Title: Foolish Games

Rating T

Characters: Edward/Bella

Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight or its characters.
Summary: What happens when the most popular girl in school decides the new girl is invading her territory? Edward hates the mean side of Rose but she is his brothers girlfriend. He's just trying to get by until he can get away from this small town and away from the drama. Bella Swan is the new girl and very shy and geeky. Everyone thinks she's not worth noticing but Rose who feels threatened by her, Angela who befriends her and Edward, who has yet to acknowledge her due to having his head in the books. Based loosely on a true story.

February 28th


"Have you guys noticed the new girl?" Rose asked as she slammed her tray down next to Emmett.

"Yeah, what's up with those glasses anyway? She's so nerdy," Emmett mumbled as he chewed his pizza.

Rose glanced at Jasper, Alice and I but we all chose to remain quiet. That's when she got an evil sneer on her face.

"We should make her feel welcome." she all but cackled like an evil witch, "What do you think Edward?

My head whipped up, this could not be good. Rose was anything but nice, especially when it came to other girls. She's beautiful but has a complex that she's not good enough and everyone's out to take Emmett away from her or anything else that she deems hers.

"Easy Rose, she's not a threat to you," I whispered.

"Chill, Edward. I'm just going to have some fun with her. No one is going to get hurt." She laughed.

"Fun?" I choked on my water.

"I promise, no one will get hurt."

"Whatever. Just leave me out of it," I said as I jumped up and gathered my things from the table. Walking off I wasnt really paying attention to where I was going and almost slammed into the girl in question.

"Watch it!" I growl

"Sorry." She mumbled so quietly I barely heard her.


I hated being the new girl. It sucked major balls. It also didn't help that I was a self proclaimed nerd and band geek. If mom hadn't insisted I spend senior year with dad I'd be in Phoenix enjoying myself. Here everyone was leery of new people, even more so of the Chief's daughter. From my understanding the last new people was the Cullens and they looked like they stepped out of a fashion were only two people in this school that were nice to me and that was Angela and her boyfriend Ben. I've been here for six months and they are the only friends I have.

I was so deep in thought that I nearly plowed into Edward Cullen. I may be a nerd but hell that didn't stop me from having a crush on the hottest guy in school.

"Watch it!" he growled.

"Sorry." I mumbled as I stepped out of the way, glancing up quickly then back down to my salad.

I swear he was still grumbling under his breath all the way to the trash cans.

"Geesh Bella, what did you do to Cullen? Did you spill your water on him or something?" asked Ben when I sat down beside Angela.

"I almost ran into him," I answered.

"Don't worry Bells, he's always that temperamental," Angela whispered as she rubbed my back.

I zoned out as I finished my lunch. I tossed my trash and headed to my locker as the bell rang. I had to hurry to calculus to hand in my extra credit. As I was fumbling with the lock on my locker I noticed a note stuck in the little vent at the top. When I tried to pull it out it fell inside my locker. Once I opened the metal door I picked it up.


I couldn't help but notice how hot you look in your glasses. Would you consider going to the April fools day dance with me?

Truly yours,

Your Secret Admirer.

P.S. Email me your answer at

I glanced both ways down the hallway but didn't see anyone so I stuffed it in my calculus book and headed on to class.

-Next Day-


"Emmett, this is such a bad idea. Someone is going to get hurt," I tried to make him see this wasn't going to end well.

"Eddie Boy, it'll be fine. Everyone will get a laugh out of it and life goes on. You'll see," He said as we walked into first period.

"Everyone but Bella," I muttered under my breath.

"What?" he asked


The bell rang as we walked through the doors. Mrs. Dodd just motioned for us to take our seats and started class.


"I don't know what to think about it, Ang. It was sticking in my locker," I said as I watched Angela read over the letter as I munched on my turkey sandwich and carrots. I was going to need my energy today. I had band practice after school and then sectional practice. I was keeping first chair no matter what it took.

"Earth to Bella. Wake up." Angela said as she waved her hand in front of my face. "Who do you think wrote it?" She asked after she had my attention.

"Sorry. I was working out my schedule for today in my head. I don't know, but I wish I knew. Should I show up? Should I email him and say he has the wrong person? What should I do?" I rushed out in a panic.

"Well, obviously he has the right person, you are the only 'Bella' in Forks High," she pointed out between bites of her pizza.

