice in the corner there was a dark, gloomy boy about my age. He had black, silky thick hair with brown eyes. He was wearing the same uniform like all the men in the school, but the difference is that he was wearing an avaitor jacket.

"Welcome to Manhatten, New York," The teacher said. "My name is Miss Hearth and this is the rest of my class. Now tell us your name."

"M-My n-n-name i-is H-Hinata K-Kana." I announced as I stuttered.

The girl, who I ran into this morning started to laugh as if my name was a joke.

"Hinata?" The girl laugh. "What kind of name is that? What a stupid name! That name is form the stupid anime show that nerds watch and your idiotic mother must of name you."

"Daisy!" the teacher, Miss Hearth snapped.

"My father named me, 'Hinata.'" I said shyly.

"Well he's stupid." The girl Daisy said.

I stayed quiet. I wasn't sure how to respond to that. Mom told me, my father named me 'Hinata' becaues it means 'sunny place' and I'm kind of like the sun. A shy and timid sun, I should say. I'm not sure what 'Kana' means, but my Mom won't tell me. She only told me that's it is a Hawaiian name.

Miss Hearth sighed. "Daisy, I will see you after class, and Hinata, why not you sit at that open seat over there?"

Miss Hearth was pointing to a seat in front of the dark, gloomy boy. I nodded nervously and stumbled my way through the class. As I sat down at my seat, I was nervous about the boy behind me. His face was so emotionless it's like he doesn't have any feeling.

Miss Hearth talked about the different foods of each culture had. I wanted to make some pastries. I'm good at making those, even other types of appetizers too. After her lectures, she told the class to cook a decent dessert. I was excited for this event, but my emotions change, when Miss Hearth assigned me to a group. She put me in a group with the gloomy, dark boy, who was called, Nico di Angelo. He was the only pathner that was open, while the other groups were in the groups of three.

Miss Hearth told me I could make whatever dessert I want. I decide to make red velvet chocolate chip cookies. I've always love to make those cookies on special occations. I took out all of the ingrediants. I messured everything correctly and out it in a mixing bowl. As I was stiring the dough, I realized that someone was watching me. Nico, the gloomy boy, and Daisy, the girl who I met earlier. Nico only look at me for a few seconds and went back to do his cooking. Daisy glared at me as if she wanted to beat me up into a million of pieces.

After I was done, I put the doiugh into the oven and waited. I was nervous about making new friends. I tried to open my mouth, but every time I did, my face gets all red, and I closed my mouth right away, feeling shy and embaressed. When the cookies, were done, the smell of the aruoma hypnotized me. Miss Hearth came over and tried my well cooked treats.

She smiled. "Wonderful, you must be a great cook."

"I cook many times when my mom has to work overtime." I said

Miss Hearth went over to Daisy's group. There was a chocolate truffle. Miss Hearth poped one into her mouth. Her face was filled with disgust. She slowly chewed the chocolate and finally she swallowed it. Quickly, she grabbed a glass of water and gulp it all down, so the flavor was out of her mouth.

"So?" Daisy asked.

"You need to put more sugar, salt, and milk," Miss Hearth croaked. "The chocolate tasted very plain."

Everyone snickered, except for me. Daisy glared at me as if she wanted to beat me up. I got to admit, I was scared of her, but I try not to show it. I think my first day at New York, may not be pleasent, of what my mom would hope for.


I was glad my other two classes were over. I kept on stuttering everytime. Also Daisy is in my other two classes and so was Nico di Angelo. I was most definatly nervous of both of them. The food made me feel better. My Mom made me some pasta, with black pepper, onions, some meat, and a tiny bit of chilli, she also made me some creamy chocolate fudge. As I was eating, I saw three shadows above me. I look up and saw Daisy and with her were other two girls. One girl was blonde with blue eyes and the other was black hair with green eyes.

I gulped. "H-H-Hi?"

The blonde girl laugh. "Wow, your a stuttered are you?"

"Look how quiet and stupidly shy she is!" The black hair girl laughed. "No wonder she didn't make any friends."

I wanted to protest, but I don't want to get into trouble. I do have friends, but they were all the way from Washington. Daisy grabbed my lunch and took a bite. She spitted out and smirked at me. Then she pour it on my head.

