A/N: Yes, yet another story! This started off as an alternative idea for my Lungbarrow series, but I decided to make it into a different story. This story bears no connections to my other 'Pete's World' series (Lungbarrow or otherwise) although some names and people may appear in both stories. Also, the Doctor in this is the Time Lord 10th Doctor as, instead of a clone Doctor, Donna created the fully Time Lord 11th Doctor, who stayed in the other Universe travelling with Donna, Amy and Rory in my own little fantasy world.

There is an ancient Gallifreyan Legend that speaks of a family with Supreme powers. It is said that they were as- if not more- powerful than the Time Lords themselves, and could hold the whole of time in their hands, its golden fire merely warming them and never burning. In a fit of rage, Rassilon banished them from the planet and forced them to seek refuge among the stars. Their powers grew stronger throughout their years exiled from Gallifrey, growing stronger as they were passed down each generation, and it is said that their descendants became so powerful that they are immortal. They can possess time and choose who can live and who can die. They tamed these powers, but they still reveal these powers when they become vengeful. They are to be feared throughout the Universe; they come with a storm and it is impossible to tell who the descendants of this family are. They are only known, in the legend, as one thing. The Immortals.


Fifteen year old Tony Tyler straightened his tie in the mirror before sighing and heading out the front door, shutting it on his way out. Making sure it was firmly locked behind him; he then hurried down the gravel path of the Tyler Mansion, stopping beside his older sister and her husband. Like Tony, the Doctor was fiddling with his tie and straightening the cuffs of his black suit. Tony suppressed a smirk, knowing his brother-in-law hated his black suit, and was only wearing it because of the occasion, like the clothes Tony and Rose were currently wearing. While Tony was also wearing a smart black suit and shoes, Rose was wearing a simple black dress- that, according to Rose at least, really wasn't her colour- and black high heels, a far cry from the black trousers and smart t-shirt she wore when working at Torchwood. The Doctor was glancing nervously at the sleek black car awaiting them, but Tony tried to ignore him; Rose had always explained to him that, if the Doctor was nervous, it was for good reason. However, Tony had known the Time Lord for twelve years now, and had never seen him as nervous as this. It worried the fifteen year old, because Doctor Theta Lungbarrow didn't do nervousness. He was always so confident and chatty, and, as much as Tony complained about it, he needed him to be like that now.

"You ok?" the Doctor asked his brother-in-law quietly, his hand still clasping Rose's reassuringly.

Tony merely stared at his brother-in-law, unsure whether to be amused or angry at such a ridiculous question at a time like this.

The Doctor seemed to realise this too, because he grimaced and said "Sorry, bit of a daft question, wasn't it? I mean, of course you're not alright..."

As the Doctor continued to babble, Tony fought down the hot tears he felt prickling behind his eyes, although he let out a watery laugh when Rose hit her husband in the chest, soundly shutting him up.

"Sorry." The Doctor mumbled apologetically.

Tony gave a swift nod before gesturing to the car.

"I guess we'd better get in? The chauffer looks a bit annoyed with us." Tony pointed out.

"Let him be annoyed. If you need a few more minutes then he'll have to bloody well wait!" Rose replied, shooting a glare at the driver, who recoiled.

"I'm fine. Well, as fine as I'm gonna be." Tony insisted.

Rose sighed before dropping her husband's hand and tugging her brother into her arms. He didn't resist, instead, Tony hugged her back tight, trying not to cry. It pained Rose to see her little (not so little any more, a voice in the back of her head chided, he's nearly six foot tall) brother in tears and she really wished that they didn't have to do this, but he needed closure and she wasn't going to deny him that. After a few long moments, the siblings pulled away from each other, both wiping their damp eyes. The Doctor hovered nervously in the background, scuffing his black shoes- not converses; he knew there was no way Rose would let him wear his converses- in the gravel.

"We'd better get going then, eh?" Rose suggested tearfully, forcing herself to smile.

The three of them piled into the back of the car and it finally pulled out of the drive, following the two hearses.


Rose and the Doctor kept glancing worriedly at Tony throughout the funeral service; unlike his older sister, Tony seemed eerily calm despite the fact they were cremating both his parents, but Rose knew him well enough to see that he was desperately trying to come to terms with what was happening around him. Once the service was over, they were led through a corridor to a garden, where all their flowers had been placed. Still, Tony didn't cry, but it was now only a matter of time when the shock wore off and it finally hit him. Of course, they had to stand and wait for all the other funeral attendants to filter past, each person wishing to give their condolences to them. It seemed to take forever- people just kept on coming; family members, Torchwood employees (Rose really had to wonder whether there was actually anyone at Torchwood today, because seriously, they all seemed to be at the damned funeral) and even the President. Rose swore, if she heard one more "it's such a tragic loss", "they'll be missed greatly" or "your parents were wonderful people. They didn't deserve to die" one more time, she was going to throttle someone. She understood that people meant it, she really did, but the comments were so unoriginal and depressing that Rose was running out of replies. However, they had eventually thanked everyone and they left to make their way to the wake.


Once the wake was over, the Doctor, Rose and Tony were finally able to head home. They were extremely grateful that the President had allowed the party to be held at his large mansion, as it meant that the Doctor, Tony and Rose were able to go home and just relax. They thanked the President's personal chauffer for dropping them home and hurried inside. Rose was intending to talk to Tony before he got the chance to run off and hide, but by the time Rose had taken her high heels off, Tony had fled to his bedroom. Sighing, Rose headed upstairs to get changed.


"Rose?" the Doctor whispered.

Rose groaned in response, opening one eye to glare at her husband.

"What?" she snapped tiredly.

"I think your brother's ready to talk." The Doctor replied quietly.

"What?" Rose asked "It's..." she rolled over to check her alarm clock before turning back to look at the Doctor "two thirty am. What makes you think...?"

She broke off as the Doctor pressed a finger against her lips and whispered "Listen".

Rose did listen. There was nothing.

"I don't hear...Oh." she trailed off as she heard crying.

Quickly, Rose sat up, slipping out from underneath the warm duvet and hurried out the bedroom. As the crying persisted, Rose sped up, virtually running down the corridor until she reached Tony's room. Pushing the door open, her eyes scanned the room, skimming over his bean bags, desk and sofa before settling on the sturdy wooden ladder that led to the floor with Tony's bed. Unable to see him due to the half-wall that shielded his bed from view, Rose began to climb the ladder, silently cursing her father for giving Tony the split-level bedroom.

"Tony?" Rose called out softly once she reached the top of the ladder.

She heard her brother's breath quicken and saw him jump in the dim light.

"Rose?" he asked cautiously.

"Yeah." Rose replied softly, before adding "Could you put the light on? It's a bit too dark for us to have a proper chat."

Suddenly, the bedroom area was flooded with light as Tony switched on a bedside light. Rose could see that his eyes were red and swollen, and he'd clearly been crying for a while. Scrambling up onto the floor, Rose hurried to her brother's side and enveloped him in a big hug.

"They're not coming back, are they?" he asked tearfully as Rose rocked him.

Rose could feel that she was crying now, as well.

"No, sweetheart. They're not." Rose whispered.

And, as the two siblings held each other, they didn't realise that everything was only just beginning...

A/N 2: So, yeah...Writing the funeral scenes almost killed me, but I will start on the actual plot in the next chapter :)