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It's bigger, it's badder, it's back!

The second installment of the Darkest Legacy Trilogy is here for all KP and Team Go fan's enjoyment!

53 Years Ago

The infinite mysteries of the universe beheld many wonders in its continual expansion, throughout history the world of man gazed at the stars through their telescopes and launched deep space satellites into the known universe in the hopes of learning its secrets. What sights humanity had yet to discover fuelled the imaginations of scholars and philosopher's, theorising the billions of exotic worlds, lifeforms and phenomena to be discovered by mankind. In the small amount of the universe explored, humanity discovered new stars, planets, nebulas, comets, asteroids, sigularities and other unending wonders of all of creation.

Passing through the Sol solar system, a rainbow colored comet hurtled through the harsh absolute zero of space, leaving a long trail of multi-colored particles in its wake. The thousand year journey through space was nearly at an end when the gravitational pull of a local blue and green planet affected it's trajectory, pulling it in closer towards it's atmosphere. Upon hitting the protective ozone layer, a blast of searing white heat engulfed the comet as it tore through the sky.


Somewhere in the Nevada Desert

A convoy of Jeeps drove through the quiet county roads, passing through land owned by industrialist Charles DeMontford, owner of DeMontford Technologies. The driver sat at the front, listening to the oldies on the radio station and humming along, while three bodyguards under DeMontford's pay sat in the back with the man himself. Being a owner of a powerful company, you tended to need a private army to keep you safe, especially if the technology being developed was of great importance.

Wearing a smart grey suit and reading a issue of The New York Times, the young man slicked brown hair and a handsome demeanor, living a bachelor lifestyle when he had the time to get away from the hectic workload. Currently he was on his way through land that was used to test new technology for operatives for the newly formed Global Justice, his closest friend William Director was second in command of the organisation, who would be arriving in a few days time to test out the new gadgets designed for field agents. One of the inventions that was still in it's prototype stage was a weaponised watch, designed to take the enemy off guard.

A thundering boom filled the skies and DeMontford glanced out the window of the Jeep, taking interest at the sight he saw in the night sky.

A blazing, rainbow colored comet hurtled down towards them, causing the driver to stop the vehicle in panic. The vehicle started to shake from the displacement of air, getting more violent as the comet got closer, causing the rest of the convoy to halt.

"What the..." DeMontford began, only for the roar to get louder before the comet slammed into the ground, two hundred metres from where they were. The explosion shook the Jeeps, shattering the glass and allowing dirt to get inside as they overturned from the shockwave of Earth which slammed into them, the screech of metal tearing as the cars flipped over before finally stopping.

DeMontford coughed violently from the cloud of dirt in the air, crawling out of the Jeep and surveying the damage. Several of his personal guard were helping other's out while several stood still, staring at the glow rock in the large crater not-to-far from them. Snapping his finger's impatiently DeMontford caught the slacker's attention.

"You guy's, take a geiger counter out and check that thing out," DeMontford snapped. "Found out if that thing is radioactive."

A group of four men nodded and began taking the equipment out of the Jeep. DeMontford made sure his men were well equiped for the unexpected, in case they encountered anything hazardous.

"Planning on using it for something?" One of his grunts asked, getting a chuckle from DeMontford.

"No, I think it might make a good addition to my private museam actually," DeMontford said, looking at the fallen comet. "I'm mean, just look at that thing."

Already the surrounding glow danced in the flames while the four men moved cautiously towards it.

Never seen something like that glow before, DeMontford thought. Magnificent, just magnificent.

The men checked the geiger readings and shook their head, amazed that the glow didn't give off any lethal radiation. As they turned to head back, the glow intensified and the energy suddenly shot out, balls of blue, purple, green and red energy slamming into each of the men and engulfing them in a aura. Screaming in agony, they collapsed to the ground while DeMontford was ushered to safety by his guard, watching in a mix of terror and interest as the men stopped moving, the energy heading back into the comet.

"What the hell was that?" One of the guards yelled, terror in his voice.

DeMontford broke free from the grip of his guards and ran to check on the fallen men, one of his bodyguards running past him to check on them first, placing his employer's safety first in case of more hazards. Looking at the comet, DeMontford saw the glow seemed to be weaker than before, fluctuating crazily in the flames. The guard felt for a pulse on all the fallen men, shaking his head with a heavy sigh.

