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-Chapter II-

The Dinner Sitch

53 Years Ago

DeMontford Industries, Nevada Facility

Two weeks had passed since the comet crashed and DeMontford was released with a clean bill of health, the next fortnight was spent in meetings, golf games and expensive dinner parties. He never told the doctor's about the voice or the searing pain, knowing that it would keep him from his work and chalked it up to stress but still felt different, like his brain was charged with power. It was only until after another board meeting that he heard the voice again while sitting in his office, only this time, it was not in the same mysterious language he heard before.

"DeMontford," It whispered to him in a cruel voice. "I know you can hear me."

Jumping out of his office chair in surprise, he glanced around the room, picking up a fountain pen as a poor makeshift weapon. All he could see were the framed photographs of himself with his most trusted staff, cabinets crammed with classified files and hanging wall plants to decorate the room. Despite being alone in his office, he could hear a sinister chuckle coming not around him but from inside his head.

"Fool, do you really think a primitive writing tool can hurt me?" The voice said darkly. "Now pay attention human, for time is a luxury I do not have and neither do you."

"Who are you?" DeMontford asked, lowering his pen, realising it to be futile. "Are you that 'force' that hit me?"

"To answer your first question, I am known as Xyvrox. To answer your next question, yes I was that force. As for hitting you, I had to perform a bonding to survive after being stuck in that crude prison for all those eons!"

"Prison?" DeMontford gulped, a little more nervous. "What are you, some sort of criminal?"

"If my only crime was being a revolutionary to my people then yes, I suppose you can call me that!" Xyvrox said harshly. "They were fools! Questioning my ethics and trapping me in that lump of rock for my work!"

"Wait a minute...how come you're speaking English? Before you were speaking that...gibberish," DeMontford said, wondering if he accidentally insulted a potentially dangerous being.

Xyvrox laughed, chuckling at what DeMontford said. The human was brave, but he still didn't fully understand the situation.

"Yes, before I asked you if you spoke the Grysan language but a being of your...limited intellect could never comprehend it. I should have known first time round but I was weakened since the crash, just barely alive. The bonding not only helped me survive and recover but allowed me to study all your life memories and the intellect you achieved, giving me an understanding of your primitive common tongue known as 'English,' as well as your culture and customs."

"So you're an alien?"

"You finally got round to that, yes I am an alien, rather exciting isn't it?" Xyvrox said. "Ah, but I can sense your thoughts. I know you want to learn much from me, so you can gain financial superiority over those who threaten your company, your personal empire. You seek power, great power, power beyond your wildest dreams. Well, I can offer it to you."

DeMontford listened to Xyvrox, knowing it was right. He did seek power, unique power to allow him to become one of the most powerful men, no not one, the most powerful man in the world. With a being from another world talking to him and a part of him, DeMontford had a chance to learn so much from the mysterious Xyvrox.

"So just what sort of power can you offer me?" DeMontford asked, heading to his whiskey cabinet and pouring himself a strong drink. "You got my attention."

"The comet is the key. Ah, the comet! I saw the energy escape before me, then I heard the wonderful screams of terror and pain."

"It came into contact with four of my men but they died instantly before it went back to the comet," DeMontford said, taking a sip from his glass. "Just what the hell is that stuff exactly?"

"That 'stuff' as you put it...is the greatest weapon I ever created."


Go Tower's, Present Day

The next day arrived and the entire team sat down for breakfast with Drakken, Shego noticed that Hego was trying to make conversation with Drakken, from the way they spoke it looked like it was not going well. She appreciated that Drakken was trying his best, dressed in a white polo shirt and beige chinos, just like he wore when he started the cupcake cover business. She remembered him telling her after the 'doomed from the start' caper that it was one of the few outfits he looked 'pretty darn snappy in.' It was around about 10:30 in the morning that the proximity alarm went off, the view screen showing a small, purple car flying towards the building. Heading up to the roof, they watched as the Sloth landed next to Shego's plane. Kim and Ron got out, Rufus perched on Ron's shoulder.

"Hey there princess," Shego said, heading over to the car and helping her unload a travel case. "Feeling better?"

"A lot better actually," Kim said. "So how are things with your brothers?"

"Going good actually, no arguments or threatening them," Shego said, eyeing a Club Banana bag in the trunk. "So what's that I see?"

