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"You wonder if it's a place worth living…" – 2x02

She suffers because she loves.

But this, this was torture.

Seeing him with her.

Jealousy crawls under her skin.

Nikita had always sensed that they had this connection.

So when she sees Cassandra hold Michael's hand while on a walk, it silently yet devastatingly rips through her chest.

Though somehow she anticipates that.

But at some point when Michael turns around and kisses her, well… that's different.

It was something else.

A turning point.

It's the moment she realizes that she has had enough. There is only so much heartache one person can bear.

After deleting the video feed, she gets up and leaves the work station.

"Nikki?" Birkhoff warily asks her as she passes by him to go upstairs.

She surprises him with a pitifully, heart-wrenching glance before telling him, "Pack your things."

"What? Why?"

"We're moving."


"Nikita hasn't called me back. It's been awhile." – 2x10


Michael should have known something was wrong when he was receiving less calls from Nikita than usual.

And then, one day, it just stops.

At first, he thinks that she's just busy. Oversight and Division preoccupying her time. But then days pass and nothing.

Anxiety slowly fills his every waking moment. Even in his dreams, he frets that something bad may have happened to her.

He tries calling her but the phone is no longer in use.

Sympathizing at his distress, Cassandra tells Michael to just go and personally check on the woman's welfare. She assures him that she and their son would be fine in the time he will be gone.

He didn't need to be told twice. He is on the next flight home.

Only to find that the place he thinks of as home is completely empty.

He searches for clues if there was any foul play that may have caused Nikita and Birkhoff's disappearance.

There are none.

Which meant they left voluntarily.

Without telling him.

And judging by the minimal amount of dust collecting on the floor, it happened only recently.

Confused, upset and angry, he whips out his cellphone and dials for the one person he can turn to now.

"Cassandra, I need your help. They're gone."

And so begins his mission to find her.

Not knowing what to expect when he actually found her.

6 years later.

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