"They're dead, sir," The man sighed. "Guess that stuff was too...WATCH OUT!"

Scrambling back from the comet, they gasped in surprise as a shimmering, transparent distortion left the comet, darting about in all directions.

"HIT THE DIRT!" The man yelled, crouching and evading the distortion as it flew past him. DeMontford tried to evade but stumbled on a loose rock, waving his arms frantically to fight for balance, unwittingly making himself a target. A searing pain slammed into him, thousands of images flashing before his eyes as he hit the ground, terror taking hold of him as he struggled to breath. Seeing what appeared to be his life flashing before his eyes, DeMontford struggled with every ounce of strength to continue living as the darkness of falling into unconciousness consumed him.







DeMontford Tower, Go City, Present Day

"Simulation loading," A female voice said, coming out of the speakers in the large training room of the building. "Team Go capture record remains at 26.27 seconds. Previous record at 27.11 seconds."

The room began shifting as holographic shapes began to form, creating the interior of the Go Tower. Reven stood in the centre of the room with several mercenaries armed with stun rifles, watching as the holographic scenery of Go Tower finished forming as the five members of Team Go began to surround the mercenaries and their cybertronic leader. The machine was slim looking, like an gymnastic's athlete but the body had flexible coal colored metal plating, the faceplate was completely blank and smooth. No eyes, no nose, no mouth and no ears visible on the exterior made the mercenaries who worked with Reven feel terrified, wondering if such a cold hearted warrior did have a face then they wouldn't want to know what it looked like.

Some of the mercenaries didn't think Reven was human at all, just a prototype combat machine that seemed human but the truth behind the cybernetic mercenary was shrouded in secrecy.

All they knew was it was called Reven, always had been for the years they trained with it, all the numerous modifications and upgrades it received that changed its appearance over time. But one thing always remained the same. The evil inside it.

A rapid beeping filled the air as the countdown for the training simulation began to start.

"Simulation comence."

The mercenaries began to open fire at the Team Go holograms, each shot missing while Reven calculated the first target, heading towards the Hego hologram. As two mercenaries were thrown to the ground by Holo-Hego, Reven leapt high into the air and avoided Holo-Hego's attempt to catch the machanised warrior in mid air, slamming a electrified palm into his back as Reven landed cat-like behind him. The Hego hologram exploded into tiny holo-data fragments but Reven was already on the move, finding that the simulated Wego's duplicated and calculated the original's positions with haste, tagging them with energised hands and watching the Holo-Wego duplicates explode into similar fragments. The mercenaries stopped to look as Reven continued it's graceful attack, taking Holo-Mego down with ease before duelling the Shego hologram.

Avoiding the simulated plasma throws, Reven energised it's hands again before leaping into a springing cartwheel and bringing a talon like hand in a slashing motion across Holo-Shego's cheek, watching as the hologram screamed in simulated agony before Reven's right fore-arm morphed into an energy rifle barrel, swiftly blasting an electrified bolt into the holograms chest. Reven couldn't help but watch in enjoyment when the Holo-Shego exploded into millions of data fragments.

Just what would fighting the real deal be like? Reven wondered, morphing the arm back into its normal form.

"Simulation ceased, target's defeated in 25.71 seconds," The computer chimed."New record saved."

"Computer, start the simulation again," Reven said in a deep, distorted electronic voice, turning to look at the mercenaries in it's presence. "The point of this training exercise is so you won't have to rely on me to often!"

"Hey, we're trying our best here," A out of breath mercenary complained in a Bronx, New Yorker accent. "Beside's we been training for five hours without a break, we're absolutely exhausted!"

Reven glanced at the mercenary and made it's way over to him, the ultra-advanced vision systems showing his eyes dialating in terror as the merc gulped but firmly stood his ground as Reven stopped right before him. Glancing at the uniform he wore, Reven couldn't help noticing that he was a high ranking officer.

"So you are in charge of this poor excuse of a team?" Reven asked coldly.

"I am in charge of this finely trained team," The merc responded, spitting out the last part with venom. Letting his temper and pride get the better of him was a terrible mistake, his eyes widening in terror when he realised it was too late to take it back.