"Your gift. A little something Monique and I threw together since you looked pretty darn spankin' in my mom's mission gear."

Picking the bag up, Shego glanced inside and her eyes widened at the contents.

"Is that what I think it is?" Shego asked. "Boy, you certainly got my colors down."

"I knew you'd like it," Kim said. "Wanna try it on?"

"Totally! You got your gear too?"

"So we can compare styles? Sure, I packed mine. Is there a place for me to change?"

"Yeah, you can change in the room we set up for you," Shego said. "C'mon, I'll show you."

Heading off to their rooms to change, the rest went to the main meeting room, Ron smiling in a knowing way.

"Okay, so what did you get Shego then?" Drakken asked, trying to guess. "A puppy or something?"

"From Club Banana?" Ron said, disbelievingly. "Uh dude, try again."

"Hmm, from what I seen from the bag, it's...clothes, right?"

"Took you long to figure that out," Ron said, noticing that Kim and Shego were standing at the doorway. "Woah, lookin' fab-bu-lous Shego!"

Drakken and Shego's brothers froze, staring at what Shego was wearing. Standing back to back with Kim, who wore her trademark purple mission gear, Shego wore an identical one but in her classic green and black color scheme. Attached to her mission belt was her own 'hairdryer now turned grapple gun', similar to the one Kim used but in Shego's colors.

"Have to admit, this new look rocks," Shego said, enjoying the feel of the fabric. "It breathes easier than my old suit, is a lot more comfortable and is machine washable. Oy, having a dry clean only mission suit is a major pain in the butt. So what do you think Dr D?"

Drakken tried to answer but it instead came out as a weak, stunned babble, the sort of babble that said he was 'completely speechless.' Glancing at each other, Kim and Shego smiled before speaking in unison.

"He like's it," They said, before Shego quickly added. "JINX! You owe me a soda, princess!"

"Okay, you got me," Kim said, raising her hands in mock defeat. "So what we got planned for today?"

"A good old fashioned, family BBQ later on," Hego said. "Just like the ones we used to have back when we were a team."

"Yeah, I remember those," Shego said, thinking back to the BBQ's they had on those warm summer nights, when the sun was setting which gave the sky a warm, reddish orange glow. "That sounds perfect. But until then, how about we go into the city? See the sights and stuff."

"That sounds the bon-diggitiest!" Ron said, while the others nodded in agreement.

"Great, now I'm gonna change out of this and slip into something more casual," Shego said, before heading out the room, followed closely by Kim.

Sitting in an awkward silence, Drakken realised that he was sitting right next to Hego, an expression of discomfort on his face.

Uh oh, I must have...er...what's that term...weirded him out with my reaction to Shego's new outfit, Drakken thought. Better say something to him to break the ice.

"So...er...how about that new outfit eh?" Drakken said, thinking of the first thing that came to his head. "Very...er...chic."

"Er...yeah, it's...very nice," Hego replied, feeling extremely uncomfortable talking about Shego's new look.

Oh man this is gonna turn into a train wreck, Ron thought, seeing the two were avoiding eye contact. Time for the Ronman to step in.

"So Hego, how's Go City's Bueno Nacho doing?" Ron asked. "I heard they were upgrading the self service counters to allow Naco's to be sold."

"Sure are, the new counter's will also be selling a new sized cup that is 25% larger than the extra large."

Ah, thank you buffoon, Drakken thought. Right, note to self, study up on Bueno Nacho for a conversation topic with Hego. Wait, I used to be president of the company...but Hego might not want to hear me and Shego's past crimes. This is going to be trickier than I thought.

It didn't take long for Shego to change, arriving back in denim jeans and a pink t-shirt with a unbuttoned denim jacket and white sneakers. Kim had changed into a grey hooded sweatshirt, navy quarter length pants and baby blue sneakers. Walking in together, it was fairly obvious that they got on so well together as friends by the way they were laughing, Drakken only wished things could go the same way with him and Hego so Shego wouldn't get stressed around her brothers. Ready to leave, Kim and Ron decided to take Mego and the twins in the Sloth while Shego took Drakken and Hego by sea in the Go Boat, meeting up at Go City Harbour.


252,000 miles from Earth

Passing by the moon, the comet continued on its trajectory towards Go City Forest Reserve, the transparent distortions fluctuating over the rock. Still being tracked by the watchful eyes of DeMontford's observatory in Go City, it's long journey was almost at an end.


