When I wrote my first story over five years ago, I did it to share with all of you, my favorite pastime. Over the years, I have watched this Fandom change from a place to be inspired and socialize, to a place where a select group of self elected people policed the fiction we all loved. I have wavered every storm these self licking ice-cream cones have tosses at me. I have grown thicker skin when certain people began tossing stones at the parts they didn't care for or felt I should have written differently. However when the host site chose to do nothing when a malicious company came in, copied every single story in every genre and sold those stolen works of fiction for profit.

Ive set back and accepted criticism, cursing at my ability to write, pot shots at my personal battles. However I refuse to allow unpunished theviery to continue. While I am angry and ready to allow my inner Southern girl to come out swinging, I know the real victims in all of this are the dedicated readers who wait with baited breath for every update, devouring every sentence with glee and anticipation.

So after many hours of soul searching, web scanning and speaking with one of my closest friends, I made a decision. I started a blog.

Effective immediately, I am shifting my posting to my personal blog and TWCS, a site which seems to give two shits about its authors. Now I know many of you will worry how you will receive notice of an update, and trust me Ive worried about this as well...until. Well why not use Fanfiction just as much as they have used me? So each time I have an update, I will post a note much like this to let you know to head over to my blog and have yourself a safe reading environment.

Come find me at Mathissonlive over at wordpress Or stop by my Facebook page where Ill leave a link to get to the blog. The twisted mind of Mathisson

(remove the dots) you will find ALL of my complete and WIPs