"So you said you wanted a break, right?" Reven asked with a dark chuckle, grasping the mans arm with a clawed hand and tightening it's vice-like grip until a sickening crack was audible. The other mercenaries flinched as their comrade cried out in agony, cradling his broken arm while Reven stood still, showing no sign of compassion at all as it watched him began to whimper.

"Well...there...you...go," Reven said darkly, enjoying the satisfaction of getting to inflict pain.

Turning to look at the rest of them, Reven could see the fear in their eyes beneath it's blank face plate and took that as a good sign for further obediance.

"Anyone else want a break?" Reven asked, it's claw like hands sparking out electrical energy.

The other mercenaries shook their heads and Reven nodded before turning it's face towards two mercenaries beside their injured comrade. "Take him to the infirmary and get him fixed up, then clear his locker out. He won't be working here again."

The mercenaries nodded and helped their friend out of the room while Reven began to pace back and forth in front of the other men. It noticed the second highest ranking officer and stopped before him, noticing the pure terror in his eyes.

"Congratulations on your new...premotion," Reven said, using it's twisted sense of humor. "I trust you won't dissapoint me like your predecessor."

The man shook his head, terrified out of his mind, Reven took it a good sign. Anyone terrifed of Reven always obeyed, that terror came from witnessing what happened to people who claimed they weren't afraid, or to be blunt just plain stupid.

"Good. Then let's go again."

The machine moved back into the center of the room while the other mercenaries began to

"Word of warning, if anyone foolishly ask's me for a break again it will not be their arm I will snap in half. Is that clear?"

"Sir, yes sir!" The mercenaries yelled in a disciplined manner, ignoring their fatigue.

Reven nodded with respect, pleased at their loyalty. "Good, now let's see if you can take them down without relying on my help...much. DeMontford wants this mission completed within the month."

"Simulation loading," The female voice repeated from the speaker's, as the simulation began to reconstruct. Up above the training room, in the observation lounge sat Charles DeMontford, watching on his own as his mercenaries trained. Reven however was one of his favored, one of the more sleek and efficient mercenaries which he employed, or owned in this case. Sitting in his wheelchair, it was hard to imagine that a crippled old man had the ability to own such a formiddible private army in his twilight years, the master plan that his money funded for all those years was about to come to fruition. His ear twitched in the silent room as if he heard something and turned his head to look at someone, only his gaze to meet the dull, empty space of the observation room.

"Yes I agree, they're all an incompetent bunch...well, except for our Reven of course," Charles said with a chuckle, still staring into empty space. "Rest assured that Reven will complete the task given and capture Team Go. But it's going to be one hell of a party when it finally comes down to destroying them."

A cold laugh escaped from DeMontford, switching on a small television screen and bringing up footage of Team Go. He froze the image on the five of them, each showing their unique glow.

"Those super powered fools," He said to himself. "They got no idea what they have inside them."


Drakken's Rebuilt Lair, 5 miles east of Middleton

Shego's head rested on her pillow, snuggling it while she dreamt pleasant dreams until the alarm clock awoke her with it's repetitive beep. Opening her emerald color eyes, Shego gave a weak snarl, a mix of tiredness and annoyance, igniting her hand and smashing the alarm to pieces.

"Zip it," She mumbled, curling up in warm, comfortable covers. "Girl needs her sleep here."

Letting out a soft contented sigh, Shego was about to fall fast asleep when a loud knock at the door awoke her. Brushing the hair from her eyes, she sat up in bed and grumbled with annoyance when she saw her bedroom door slowly open, Dr Drakken slowly opening the door and carefully carrying something in.

"Dr D...Drew, what is..." Shego began to say, noticing he held a tray in his hands, on top was a plate of freshly made blueberry pancakes and a mug of black coffee. A small smile formed on her lips when she realised what he done.

"I...uh...I guess I made it too early," Drakken said, apologetically. "I'll er...take back to the kitchen."

"No...no...leave it here," Shego said, smiling at him as she patted the bed, a signal for 'bring it on over'.