I just shrugged and gathered my things, heading to my locker as the bell rang. I noticed a big crowd around my locker as I approached. Crap, what is it now? As I got closer I noticed a balloon, teddy bear and a red rose hanging in a basket from the handle of my locker. What the hell? Everyone parted as I walked up and pulled the basket off and gathered my books and rushed off to class. Once I was seated I pulled out a piece of paper that was folded in the basket.


I hope you are having a great day. You haven't responded to my question yet. Don't leave me hanging baby.



(Secret admirer in case you forgot.)

Ugh! Now I had to carry this around until band practice. I could feel my cheeks flame as people turned to look at my basket of goodies.

When I got home later that night I fired up my laptop and typed in the email address.



Re: Your gifts

Dear S.A.

Seriously I think you have got the wrong person. I'm just quiet, shy, boring Bella. A band geek, and book worm. I practice with the band and take online college courses. Why would you want me to go to a dance with you?

Bella the Nerd

Almost instantly there was a reply.

To: Bella the Nerd

From: S.A.

Re: Re: your gifts

Bella the sexy nerd

So maybe I'm tired of the slutty cheerleader types around here. I'm ready for a breath of fresh air. Will you go?


To: S.A.

From:Bella the not so sexy Nerd.

Re: Your question

Breath of fresh air? I prefer the musty air of the library to the sweaty air of the dance floor. Have you noticed what a klutz I am? I can't even dance.

Bella the Klutz

To: Bella the sexy klutzy nerd


RE: The Dance

It only takes the right partner to be able to dance.


I left it at that and logged into my online classes. Charlie was on duty for the night so I was on my own for dinner. I finished off my bowl of cinnamon toast crunch, showered and called it a night. I laid in bed and couldn't take my mind off of this secret admirer.

This went on for three weeks, notes and gifts stuck to my locker. I had to admit the attention was starting to feel nice. I had been invisible for so long; it felt nice to be noticed. If only I could figure out whom it was. The letters never gave a clue, nor did the emails. I never caught anyone staring at me during class or lunch.

I had just finished my homework when I decided to email S.A.


From:Bella The Klutzy Nerd

Re: The Dance

I will accept your invitation to the dance.

Bella the nervous klutzy nerd

To:Bella The Nervous sexy nerd


Re: your acceptance

Great. I will pick you up at seven. Can't wait to see your costume.


I had a week to plan out the perfect costume and I knew exactly what I wanted to go as.

-March 31st-


"Dude, she's going. Rose has got the camera all ready. Are you going?" Emmett asked.

"Yeah, I'm going," I replied. Sometimes I really didn't know why I was friends with Emmett. Oh yeah, we're brothers; that's why. I can't wait until college so I can get away from him and this small ass town. He was supposed to graduate last year but failed miserably. Now he gets to walk the stage with Alice and I.

"What are you dressing up as?" he asked.

"Prince Charming," I replied with a snap.

"Dude, you really need to get laid. You're so pissy all the time," he deadpanned.

"That's not going to help me get into college pea brain."

"I wish I could see her face when she realizes that no one is waiting for her." he laughed.

"I'm telling you, Emmett, this is so wrong."

"Chill Edward, I got this."

"How are you going to get her to the dance? I mean, if you pick her up she's going to know it's you."

"Got a limo to pick her up. The driver is going to tell her that her date will meet her at the dance that he had something come up," he quickly replies.

I just stared at him.

"Then when she gets there I'll be waiting with a big old bucket of this slime stuff Rose found on the internet."

"You got a lot of money tied up in this stupid prank. You know that right?"

"That's just it. The only thing I paid for was the balloons. The roses were from mom's garden, the limo is one of Rose's friends boyfriend's dad."

"I give up. You are terrible, a total douche bag," I growled as I stalked off.

"What's your problem man?" he called after me.

"You. I may be a dick but I would never mess with someone's emotions like you and Rose are now." I yelled at him as I turned back to face him.

-Saturday April Fools Day-


I had found an incredible pale blue ball gown and a feather mask that matched perfectly at a thrift store in Port Angeles. I decided to ditch my glasses for the night and actually put in my contacts. I hated those things but couldn't wear my glasses with my mask so contacts it was. Angela helped me fix my hair into loose waves and fixed my make up so that it was light and natural looking. I finished off my outfit with my pair of white patent leather doc marten boots at least my feet would be comfortable. Ben picked Angela up at my house so that I could see how their outfits went together. Ben was a mouse and Angela was cheese. At seven sharp there was a rap on the door. Dad opened it up to find the driver of the limo standing there.

"I'm here to pick up . Her date had something come up and will meet her at the dance." the driver stated.

"Bells your ride is here." he hollered as I came around the corner.