DeMontford Tower's

"Reven can't possibly win Mike," A mercenary said. "A hundred bucks say's that Reven will get creamed."

"Oh you're on, but I'm telling you that Reven can," Mike countered, arguing with his friend. While the two continued their bickering, they were unaware that their conversation topic was standing right behind them.

"Can do what?" Reven asked, watching as the two snapped to attention. "So...are you going to tell me?"

"Uh...well er...we have this bet going you see and Jerry here thinks you can't beat Kim Possible in a fight," Mike said, as his friend avoided eye contact with Reven.

"Is that so?" Reven said, turning to look at Jerry. "Training room, five minutes. I always been meaning to take on a Holo-Kim, now is a good time as any."

As Reven made its way to the training room, the two mercenaries ran to the break room, finding their co-workers were watching the Go City News, checking out their favorite action reporter on the giant T.V. screen.

"Man, check out that Jenny May," One of them said, laughing. "I hear that woman is single."

"Ah dream on Frankie. A gal like that will never go for ya."

"Hey you guy's," Jerry said. "Reven is heading down to the training room."

"Who cares, we're on a break here!" Frankie said, watching the T.V.

"Reven is going to be duking it out with a Holo-Kim!"

That got everyone's attention, rushing out of the room the mercenaries didn't want to miss out on a fight like that. All the simulations they saw of Reven duelling the Team Go holograms were getting boring and predictable. They knew Reven could easily take them all on with one hand tied behind its back but a Holo-Kim was different, since the Kim Possible had a unique fighting style that not many could match it would prove to be one challenging fight for Reven. Arriving at the training room, Reven was standing in the middle of the arena, a holographic computer interface right in front of Reven. Taking their seats, the entire room filled with the voices of dozens of excited mercenaries, more bets being placed on the victor.

As Reven programmed the perameters of the challenge, an image of DeMontford appeared in a small box on the interface.

"I see you couldn't help but try the Holo-Kim challenge," DeMontford chuckled. "I'll be watching the fight in my office."

"Should I capture or kill?" Reven asked, knowing that DeMontford preferred to choose.

"Indulge yourself," Was his answer, a slightly wicked smile on his face. Reven knew from the expression which option he actually wanted to see.

"I will," Reven said darkly, pausing for a moment before deciding on a new set of perameters, just to make things more exciting for the spectators. Punching in a security override code, a warning message played.

"Warning, holographic safety measures are now offline, high possible risk of injury or death," The automated voice said, resulting in the mercenaries getting more riled up. Although Reven trained with the Team Go holograms with the safety off, it was highly dangerous to attempt a new program without a safe practice run, just as Reven was about to do. On the interface screen, the fight parameters appeared.

Holographic Duel Parameters

Holo-Opponent: Kimberly Ann Possible

Challenger: Reven

Difficulty: Maximum

Safety Measures: Deactivated

Objective: Victory by Fatality

This is going to be fun, Reven thought, punching in another command.

A bright flash of light filled the centre of the arena as a holographic representation of Kim Possible appeared before Reven, dressed in her purple mission gear. Not too pleased with her appearance, Reven punched in another command, the clothes the Holo-Kim was wearing flashed brilliantly until they were replaced with her classic black crop top, green cargo pants and grey sneakers. Reven felt giving the mercenaries an old school bout to watch.

"You ready," The Holo-Kim asked, a cocky smile on her face.

"Are you?" Reven retorted, powering up all weapon systems.

The Holo-Kim was a magnificent representation of all data collected on her previous exploits, the combat AI based on all her missions and the personality AI was based on the blog she kept on her website. It only had a 1.5% margin of error in both personality and combat, but if Reven ever faced the real Kim Possible then this battle would be prep work.

"Simulation commencing in five...four...three...two...one," The automated voice said, finishing with a starting klaxon.

Moving with enhanced speed, Reven darted towards Kim, utilising the skills it acquired in all the Team Go exercises. Electricity coursed over a hand as Reven made a vicious slashing motion, only to miss as the Holo-Kim vaulted over Reven, kicking the cybernetic warrior in the back and causing it to lose balance. Slamming into the ground, Reven glanced at the hologram before getting up and moving in for another attack.

She's good, real good, Reven thought. Let's see how she handles this.