The girls laughed. "Well, that look suits you well."

"And you say her name was Hinata right, Daisy?" The black hair girl asked

Daisy nodded. "Yes, Amy, and what a stupid name she has. What do you think Isabelle?"

"I can agee more." Isavelle said

Daisy took my creamy fudge and ate it. She smirked to herself and shared the dessert with her friends. My stomach growled with starvation. I knew this was going to happen. I knew I was going to get bullied anyway. Amy, Isabelle and Daisy each got out a bottle of water and poured it on me. The pasta rolled off of my head and landed on the floor as if a pizza had splat on the ground. The cafeteria was silent and everyone started to laugh or muttered behind my back.

"That's the new girl huh? I heard she was named after that stupid nerdy show."

"Yeah, her name is Hinata Kana."

"Hinata Kana? What kind of name is that?"

"What a stupid name? Who ever names their her like that is stupid!"

"I heard her dad named her 'Hinata.'"

"Then he's a stupid anime freak too!"

Daisy grabbed me by my shirt and punched me. the impact of her punched made me fall backwards, but I hit someone and I landed on my butt. I felt a tray of food fell on me. Daisy and her crew laughed from more, even the rest of the students. I turn my head to see the person I bumped into. My eyes widen. It was the gloomy quiet boy, Nico di Angelo. He looked at me with the same expression: No emotions.

I look away from him. I feel so ridiculous right now. I don't belong in this school or anywhere else, expect my hometown Washington. Then three boys came and wrap their hand around the three girls. It must be their boyfriends, I thought. The boy holding Amy had dark brown hair and brown eyes, the one holding Isabelle had black hair and blue eyes, and the one with Daisy had black hair and black eyes.

"She's cute," Daisy's boyfriend smirked. "but not hot enough like you, Daisy."

"So this is the runt that ran into you this morning, huh?" Amy's boyfriend asked

Daisy nodded. "Yes, Tod that's her."

"Why not we have some fun with her?" Isabelle's boyfriend requested as he punched his fist into his palm.

"Yeah, can we Dais?" Daisy's boyfriend asked

Daisy smirked. "Do what ever you want, Robbert, Mason. As long as she knows who's she's messing with."

Daisy, Isabelle, and Amy walked away, leaving me with these three boys and an emotionless boy behind me. The three men cracked their knuckles and their necks. I sighed silently to myself. I never got beaten up by boys before, but only girls. This is new to me, but I know I'm going to end up in the hospital anyway. The three boys walk a few steps up to me and I knew they were ready. The one in the middle, Mason pulled back his arm as if he was trying to get a good aim at my face. I flinch as I was to feel the pain of his punch. As Mason began to strike, all of the sudden he was slammed into the wall.

There Mason was slammed against the wall, but behind him was Nico di Angelo. There was a small anger in him and he seems to have this dark aura that made Mason's two friends move three steps back as if Nico was a threat to them. Then Nico grabbed Mason and pushed him into Robbert and Tod.

"Why you little-" Mason began to say

"If I were you, leave or I will make sure you're in your grave," Nico threaten.

Mason turned pale and ran away, so did his friends. I wasn't sure if I should either be astonished or scared. Nico turned and look at me. I gulped silently. I wasn't sure what he was going to do to me. A boy never stand up for me before. Unexpectedly he grabbed my wrist and took me out of the cafeteria. Everyone in there was silent as if they've never seen this before. My face flushed red as if I was either embaressed or just blushing in plain sight. I tried to stop him as I can, but Nico just kept on walking.

"W-W-Where a-are y-you t-taking m-me?" I asked as I stuttered.

"Taking you to the nurse's office," He replied. "You need to get a change of clothes. Food is all over you."

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I don't have anything against anime, just to let you know. I love anime with all my heart. If you look into my profile, it'll show you what kind of anime I read and watch. Also I like the name 'Hinata' anyway. Also just to tell you there will be CHB in the story, but it'll come at the almost to the very end of the story, but the characters will be there. I can tell you that Percy, Annabeth, and maybe Leo or the Stoll brothers are in there, but I don't know about the rest.