"Bye dad. I'll see you around eleven." I said as I kissed him goodbye on the cheek.

"Put your mask on and let me take another picture of you, and don't worry Bells just come home."

"Uh...Yeah ok Dad." I replied shocked he was killing my curfew.

As I arrived at the school, I suddenly got nervous. The driver opened the door as I adjusted my mask one last time and stepped out.

"You're quite lovely tonight Miss. I hope you enjoy the dance."

"Thanks." I said as I blushed.

I headed up the stairs about to open the door when I heard noises behind me. "Is someone there?" I whispered. Noone answered so I went on inside.

Everyone turned to stare at me as I walked inside.

"Who is that?" I heard someone say. I wanted to run but I stuck it out and kept on walking.

"Hello gorgeous." Mike Newton said as he walked past me with Jessica. They were dressed as cheerleaders. Big stretch. There was a football player and several others I recognized. I noticed Ben and Angela standing off to the side so I walked over to join them.

"Hey, Bella have you found your admirer yet?"

"No not yet. I have no clue what he's dressed as." I answered as I looked around.

"He didn't pick you up?" Ben asked shocked.

"No, a limo did."

"Huh, That's odd."

I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned to find Alice Cullen and Jasper Whitlock standing behind me. They were dressed as Tinker Bell and Peter Pan.

"Wow, Bella, you look amazing." She gushed as Bryan Adams Everything I do I do it for you started playing.

"Come on Ang, I want to dance with you." Ben said as he pulled her out onto the dance floor.

I moved over to the bleachers to sit down.

"Hey Bella." I heard a voice boom out. I turned to find Emmett smiling ready to fling a bucket of slimy goo at me and his girlfriend, Rose, holding a video camera with an evil smirk on her face.

Just as Emmett slung the stuff in the bucket, someone crashed into me pushing me out of the way.

"What the hell?" I cried as my head hit the floor hard.

"Sorry I just couldn't let him do that." the body said as he stood up off of me offering me his hand.

I opened my eyes and stared into the greenest eyes that I ever had the pleasure of looking into.

"Edward man, what the hell? You ruined it." Emmett yelled at Edward.

"What?" I asked shocked as I took my hand out of Edwards.

"Nice shoes Nerd." Rose spat out

"Those notes and gifts were from Rose and Emmett. They wanted to pull this prank on you." Edward said as he turned toward me.

"A prank?" I stuttered as I felt the tears of humiliation start to fall.

"April Fool's Day, Bella." Emmett said grinning from ear to ear.

"That wasn't funny. That was downright mean." I cried as they looked back at me with smirks on their faces. I then looked to Edward who now wouldn't look at me.

The whole gym was staring now.

"You know what? Fuck you guys. Fuck you all." I said as I pulled my mask off and threw it down on the floor and running out. Thank god my shoes were comfortable because it was going to be a fun walk back home. I had been walking for a little bit when a car pulled up beside me.

"Bella, let me give you a ride. Please?" I turned and it was Edward.

"Why didn't you tell me sooner?" I asked walking.

He kept driving beside me.

"It's not like we were friends Bella."

"Then go away if we aren't friends." I snapped back at him.

"Bella, do you not realize that the only people I talk to are Jasper, and Alice. I only talk to Emmett and Rose because he is my brother and she's his girlfriend. But that doesn't mean I have to like them." He said.

"But still someone should have told me, don't you think?"

"I know, Alice and Jasper didn't know. I only knew bits and pieces of it. I was so wrapped up in trying to get all of my school work done so that I could get out of here. "

I wiped the tears away, sniffling a couple of times, and wrapped my arms around my waist trying to keep warm. It was starting to get chilly.

"Get in please? I would feel terrible if you caught cold and didn't make it home safe. Please?" He pleaded.

"What? So you can pull something over on me?" I snapped out.

"I'm not like them, Bella, I get in." He continued to plead as we inched down the street side by side.

"Oh alright." I sighed. "Only because its getting colder out."

I opened the door of his car and slid into the seat and buckling up as he rolled the window back up and turned the heat on high.

"Are you hungry?" he asked.

I just stared at him.

"Well? Are you? I'm starved. Want to join me or am I going to have to eat alone?" he asked.

"What were you supposed to be by the way?" I asked as I continued to stare at him.

"Prince charming at your service Cinderella."

"Haha you're funny. I really wasn't aiming for Cinderella... more like a fairy princess but couldn't find a tiara."

"Right." He chuckled. "You look amazing anyway. Why not wear the contacts all the time and make up too?"

