The following is a transcript of the conversation I had with Edward during one of the dreams I had before writing this fiction.

The names and events have not been changed to protect the innocent, because let's face it; if you're reading this, you're far from innocent…

Edward: Mathisson, love, can I talk to you?

Me: Only if you talk without your shirt on.

Edward: I can do that.

Me: So strip and start talking. (Wipes drool as his shirt hits the floor)

Edward: There. Now, I was hoping you'd reconsider my request for the mob story.

Me: You already know I don't write those types of stories.

Edward: I know, and I can appreciate your creative restrictions, but what if I swore to you that you could have creative freedom?

Me: Really, you'd give me control? I always have control; I am the one with the keyboard after all.

Edward: Now, love, we both know I've changed your mind many times when it comes to your writing.

Me: (blinks eyes) I so hate when you're right.

Edward: (leans forward, green eyes boring through me) So, you'll do it for me then? (voice is simply too sexy to say no to)

Me: Ugh…yes. Fine, I'll do it, BUT…!

Edward: Butt? I have one, and quite a nice one I'm told. Want to see for yourself?

Me: Not if you want this thing written.

Edward: Fine…you're no fun you know.

Me: Before you get too excited, I have some conditions if you want me to be the one to write this that you may not like.

Edward: Alright, let me hear them.

Me: First, no illegal drug use.

Edward: How about just a quick reference?

Me: Hmm? You may be right. Okay, just a little.

Edward: Is that it?

Me: Yeah, you wish.

Edward: Continue.

Me: No cheating on Bella.

Edward: I refuse to do that; I love her too much after all.

Me: Jacob can't be your enemy. (This will get him; Jacob is always an enemy in my stories)

Edward: Fine, but I get to give him a hideous name; after all, this is a mob story.

Me: Fine. You also have to be Irish in this one, and it'll be in Bella's point of view.

Edward: Fine, but we need to make things interesting.

Me: How?

Edward: (feet up on the table, hands behind his head.) Well, here's how I see it…

So yes, this is my new fiction. As you've heard, I don't write mob stories. But this one has kept creeping into my dreams. I told my beta, Dollybigmomma, about it and she advised me to let the story write itself. So here it is. Let me know what you think…


By Mathisson

Chapter 1

In each and every one of our lives, we all come in contact with memorable people at some point. For some, it's a simple smile paired with brief but penetrating eye contact, while for others it's slightly longer and more intense as with the handsome cashier at the corner grocery. A select few actually change who we are. This is my story and how one man changed everything about my life and those around me.

I guess you're wondering who the hell I am. That's actually the easiest part of my entire story. My name is Isabella Swan. My friends and family call me Bella. Well, that's not entirely true, but that'll come later. It all started one night while I was doing what most of us do every day, my job. I can still remember nearly every detail of what happened that night…

I had been working at Save the Date, one of the most successful catering companies in Chicago. The owner and my good friend, Charlotte, had entrusted me with this particular event. The guest list was long at over four hundred, and yet very distinguished, as the amount of security onsite proved. The Hale-McCarthy wedding was said to be the event of the year. Charlotte had hired additional servers a month ago and had spent that time training and grooming them to the bride's specifications. For this particular wedding, all of the staff had to undergo an extensive background check. Tonight, I was calling the shots. I had just finished my preliminary meeting with the entire staff of one-hundred-twenty. Yes, that was correct. The bride's family wanted their guests to be served in a quick and flawless fashion. All of the bartenders had to be male and wear all black. All of the servers were female and had to wear black pencil skirts and peacock blue halter tops to match the bride's colors. I was at least able to wear a black blazer over mine.

The bride's family, the Hales, were from New York and I was told they were from 'old money'. The groom's family, on the other hand, came from Ireland. I wasn't certain how you came to a new country and suddenly had money. But it wasn't my place to question. It was my place to make sure both families stayed happy.

I noticed my sister, Angela, was talking with a very attractive man that had arrived with the bridal party. I motioned for her to get back to work and the handsome man kissed her cheek and then squeezed her hand. I would have to ask her about him later. My sister didn't have the best track record with men.

Angela and I were twins and we were also of Irish descent. Our other sister, Victoria, was two years older than us. Angela had met her ex, Mike Newton, her senior year in college. He was nice in the beginning. He took her to nice restaurants and bought her pretty things. All of that changed the day she gave birth to his daughter, Abigail. Abigail was four now and seriously the most beautiful little girl on the planet. Her daddy on the other hand, was a scumbag.

Victoria wasn't any luckier in love. Her long-time boyfriend, Jimmy, well, he got her mixed up in some pretty heavy shit. And then he got her killed.

