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How do you tell the man you love that the child your carrying might not be his? That a wild fling in London could result in a child, very much wanted but somehow unwanted because of the circumstances and her own stupidity, wondering if this would be the moment she completely threw away her marriage, that a yearlong separation meant nothing and even the custody battle they had waged over their youngest daughter which had brought them together would now be for nothing. Her one thought every night since the doctor confirming her pregnancy was a question of how to explain her fear to Jonathan without sending him over the edge, could she lose him again? She knew that she was the all power, I am- woman -unstoppable Mama but that was before, when it came down to what was necessary to provide for her girls when Jonathan refused to but now things had changed, they had agreed that the past was over and now was the time to move forward. To start over fresh and make a new life for them

But now she was filled with so much doubt and uncertainty, she wondered what he would say, the hurt look in his brown eyes. If he would turn away from her in disgust, finally take the girls away because she was an adulterous bitch, She would slink back to London and raise this baby alone, always wondering if maybe she should have terminated and then gotten pregnant with his baby. Then again this could be his baby

So many thoughts overcrowding her mind and when he made love to her, she couldn't even be in the moment with him, she wanted to stop him to tell him that although she had loved him deeply and couldn't imagine her life without him, she'd made a mistake.

Especially when he would talk about the baby, how it would be great to have a son to carry on his legacy and how he would take all three kids to the baseball game, camping in the sierra nevadas, giving the kids skiing lessons in Aspen, creating all sorts of plans and not understanding when her face would drop in sadness, he chalked it up to hormones and the stress of adding a third baby to the ones they already had, He did everything he could to support her, from cutting back on his hours at work to taking the girls out to the playground after work and making sure that he was at home every weekend to just support her.

But she couldn't join in his excitement, her constant worrying was affecting the girls as well, Bailey refused to eat unless he was in the room and Emma screamed until Jonathan came home, many days Jennifer would sob in the pantry.

And asking herself whether this was really worth it.

Another one of her biggest fears was that at the doctor's visits when they would mention her due date and the date of conception, it would come out that maybe the baby wasn't his and every sonogram made it harder as the peanut grow and Jonathan's excitement grew.

She had once asked the doctor about a paternity test but after seeing the look of horror on the doctor's face as if a pregnant woman should do that, she muttered that she was doing research for an article and plastered a fake smile on her face.

Every day she thought of ways to tell him, to work up some sort of nerve but always backed out, in the beginning she had hoped that maybe and god help her, that she would miscarry taking away her anxiety but the first few months passed and being in her second trimester, she knew that the time would come when she would have to confess.

After a harried day with the girls, she put them to bed before Jonathan came home, having decided she would talk to him about her fears over a romantic dinner, he surely would understand.

She prepared his favorite food, fried chicken with mashed potatoes and corn, setting the table carefully every detail would be perfect.

She'd put Bree Van De Camp to Shame

And then the waiting game began, he was supposed to come at 6 like he usually did but soon it become nearly 10 and he still hadn't shown up, when she called his office, his secretary answered and told her that He'd just left the office moments ago

She gave up at that point, threw out their cold dinner and went to bed.

She'd just fallen asleep reading a book on being pregnant and how one woman coped with five babies under the age of three when he came in

"Jonathan," She struggled to open her eyes, she hadn't realized how exhausted she was

"Sorry Darling, I know I'm incredibly late," He kissed her nose

"What happened?"

"a Kingsford motor deal just collapsed at the last minute and I had to step in to fix it,"

"You couldn't have called?" she felt the bed sag when he sat down

"There was no time, as it is I'm going to have to go to London for a week or so"

"What?" She was fully awake now

"I'm sorry Darling,"

"You can't, I need your help," She sat up

"Darling, I have to, besides you'll be alright here and doesn't Stella come two afternoons a week?" he was referring to the high school kid she had hired as a mother's assistant but that was only on a tri- weekly basis and only when it was absolutely necessary.

"Please Jonathan, Don't go I need your help" She was scared, she'd never been pregnant before with two toddlers to constantly be after, there were afternoons that when he walked through the door, she practically threw the girls at him and went to soak in the tub

"It'll be alright, " He reached over and took her hand, "The week will go by super-fast and then we can start set up the nursery for the baby, have you thought of any names yet?"