Bringing the meal over, Drakken gently placed the breakfast tray on her lap, nearly shaking it when she leaned forward and gently kissed him on the cheek. She couldn't help but giggle at the cute, dreamy smile that formed on his face.

"Thanks for the breakfast."

"Well, I still feel I...er...well I guess I'm still blaming myself for what I put you through," Drakken said, looking a little down. "Lying to you about my creation was bad enough but it nearly killing you and Possible...it still terrifies me."

"Drew, stop beating yourself up over it," Shego said softly, reaching out and holding his hand, gently squeezing it. "Okay so you made a stupid mistake, but both me and Kim are alright now. Well, Kim still has a few psych issues to deal with but I'll be helping her dealing with that Synthodrone issue. Still Kimmie came through in the end, she helped beat Diego...with a...with a little help from...Drake."

Drakken saw the sadness in her eyes, moving the tray aside and sitting beside her on her bed, wrapping a comforting arm around her. Feeling his warmth, she rested her head on his shoulder and felt a lot better.

"You still think of him, don't you?" Drakken said. It wasn't a question.

"Well...yeah, the guy was practically a clone of me...well, it's complicated but I wish he didn't sacrificed himself. I wanted it to be one of those 'beat the bad guy, get a new hero' type thing but I guess that will never happen," Shego said, wiping away tears that were starting to form. "Technically, a part of my died that day. Well...two parts actually, with Diego gone."

Drakken remembered that incident all too well, when Drake returned into his life not too long ago. The Synthodrone was like Eric, even programmed with parameters that recognised him as a brother, which led to his quest for revenge after learning Eric was 'killed' by Team Possible. Threatening Drakken for co-operation, he gave Drake an upgrade so he couldn't die like his brother did but his behaviour was erratic, due to his origins. He found out that the Moodulator he placed in Drake's positronic brain, the one connected to Shego had actually contained two split copies of her personality, her evil side that was altered but the other her uncorrupted good side. Drake then went on to carry out a plan it prepared to defeat Team Possible and avenge Eric's death.

Drakken could remember the pain it caused that day, with the evil personality injuring Shego and then stripping Stoppable and his pet of their powers before beating Kim just to the edge of death, attempting to strike the killing blow when she was down. Luckily the good split personality diverted his killing strike and caused him to flee, with Shego and Kim taken to recover while Drakken agreed with Global Justice to track Drake down and destroy him. But the Synthodrone, upon learning getting help from Dementor had begun making preparations of his evolution to Diego, a Diablo/Shego hybrid that had technology from Kim's battlesuit embedded in its armor. Capturing Dr Ann Possible to carry out the proceedure, Drake's dark side evolved into Diego while Team Possible, Drakken and Shego set off on a rescue mission and battled Diego, with Drakken losing his plant powers from an Non Lethal Bio-Weapon created by Dementor. The tide was turned when they found Drake's body intact and with Shego's uncorrupted good side inside.

Merging her patterns, her personality 'died' as it was re-written into a heroic version of Drake and he helped fight Diego, even going as far as to try killing Diego by sacrificing himself by buying them time when he set the lair onto a silent self-destruct, dying in the explosion. Diego barely survived but Kim, acting on anger was about to kill someone defenceless, until Drakken intervened and struck the killing blow instead. To prevent her hands from getting stained.

"That was a good thing you did Drew," Shego said, her head still resting on his shoulder. "Preventing Kim from making a mistake she would regret."

"Someone had to watch out for her," Drakken said, gently hugging Shego before getting up. "I...er...better finish packing. We got that trip today y'know."

"Wha...oh yeah, I nearly forgot...our trip to Go City...well Go Tower," Shego said, gently slapping a palm to her forehead. "You never seen Go Tower before, have ya?"

"Only on TV but I am looking forward to seeing it in person."

"I'll gets Wes and Wen to give you the full tour," Shego said.


"My brother's Wesley and Wendel, the Wego's," Shego sighed, realising she made a big mistake. "Shoot. I gave away their secret identities. Promise not to tell?"

"Promise," Drakken said, smiling. "So...erm...have you..uh..."

"Have I what?"

"Have you got a secret identity?" He asked, innocently.

Shego sighed and closed her eyes, mentally psyching herself up so she can tell the man she loved one of her closely guarded secrets.