Morphing its right fore arm into an energy rifle, Reven fired off a rapid salvo of enegy bolts, silently cursing as the Holo-Kim evaded all of them expertly, forcing to morph back to prepare for hand to hand combat as Reven pursued its opponent. Cheers filled the arena as mercenaries began rooting for Reven, while others rooted for the Holo-Kim. Reven didn't mind those cheering for the Holo-Kim, they would soon be dissapointed. Thinking fast, Reven began to sprint towards the Holo-Kim, deciding to fight in close quarters and try win the fight with its bare hands.

Trading blows, they matched each other move for move, Reven nearly gaining the upper hand before the Holo-Kim performed a leg sweep, knocking Reven to the ground again. Getting annoyed with its opponent, Reven flipped back up, a burning determination to win the fight. Morphing the arm again, Reven fired off more energy bolts, the blots getting closer to the Holo-Kim. While evading the blasts, the Holo-Kim pulled out a holographic grapplegun and taking aim while evading the searing energy she managed to fire it. With the safeties off and not expecting that move, Reven was slow to evade and paid the price, feeling the sharp claw hammering into its left shoulder. Sparks erupted from the damage received, Reven letting out a cry of pain as it clasped its injury, the joint servos damaged from the attack.

Right, now she asked for it! Reven thought, retaliating on a mix of natural fighting instinct and pure rage.

Charging forward for another attack, Reven decided to trick the Holo-Kim, knowing that the AI was based on human perameters it could simulate human error and was programmed to be tricked. Feinting left and making it appear it was going to spring towards its opponent in a handspring attack, Reven waited until the Holo-Kim began to counter, vaulting into the air at the last possible moment. Landing behind its opponent, Reven energised a claw-like hand and drove it forwards like a electrified blade, deliberately stabbing the Holo-Kim in it's left shoulder.

That was payback, Reven thought, watching the Holo-Kim scream in agony as she clasped her shoulder.

The AI did simulate everything, including the pain the holograms felt when injured. Performing a leg sweep on its oppenent, Reven floored the Holo-Kim before it's fore arm morphed into the energy rifle, taking aim and firing. Everyone watched in stunned silence as the energy bolt hammered into the Holo-Kim's head, the hologram exploding into millions of data fragments and ending the simulation.

"Simulation ceased," The computer said. "Medical personnel have been dispatched."

No one spoke as they stared at Reven, a hand clasped over the smoldering, damaged shoulder as the mercenary began to leave the room. On the giant view screens at the top of the arena, the results of the duel appeared.

Holographic Duel Results

Winner: Reven

Time: 2min 19sec

Penalties Received: Injury occured at 1min 58sec

Combat Score: 67%

Medical personnel rushed in with a stretcher, only to have Reven casually wave a hand to dismiss them, preferring to go on its own. On its way out the mercenary noticed Mike and Jerry were standing by the doors, trying not to look at the damage it sustained. Stopping before them, Jerry trembled as Reven turned to face him, the blank mask terrifying him as he couldn't tell if it was angry or not.

"I believe that settles the matter," Reven said coolly, before walking away.

Once outside the training room, Reven began to make its way towards the medical facility for repairs, ignoring the excruitiating pain. A small trickle of blood flowed from damaged armor, dripping through the cold, metal fingers that pressed tightly against the injury. Although despite many years of cybernetic enhancements Reven had received during its life, it was pure human instinct that won the duel.


Go Tower's

Arriving back at the tower's after a day of exploring the sights of Go City, they stopped by several points of interest such as the Cuddle Buddies Museum, Go City Mall, Go City Museum of Art, Go City Sport's Stadium, Go City High (Shego's old high school), Go City U (also her old university) and climbed to the top of Go City Viewing Tower, which gave them a view of the entire city. Ironically for Kim and Shego, in one of the photos they had posed together with their boyfriends, DeMontford Tower's was in the background.

Heading to the back of the building, a large patio area with a family sized wooden table with plenty of chairs for guests awaited them. At the side was a large DIY BBQ smoker grill, which Mego began to fill with charcol while Hego began to make several attempts at lighting it with matches.

"Hold on a sec, I'll get it eventu..." He said, cut off when a small green plasma bolt hit the charcol, lighting the BBQ grill. "...uh...nevermind. Thanks sis!"