"Chase for a boy and I'm debating between Ava and Aaliyah ," She said quietly

"I like Landon for a boy but I'm not too sure about Aaliyah, What about Grace?"

"Maybe, about the baby" it was now or never

"Darling, I know! What if I took one of the girls with me to London," He snapped his fingers like he always did when he had a brilliant ide

"No way, if you take one of them , whose is going to watch them because my darling, they are moving machines every second and they move like lightening ," She smiled at his idea but knew he wouldn't have a prayer in hell in keeping up with either of them "I'll figure something out, just go onto London and finish the deal quick so you can come back to us,"

"Are you alright?" He knew she was stressed about taking care of the girls and now with this new baby but lately it seemed that she was pulling away from him and some days when he came home, he noticed her red eyes as if she'd been crying

"Just tired," She sank lower into the bed and realized that this was not the time to be telling him when he was stressed about his deal, when he came back, definitely.

She hoped.

Like any good corporate wife, she packed his suitcase carefully, making sure he had enough clean shirts and his favorite travel kit, drove him to the airport with the kids and when it was time for him to board the plane, kissed him for all that he was.

"Hey don't worry, it'll be great and on the flight over, I'll think of baby names," He whispered in her ear over the chopper blades

She nodded and tears began running down her face

"Here's looking at you, Kid" He knew she loved his Bogart and kissed away her tears.

"I love you," She whispered back and stepped back to where the girls were sitting on the chairs "Say Bye to Daddy"

"Bye Daddy!" Emma yelled cheerfully

"Bye Bye" Bailey waved

"Be good for your Mommy and Daddy will bring you home surprises" He kissed both their heads and went to give his ticket to the Stewardess

"Mommy, Where Daddy going?" Emma asked noticing he wasn't leaving with them

"He's going on a trip but he'll be back soon, I promise," She picked up Bailey and Held out her hand to Emma who liked to walk on her own instead of being picked up which she knew wasn't easy for Mommy to do anymore

The week crawled by so slowly, she tried to cram as much fun as she could for the girls, taking them to the zoo, aquarium, play-land at least a dozen times and when she took them to the cottage at the beach, they went out of their minds, they loved running around in the sand and playing in the cold ocean but even she had to admit, she couldn't enjoy it as much because she knew that Jonathan would be back soon and that she would have to confess her fears, she wished she could talk to her best friend but She'd run off to Europe soon after Emma had been born with a painter and there was no way of finding her.

Every Night Jonathan would call her and tell her excitedly that the deal was being negotiated and that he was one step closer to coming home to her, he'd also met this wonderful Journalist who was interested in writing a book on Hart Industries and that this man was interested in seeing the day to day operations of the company.

She smiled and said it was a wonderful idea, that this could be the PR he wanted and could spin himself and Jonathan agreed but that he didn't feel right about putting his new friend up in the corporate apartments ..would a house guest add to her stress?

She'd tried to get him to change his mind, that the guest house wasn't nearly as nice as the corporate apartments but he'd insisted that this would be great because it would add another angle to the book, the father and the husband that he would be seen as more than just the millionaire, that he had it all and the fact that he had a trophy wife and beautiful daughters just made the icing on the cake even more special

At that point, she knew she'd lost the argument and said she'd make sure the guest house was set up. She cleaned it while the girls played and wondered who the journalist was , it could be anyone, she knew quite a bit of them but he hadn't given her a name figuring she wouldn't recognize it.

They came home while Jennifer was upstairs giving the girls their baths

"Darling!" Jonathan called up the stairs

"In the Bathroom, be right down!" She finished wiping the soap out of Bailey hair and eyes, Emma had been pulled out of the tub moments earlier and was wrapped in a towel signing to herself " Daddy's home!"

"Yayy!" Emma was so excited she dropped her towel and ran naked down the stairs to greet him "Hi Daddy!"

"Hello Miss Godiva!" Jonathan was happy to see her but was surprised when she came barreling down the stairs and into his expensive suit wet and naked

"Miss Emma, you need to get dressed please we have company," Jennifer said carrying Bailey down the stairs and nearly dropped her daughter on the landing when she saw the man standing next to her husband daughter "Oh my god Eli!"

"Hello Jennifer,"