Angela and I lived together in a tiny two bedroom house. It took the two of us to take care of Abigail, as she sure as hell couldn't count on Mike to help her out. Angela had taken him to court and had proven paternity and yet he still refused to pay his child support. Like I said, he was a scumbag.

Dinner had been served and the cake had been cut. Now it was time to stand around and watch people get drunk and be happy.

Looking back, I should have questioned the people in that room. I should have listened to just a few conversations. Instead, I watched my staff and made certain people were having a good time.

It was just after ten o'clock that night when one of my bartenders alerted me to a situation. Apparently, a couple was in a heated argument outside of the restrooms. This was one of the many things I was good at, breaking up fights.

I smiled at the many people that were still present on my way to deal with the problem. Once I got there, I nearly turned around and left. Standing with his back to me was none other than Mike Newton. He was currently in a heated conversation with a very pretty girl. As I stood there and watched briefly, the girl slapped him across the face. For a tenth of a second, I thought about getting her a drink for that. I smiled to myself as I crossed the room toward the couple.

"Excuse me."

Mike turned his entire body in my direction. The look on his face was one of pure rage. I decided to direct my attention to the girl as she appeared to have complete control at the moment. The look on her face was rage at first, or so I thought. A closer look showed a large amount of white powder caked at the outer septum of her nose…cocaine.

My dad had always told me to expect the unexpected when it came to people who were under the influence. He told me of a guy who once actually broke out of handcuffs because he was high on LSD. Yes, my dad was a cop, a detective, actually.

"Yes, hello, nice dress by the way, I absolutely love that shade of blue."

Make the situation about her, check.

"Oh, um…"

Distracted, check.

"Listen, I can't agree with you more that this piece of shit deserves to be hit a hell of a lot harder than what you just did. However…"

"Fucking butt out, Bella!" Mike spat from my left.

I turned my attention to him. "Really, fuck-nuts, you want me to get her a set of boxing gloves or save you a trip to the E-R?"

"Fuck you, bitch."

"No, fuck you, you son of a bitch!" the blonde interrupted, yelling at Mike.

Gotta get control, Swan...

"Hey, thank you…" I motioned for her to tell me her name.

"Jessica, Jessica Stanley."

I held my hand out to shake hers. "Hello, Jessica, pleasure to meet you, Bella Swan." I made a move to wedge my body between theirs. "As I was saying before we were so rudely interrupted by pencil dick here," I motioned behind me. Jessica began to giggle; ladies and gentlemen, situation diffused. "I think you can do so much better, and I think you might want to go back into the restroom and remove some of your face powder you must have missed when you freshened up your makeup," I motioned to her nose.

Without a second thought, she turned on her heel and walked right back into the restroom. Now I had to deal with Mike…then take a bleach bath.

I turned around, ready to lay into him, when I noticed a group of men behind him making their way down the hall in our direction. The five men walked with authority in a 'V' formation, like mallard ducks heading south for the winter. Without saying a single word, people were moving out of their way, clearing a path for them to pass through with ease.

Mike hadn't realized that my eyes had left his and were fixed on the man in the lead position. He was tall, well over six feet. His black tux looked like it was made just for him and I was not surprised by this, as most of the men in attendance tonight had that same appearance. This man, however, was different; the fit was due to more than just a great tailor. He had a certain air about him. His face was absolute perfection, like a model straight off the runway. I couldn't decide if his hair was brown or dark red, but that was not what had me nearly speechless. It was his eyes. They were a shade of green that I couldn't ever remember seeing.

"Goddamn it, Bella…"

Great, dick face just had to interrupt my eye fucking…

"I can't fucking believe you're still fucking up my life. That girl you just pissed off was my pussy for the night!"

Before I could respond, a very husky voice interrupted. "Is there a problem here, Fig?"

What surprised me more than the sultry voice was how quickly Mike managed to turn around to face him.

"Oh, hey, boss…no-no problem here."

Suddenly, Mike was all smiles, and then he placed his arm around my shoulders.

"That's not how I see it, Fig."


"Oh…this is a friend of mine's sister. We were just catching up."

I noticed the men behind him were listening intently to everything he said. Disgusted, I managed to remove Mike's arm and moved away from him a few steps, glaring at him. This didn't go unnoticed by Mike's boss. Boss?

Mike hadn't paid Angela any child support in all these years. If this was his boss, then maybe I could find out where he was working. I had no problem with helping Angela file a garnishment on his paycheck.

"I'm sorry to interrupt, but did I hear correctly that Mike works for you, Sir?"

I looked directly into his amazing green eyes. His chiseled jaw was a little distracting, but getting Abigail some much-needed financial help was very grounding.

Green eyes looked between me and Mike, almost in confusion, however somewhat annoyed. I then turned to look at Mike; he appeared to be white as a ghost. Something just wasn't right.