I blushed a little bit. "I go to school to learn not to impress people. I mean. UGH... I don't know. I can't really answer that."

"Easy now. No worries." He said lightly as he pulled into the parking lot of the diner.

Inside the diner we found a seat in the back and chatted over burgers, fries, Dr Peppers and Cherry Cokes.

"Well, I better get you home before your chariot turns into a pumpkin." He joked as he paid the bill and walked me back to his car. I noticed his phone had rang several times while we were eating.

"Your phone had been rining quite a lot. Didn't you want to answer it?" I asked him as we got back into the car.

"Nah, it was Emmett. I'll bust him up when he gets home. I'm really sorry they were asses to you. No one deserves that."

"I'm over it. This is my house. Thank for the ride and food."

"No problem. Anytime Bella."

"You know Cullen, you're not so bad. I'll understand though if you don't talk to me at school on Monday. Goodnight." I said as I closed the door to the car. I walked inside and performed my nightly bedtime routine.

Monday rolled around and I decided to wear my contacts and boots to school. Lots of people stared as I got out of my truck I have no idea if it was from the ordeal at the dance or what.

"Hey Bella." Edward said as I passed him and Alice on my way in. I smiled shyly, waved and kept walking.

At lunch as I was eating my spaghetti a shadow fell over the table. I looked up and saw Emmett and Rose.

"Hey Bella. We're really sorry. We didn't mean to hurt you." Emmett said.

I sat there for a full minute thinking about what they said and did before I stood and faced them.

"Yes you did. You knew exactly what you were doing. You intended to make me not only feel bad but look like a fool. And you know what for a minute I did. Luckily I'm not as weak as you hoped I would be. If I was a weaker person that little stunt you guys pulled could have caused me to take my own life. How would you feel then? Huh? How would you have felt if I had gone home and committed suicide?"

"I'm really sorry Bella, I really am. Edward kept telling me it wasn't a good idea, but I didn't listen. I think I will go back to the cherry bombs in the toilets and gluing the teachers to their chairs." Emmett said sadly as he stared down at his feet.

I could tell he meant it, Rose on the other hand, I wasn't so sure about her. She looks like she could freeze hell over with her smile.

"It's ok. I'm not mad anymore, just a little upset and hurt. I'll need time to get over it." I said as I started to sit back down. Before I could I was picked up and wrapped in a massive bear hug.

"Thanks Bella." Emmett said before he released me.

"I said I wasn't mad, not that I would be your friend." I wheezed out catching my breath from the crushing hug.

Rose just grabbed him by his arm and dragged him to their table. The bell rang and I headed to my locker and found Edward leaned against it.

"Hello Cinderella.. How was your day? I assume that you got your apology." He said as I walked up.

"Yes, Prince Charming I did. Did you have anything to do with that?" I joked as I opened my locker.

"Nope. He felt bad cause he made you cry. Rose said you didn't cry hard enough."

"Shame. I'll shed a tear now for her." I quipped.

"Oh here. You left this. Alice picked it up for you." He said as he took my mask out of his backpack and handed it to me.

"Who ended up wearing the slime anyways?" I asked

"Mike and Jessica." he answered. "Calculus huh? You really are serious about school aren't you?"

"Yeah, after band practice today, I have two hours of college classes online to do."

"What's your major?"

"Medicine, but I'm just getting my basics out of the way now."

"Smart move. I should have done that." He said as he stuck his hand out in front of me waiting.

I took it and he shook it. "What?" I asked.

"We're friends now." he said as he leaned down and kissed my cheek.

"Wait, you couldn't be my friend when I wore glasses?" I asked starting to get a little mad.

"I didn't have time to. I was busy fighting Emmett over this stupid prank Rose talked him into."

"That's why you were such a prick to me?" I asked curious.

"I was pissed off at Emmett and Rose that day in the cafeteria. Well I don't want to be late for class. See ya Cinderella." he said as he walked off.

"Bella, was that Edward Cullen talking to you?" Angela asked as she came up to my locker.

"Yeah, he gave me my mask back.." I answered her.

"Sweet. Why did he kiss you on the cheek then?" she asked.

"You saw that?"

"Uh, yeah, half the student body saw it. Come on let's get to class." she said taking me by the arm and leading me to class.

Later that night as I laid in bed, thinking about the last month, I couldn't believe how one stupid prank, while it hurt, it also helped pull me out from my shell and brought me a friend. Could he be more? I don't know but right now, I'm happy calling Edward Cullen my friend.