ME: Knock knock

YOU: Who's there?

ME: Boo

YOU: Boo who?

ME: It's just a joke; you don't have to cry about it.

Hey everybody, the ladies' here at Twilight Fanfic Advocacy have decided to bring to you another contest. This time it's pretty simple. Who doesn't love a good joke? Well unless it's done to you. And for the first time ever, all ratings accepted.

April first is the day of jokes and pranks. So come up with something that will knock our socks off. Your choice if it's innocent, happy, crazy, or just plain old mean or dirty. The choice is yours.


- Entries must be anonymous. Defying this rule will get your one shot booted.

- Please have your one-shot beta'd; if you're a first time writer (which we highly encourage you to enter this competition), email (tfadvocacy at yahoo dot com~ replace with the real symbols, please) us if you need help finding a beta. I'm sure we can get you someone.

- Must be 18 or older to enter.

- Word count 2000 – 10000

-No more than two entries per person. You can co lab but it will count as one.

- One-shots can be posted to your FFn page after the contest is over.

- Any parings accepted

- All ratings

Please send all entries to . In the subject line put April Fool's Day Contest

Also make sure you put your pen name and email address in the email a well.

Below is the heading that you'll need to use:







- Entries due March 17 thru April 17.

- Voting starts on April 18 thru the 25

- Winners will be announced on April 27

- There will be one public vote winner and one judges vote winner.

Both winners will receive a banner for their winning entry.

In all fairness, only one TFA Administrator will know who wrote what and will not get to vote. The rest of the admins won't know until after we have picked our winner, who wrote what. We also reserve the right to post your one shot to our blog and to keep it as part of our contest story.