"Fig…perhaps you should talk to Legs about your position."

I turned back to green eyes in time to catch his eyes scanning me from head to toe. I watched as his tongue came out and covered his top lip, sucking it behind his teeth. With a chuckle and an arch of his eyebrow, his eyes met mine.

"Boss…" one of the guys behind green eyes spoke at his side. Green eyes turned to look at the man, who in turn leaned in close and began to whisper to green eyes.

"Fig, I'll see you first thing," he said to Mike without making eye contact. "Ms. Swan, this was the best party I've attended this year. I'm told you're responsible?"

I was shocked because I had no idea how he knew my name. I decide to quit acting like a mute.

"I have a great staff, it was a team effort," I smiled and folded my hands in front of me, always remaining professional.

"Yes, well, you managed to save poor Jessica from Fig."

Everything I had ever been taught told me that I had to maintain a courteous and professional manner. I prided myself that I had always done that when representing Save the Date. So the words that fell from my mouth next should have remained unsaid…

"Oh, well, Mike told me he had plans for Jessica tonight. However, he still has his hand to help himself out later."

Green eyes began to chuckle and then all five men behind him joined him.

"Legs, I like how you work." With that he walked past me, taking his entourage with him.

I was so shocked…who the fuck was legs?

"Fuck!" Mike spouted as he dragged his hand through his hair.

I was so confused right now. I had no idea what the hell had just happened. The only person standing here with any possible answers was known for fucking people over.

"Mike, what the fuck just happened?"

Mike now looked pissed. He was mumbling under his breath and I couldn't understand a word he was saying.

"I could slit your fucking throat for what you just did!" Mike hissed, now less than an inch from my face. I opened my mouth to say something back when Riley, one of my bartenders, interceded.

"Bella, you okay?"

Was I? I was confused as hell. Before I could even answer, Mike was back-peddling.

"Hey, man, I was just telling Bella here goodnight."

Riley was a big guy, almost as big as green eyes. He was one of the extra staff Charlotte had hired for this event. If I didn't know better, I would have sworn Mike knew him, and more than that, he was scared shitless of him.

"Is that true, Bella?"

I took advantage of Riley standing here. Mike was clearly about to piss himself. I was going to get some answers.

"Mike, who the hell was that and who the fuck is legs?"

Mike gave Riley a wide-eyed look and then turned and ran out the door as if he was on fire, leaving me still confused and my questions hanging unanswered.

Riley very gently placed his hand on my arm and began leading me back into the ballroom. I hadn't realized I had been out in the hall so long, as most of the guests had already left. I noticed the staff had already begun to break down tables. Angela was sitting at the end of the bar and the smile on her face was real. I hadn't seen a real smile on her face that wasn't because of Abigail in years. Sitting next to her was the dark-haired man from earlier. She was looking at him as if he was the only person in the room. Just like green eyes, his suit was tailored and he held himself with confidence. His smile was almost as big as hers.

"Bella, let me buy you a drink and we can have ourselves a little chat."

At this point, I was too tired to argue.

Riley handed me a cold beer and then leaned his entire body toward me.

"Alright, Riley, start talking. What the fuck just happened?"

"That, my fair Bella, was Edward Cullen. He's a close friend of the bride and groom's families."

I took a long pull of my beer. Okay, so he was a guest; that was obvious. What was with the personal bodyguards, though?

"Riley, spill," I said, my voice clearly conveying my agitation.

"Edward Cullen is someone you want on your side. He has a lot of influence in what goes on in this town. He isn't someone you want as an enemy."

Another part of my job was being able to read people, and I could tell Riley knew a shit-ton more than he was letting on. He was choosing to give me the cliff notes on green eyes, aka Edward Cullen. I also knew when to cut my losses. If this Edward guy was so influential in this town, then someone else would certainly know him.

"Alright, then who the fuck is Legs?

Riley moved in closer and spoke in hushed tones. "When Edward likes someone, he gives them a name that he'll remember. You, my fair lady, made quite an impression. You're Legs."

I sat at the bar and continued to sip my beer. The room had been cleared and all of the staff had been paid and escorted out. Angela had finally said goodnight and was being escorted home by the dark-haired man. His name was actually Ben and he was an accountant. He offered to take me home as well, but I politely declined. I would tell Angela in the morning that Mike was working for Edward Cullen.

It was late when I finally got everything wrapped up and went to the restroom to change my clothes. I hated being in my uniform one second longer than I absolutely had to. With my Nikes laced up, I made my way to my car parked in the parking lot. George, the night security guard, walked with me and made certain my car started. I waved goodbye and turned left onto the street.

My mind must have still been on the evening, as I didn't notice the black sedan that followed me home.

A/N So there you have it. Let me know if I have truly lost my mind or if you really liked it.

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