"I'll probably need a drink later on after telling you my name," Shego breathed out.

"Which is?" Drakken asked.


"Well we might have a bottle I been saving for Christmas," Drakken joked, a sly grin on his face as Shego burst out laughing, giving him a light punch on the arm.

"Oh man, you're good! Okay, I give you props on the humor and normally making a joke about my name is begging for trouble but I'm gonna let that one slide."

Upon saying that she kissed him again on the cheek, while he gave her a quick gentle affectionate squeeze before getting up and placing the tray back on her lap so she could enjoy her breakfast.

"Dr D? You want to hear my full name?" Shego asked suddenly. "Since I already know your full name that is and you know my first name, you wanna hear the rest?"

"Well I am a little...curious, Sherry," Drakken said. "So...er...what's the rest?"

"My full name is Sherry Erin Gover," Shego said admittingly. "So you now know why I prefer Shego. It's more...intimidating."

"Well I prefer Shego too, but Sherry sounds so cute, at least it's not embarrassing," Drakken said. "You didn't have to grow up with the name Drew Theodore P. Lipsky."

Shego smirked while Drakken left her to eat her breakfast, considering herself lucky that a woman like her got a man like him. Drakken went down to his private quarter's to finish packing while passing by three new decorations on the corridor wall, three plaques with Drakken and Shego's names, the third one belonging to the late Drake Synthodrone #902. A smile smile turned to a sigh, patting the plaque gently with great respect before continuing to his room.


At a secret, underground location in Middleton was one of the many bases for the organisation Global Justice. Ron and Rufus sat outside the office's for the psycho-analysist while Kim was inside. Leaning back on the leather seat, Ron waited while Kim discussed what was on her mind. Watching agents going past, he noticed a familiar face that he and Kim would never forget heading towards him, Agent Will Du. The young agent was dressed in his usual attire and had a what appeared to be a bandage over his head.

"Stoppable, what are you doing here?" Will asked, surprised to see him there.

"Kim's got some issues to work out, after what happened and everything," Ron said, noticing the bandage on Will's head. "Uh, so what's with the bandage?"

"That...was a little 'accident' I was in," Will said, remembering the dogfight he was in against Drake. "The enemy...uh...got a lucky hit during an aerial battle. So you said Possible has some emotional issues?"

"Yeah, well she's still doing the hero thing but we're taking it nice and easy. Y'know like helping old ladies cross the street or getting cat's out of a tree, stuff like that. Just so we can work our way back up to supervillains and more serious stuff."

"I see...well, I hope she regains her focus soon," Will said. "I must say I was impressed with the way both you and Possible handled the Synthodrone incident, for a bunch of ama...er...professionals that is."

"Woah, hold on there," Ron said, a sly smirk form in on face. "Is that a compliment I'm hearing from you?"

"Yes...well, ahem, Dr Director insisted I be more...open minded to your abilities," Will said, giving a reluctant look of respect. "Erm...I have a few things to carry out now. Give my best to Miss Possible."

As Agent Du left to continue his duties, Ron and Rufus couldn't prevent themselves from smirking at his reluctant respect before breaking out into fits of giggle's once he was out of earshot.

"Oh man, that was priceless," Ron laughed. "Kim would love to hear this once she's done."

On the other side of the door, in a room that was designed to make stressed agents comfortable. Kim lay on brown leather couch, hands on her lap while dressed in light blue hooded sweater and navy cargo pants. A woman the same age as her mother, with long brown hair wore a smart suit and held a clipboard with the Global Justice insignia on the back. With her eye's closed, Kim felt her body relax while the woman spoke.

"So how are you feeling right now Kimberly?" The woman asked.

"Right now I feel fine," Kim said, eyes still remaining closed. "I don't feel as scared as I was a few days ago."

"That's good," The woman said, making a few notes. "Now, I want you to tell me how you felt after the incident at the Smarty Party."

Kim felt her lower lip tremble but she fought to keep it still. Taking in a deep breath, she spoke.

"I felt...numb at first," Kim said, her voice a little shaken. "Then after a while, when the sitch just sank in it felt like my soul was shattered."

"According to report's, you had a few nightmare's after the incident. Would you care to talk about it?"