"Anytime bro," Shego said, leaning over to Kim and Ron. "It usually takes him about an hour to get it fired up but my stomach can't wait that long."

"Heard that!" Hego said in mock annoyance, listening to the laughter at the table.

While Hego began to cooking the burgers and hotdogs, the Wego twins went into the kitchen to carry out the salad, sauces, potato salad, coleslaw, burger and hotdog buns, large bottles of soda along with the plates and cutlery, to which their powers came in very handy for carrying such a large load outside.

Shego caught up with her brother's, hearing how things went after she left and what they were doing with their lives until the grilled food was ready. Helping themselves, everyone started digging in, piling their plates high.

"Oh I need to burn this off," Shego said, taking a bite into her burger. "I'll be hitting the gym tomorrow, that's for sure."

"Hey, I might join you," Kim said, taking some salad. "So what equipment you got there?"

"The basics and more," Hego said. "Weights, treadmill, punching bags and an indoor combat ring for honing our fighting skills."

"That gives me an idea," Kim said, looking at Shego. "How about a match tomorrow?"

"Ya sure about that Kim?" Shego asked, taking Kim's well being into consideration. "I mean...I don't want you to rush yourself."

"I'm sure I'll be fine and besides it will only be a friendly spar."

"Okay princess, tomorrow morning, after breakfast," Shego said. "And to make it a fair fight, I won't use my powers."

"That's fine with me."

Noticing Rufus was trying to put tomato ketchup on a hotdog, Hego helped out while hearing what Shego was saying to Drakken.

"Listen...Drew, since were dating and everything, well tomorrow I want you to stop by my room since there's something I want to show you."

Shocked at what he misinterpreted, Hego squeezed the bottle far too tightly, spraying Shego and Drakken with ketchup. Wiping a large glob from her face, everyone saw that Shego was trying her hardest to keep calm, shooting Hego a very annoyed glance.

"Kitchen, now," Shego said, through clenched teeth. "Dr D, go get cleaned up."

Uh oh, Hego thought. Getting up he followed Shego and Drakken into the kitchen, leaving Kim, Ron, Mego and the Wego twins feeling very awkward, unsure whenever the night was ruined or not and prepared to listen to a potential screaming match.

In the kitchen, Shego motioned for Hego to wait while Drakken stood around, unsure of what to do.

"Dr D...Drew, y'know where the bathroom is," Shego said, just barely keeping her cool. "Get cleaned up and change your shirt. I need to have a chat...alone."

Hurrying out of the room, Drakken left Shego alone with her brother, hoping to get away before any potential trouble started.

"Right now...just what was that?" Shego asked, indicating to her face. "What made you want to give me and Drew a ketchup face mask?"

"Well I was helping the little naked mole rat with the ketchup...er...then I...accidentally overheard you talking to your boyfriend...then I...er, reacted with surprise," Hego answered, trying to keep his sister calm.

"Okay, so you overheard me talking to...wait, it was the bit about me asking Drew to my room, isn't it?"

"Well...er...yes," Hego gulped.

"And just what did you think I meant by it?" Shego asked, watching him squirm.

At that moment, Hego couldn't think of an answer and if he did then she would most likely explode in a fit of rage. Hoping to diffuse the situation, he decided to answer with a question.

"So, er...what are you going to show him?" Hego asked, watching Shego take a cleansing breath.

"I'm going to show him the photo I keep under my pillow," Shego answered. "I wanted to show him a photo of us with mom and dad, tell him more about our family. I even want to tell him about...Sabrina."

Hego realised just how much she really cared for Drakken, prepared to not only tell him about her parents but also the fact that the Wego's weren't the only twins. If things had gone a little differently, Shego would have had a twin sister but unfortunately passed away shortly after birth, leaving her the only survivor. But what made him feel terrible was how much she wanted to make her return to them work, in any other situation she would have ignited her powers and blasted him through a wall but instead she chose to remain calm, just nearing the edge of losing her temper.

"Sis...I'm sorry," He said, wrapping an arm around her and brought her in for a hug which calmed her down. "I didn't mean to do that...okay."

"Apology accepted bro," Shego said, smiling a little. "Boy, you really can be a clutz Hego."

Drakken arrived back in the kitchen, cleaned up and wearing a light blue, short sleaved shirt, noticing the family moment before him.

"So, everything okay?" Drakken asked.