"I..I still remember those dreams," Kim sighed, feeling her body starting to tense up. "I dreamt I was fighting Drake, well back when the evil personality was in his body at the time. In my dream he...he hurt me just like he did, every punch and kick was excruciating for me. Then..then at the end...just as he threw that final punch, it was different because I knew he was going to kill me and when it connected with my head...I ended up waking up in a cold sweat."

"So you dreamt of him killing you?" The woman asked, writing it down on her notes. "How did you feel after that?"

She felt tears starting to form when those feelings came back, fighting desperately to keep her voice steady.

"I felt completely terrified out of my mind," Kim barely managed to say as she began to cry, wiping tears from her eyes. "I..I'm sorry, I tried not to cry and..."

"Don't keep your emotions bottled up Kimberly, it's not healthy for you. You can go ahead and cry if you want, it's perfectly natural after such a traumatic event."

Kim opened her eyes and saw the woman was holding a box of tissues out towards her, taking one and drying her eyes as her tears fell.

"Thanks," Kim said, smiling a little. "I felt scared after those few days, I had this terrifying thought that he was going to come over to my place and finish the job. I even had a halucination of him and that turned out to be one of my closest friends."

The woman looked at her notes and nodded her head. "Yes, the incident with the girl. Monique, isn't it?"

"Yeah. When I opened the door I saw him standing there, smiling in a cruel way but it was really Monique after she came back from Florida. I must have been going crazy at the time."

"It was a perfectly normal response, it was just your mind working the trauma out," The woman said. "Now onto the more important part of this examination. I want you to tell me your thoughts when you fought Diego."

Kim twitched a little as she remembered that day, taking in a deep breath. "Is this going to remain confidential?"

"Yes, of course. You can speak whatever is on your mind."

"To be honest, at the time I wanted to first save mom from him, because I felt that GJ wouldn't be able to mount a sucessful rescue," Kim said, her voice starting to sound a little hostile. "But when I saw him try to kill her...when I pushed her to safety, something inside me wanted him to make him pay for what he did. I...I wanted to hurt him like he did to me...no...actually...I wanted to destroy him, nice and slow...and enjoy every last second of it."

The woman looked at Kim in a surprised manner before making another note, speaking again in a slightly shaky voice. "So..ahem...how did you feel after that?"

"Ashamed and disgusted with myself," Kim said, sighing softly. "I..I never imagined I had it in me to actually give into my anger and attempt to do something that dark. Heck, Diego technically had human brain patterns, so in general it made him a sentient lifeform, and well...I never imagined my anger could drive me to try and kill someone. It...got me thinking about a few things."

"Thinking about what?" The woman asked.

Kim was silent for a moment before she finally spoke, her voice quivering. "Thinking that...I might not truely be the hero the world sees me as," Kim said, looking the woman in the eye. "I guess you could say I'm still afraid but not of Diego. I..I'm now more afraid...of myself."


After finishing her breakfast and draining the last remaining coffee out of the mug, Shego enjoyed sitting in bed for a few more hours before getting out and putting on a clean black robe over her green & black night clothes. Easing her feet into a pair of warm slippers, she picked the tray up and carried it out of the room, heading to the kitchen. The lair seemed quite without the morning duties of Drakken's henchmen, although he did offer to keep them on as the production crew for his radio show, once he got funding for it of course.

Heading into the kitchen, the automated cleaning arms reached down picked the tray up from Shego's hands, taking it to the sink to be washed. Wanting to freshen up before heading back to Go City, went back to her bedroom and picked out a spare jumpsuit from her wardrobe before going to the bathroom for a shower. After spending a good fifteen minutes under the warm falling water, Shego left the bathroom dressed in her jumpsuit while towelling her hair dry. Heading into the communications center, she thought about calling Kim to invite her and Ron over to Go Tower, spend some time together while Shego eased back into returning to the team.

Sitting down at a computer with a built-in webcam and punching up the frequency for the Kimmunicator, she contacted Kim. After waiting for a few seconds the blank screen was replaced with Kim and Ron's faces, Rufus popping up as well and giving a little wave to which Shego responded in kind.

"Shego, what's the sitch?" Kim asked, a little surprised by the call.

"Meh, just calling to see how ya holding up," Shego answered. "You seen the GJ shrink yet?"

"I talked over a few things on my mind and I feel a lot better. No more being too scared to go outside, ever since...Diego was destroyed I feel a lot better knowing he's gone," Kim said, suddenly looking a little uncomfortable. "Did that make me sound bad?"

"No it didn't...it's perfectly normal to think that. The thing was too dangerous to be allowed to continue existing and it wasn't you that finished the guy off...Dr D saw to that for ya."

"I know...if it wasn't for Drakken then I would have made the biggest mistake of my life," Kim said, still looking uncomfortable. "I feel like I owe him...big time."

"You don't owe him anything, that was him paying back what he owed you," Shego said. "You saved his life, he saved your rep. Simple as that. But that is not the reason I am calling you guy's."

"Really? So what's up Sheeg?" Ron asked, getting a mock scowl from Shego.

"Wanna hang out at Go Tower with me and Dr D? Considering what we been through and all, I think it would be a great idea to unwind while we celebrate my return to the team."

"Sounds great," Kim said. "It'll be great to see your brother's again and it's the perfect opportunity to give you a little gift for you to use."

"What gift?"

"You'll just have to wait and see," Kim answered in a sing song voice. "So when do you want us there? We can be there tomorrow if you want."

"Tomorrow sounds fine to me. I'll see you guy's later, okay. Later, Princess."

"Bye Shego," Kim and Ron said in unision, before Kim smirked quickly. "JINX! You owe me a soda Ron!"

"Aw man, no fai..."

Shego cut them off, rolling her eyes before bursting into peals of laughter as she went to find Drakken. When she found him, he had already packed his suitcase and was ready to travel.

"So we're going via that gift GJ gave you to Go City?" Drakken asked, while Shego nodded slyly. "Er...wouldn't it be nice if we went via commercial flight?"

"Sure it would be nice...but incredibly boring," Shego answered, taking his hand in hers and heading to the hanger bay. The gift Global Justice gave Shego for her efforts in stopping the Synthodrone threat was a brand new fighter jet that was painted in her colors. The cockpit was big enough for two people, ideal for her and Drakken to travel to sudden romantic getaways if the need arised. With her luggage already pre-packed, she placed his suitcase in the baggage compartment before motioning for him to get in the back seat. Climbing into the jet, Drakken put on a flight helmet while Shego did the same, clambering into the pilot's seat. Flipping various switches in the jet, the engines fired into life while the hanger doors opened, a surge of adrenaline coursing through Shego's veins.

"Buckle up Dr D, you're gonna love this," Shego said, a smirk on her face.

"I'm...not too sure about this," Drakken gulped, tensing up in the passenger seat.

"Relax...this thing is perfectly safe."

Putting the jet into full throttle, Drakken cried out in surprise when the jet rocketed out of the hanger and blasted off into the sky, on a direct course for Go City.

-SC90'S Chapter Follow Up-

So, sequel time already then. I know I said I would release this in May 22nd...well gotcha folks! That false release date was actually a joke date I set up, this sequel was planned to have been released on my birthday! (It was my sort of twisted coded message for "Y'know what, I MAY actually just go ahead and publish this on my 22nd as previously planned.") Yep, that's right...I am officially 22 years old today.

So yeah I hoped you enjoyed the prologue for the second part of the trilogy. This fanfic is going to be looking at an enemy that is going to be far more dangerous than previous OC's Drake Synthodrone #902 and Diego the Diablo (of course, they're killed off). So now this fanfic is introducing the cybernetic mercenary Reven and scientist/businessman Charles DeMontford. There's been a lot of mystery around these characters and their connection to Team Go, well it will be revealed in time. All I can tell you is once Team Go re-unite, it is going to get tense.

Now I want to thank you guy's and gal's for reading this fanfic, please leave a review if you want, I would appreciate it. Thanks to Resisting the Borg and CajunBear73 for reviewing the epilogue of So The Vengeance. Also set up a new poll, this time it is not going to be a blind poll, you can see the on going results so feel free to vote on it, it'll be up until the end of April.

Hope you enjoy reading this fanfic as much as I enjoyed writing it. Until next time folks.