"Yeah, it is," Shego said, heading over to him and kissing him on the cheek. "I'm gonna get this stuff cleaned out of my hair then I'll meet you guy's outside."

Leaving the two alone, Shego went to the bathroom to take a shower before changing. With a potential family disaster just narrowly avoided, Hego decided to try continue the family meal.

"Listen, Drakken...I'm sorry for that ketchup mishap...it won't happen again."

"Well I'm not mad or anything," Drakken said, chuckling a little. "Anyway I know things haven't been easy, that our conversations have been 'awkweird' as these teens put it but let's try talk some more, see where it take us. Oh and Drakken doesn't sound right, just call me Drew or pal if you want."

"You got...pal," Hego said, smiling. Heading back outside, the two started the first steps at building a friendship.


DeMontford Tower's

DeMontford was seated at his desk in his darkened office, checking over the company daily reports in his preferred environment, his eyesight improved by his connection with his 'associate' gave him the ability to see well in darkness. Stopping briefly, he couldn't help glance at the photograph of himself with the young blonde woman, her emerald eyes a prominant feature. It was painful to look at it, considering the aniversary of the accident was coming up. Looking at the luxury leather couch facing the large office windows, he saw a repaired Reven was watching the sunset, an activity which became a sort of ritual everynight.

"Still enjoy watching the sunset?" DeMontford asked, with a weak chuckle.

"I don't enjoy it, I merely admire and respect it," Reven answered. "Like it's dark nature."

"What do you mean by that?"

"Most people of this city see a sunset as a thing of beauty, when I see the cold, harsh truth of it," Reven answered. "It's that it really is a constant reminder that another day has ended, a sign that all things must come to an end. Such as Team Go."

DeMontford was stunned by those words, while silently hearing the laugh of his 'associate,' entertained by Reven's dark philosophy.

The mercenary glanced at DeMontford, raising a hand to a small button at the base of its neck.

"I...prefer to admire it without my mask," Reven said. "If you will premit me, father."

"Yes...yes you may," DeMontford said, a wave of his hand gesturing to 'go ahead.'

Pressing the button, a hiss of air escaped while Reven removed the helmet, setting it down on the couch beside it. No one except DeMontford, his 'associate' and several trusted doctor's sworn to secrecy saw Reven's 'face'. It was one of the most closely guarded secrets of the company. It was also a face that brought great heartache to DeMontford, a trembling hand reaching foward to place the photograph on his desk face down while he winced, hearing something only he could hear.

"Yes, I know!" He snapped, trembling with rage. "Must you always keep reminding me?"

"Taunting you again?" A female voice asked, coming from Reven.

Before he could answer, a knock at the door prevented his response, watching as Reven continued staring the sunset, the fading light dimly illuminating the face.

"Enter," DeMontford said, watching as a young rookie mercenary entered, holding a folder in his hands.

"Sir, I came to deliver..." He said, noticing a helmetless Reven. Only seeing the back of the mercenary, all he can see was short hair that hung down to the base of the neck. As Reven turned her head slightly, he could see the deathly white complexion from the jawline while the rest of the face was hidden from his line of view.

"Well, what is it?" DeMontford snapped, growing impatient.

"Oh...uh...classified documents from the research department," He explained. "For project Rainbow Sword."

"Leave them on the shelf next to you and leave," DeMontford said harshly, returning to his paperwork.

Placing the sealed folder on the shelf, the mercenary turned to leave, stopping in his tracks when DeMontford spoke.

"What did you see?" He said suddenly, while still reading the reports.

"E..Excuse me sir?"

"Reven," DeMontford said, nodding his head in her direction. "What did you see."

"Nothing much sir," The mercenary gulped, terrified at what was going on.

"Good...now leave us."

Turning around, the mercenary left the office in a hurry, not wishing to stay there any longer than needed. As soon as the door closed, DeMontford glanced at Reven.

"Was he telling the truth?" He asked.

"Yes," She answered, still staring at the sunset. "I could detect no trace of any lie in his voice, however he was terrified out of his mind. Do you wish me to dispose of him anyway?"

"No, no, I don't want to go through the hassle of hiring a new merc. Besides I reckon he'll never talk, he knows the price for doing so."

"Lucky him," Reven said, watching as the sun started to dissapear below the horizon, the fading light shining onto her emerald eyes.

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