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Chapter 12: Right Moment

"I wouldn't want to wait for the right moment. 'Cause that's when it happens, a threat you don't see coming." – 2x02

Nikita couldn't take it anymore.

Bouncing her long legs up and down the tiled floor, she kept on looking at the clock every few minutes or so.

"Calm down, Nikita," Michael said, placing a firm, restraining hand on her knee. "They'll be home soon."

That's what she kept on telling herself.

But her excitement and happiness were just too much to be bundled up. She hadn't been as excited as this since… Well, she couldn't remember anymore.

Giving a glance to Michael, who was sitting beside her on the couch, Nikita couldn't comprehend how he could just sit there so calmly and wait patiently. Then she thought that they probably just differed in reacting to news that their friend – almost sister to her – is pregnant.

She glanced at the clock again. It was a few seconds past 5:51 PM. They were all usually home around that time. But then Nikita remembered that this was going to be the last time Alex and Owen would be able to spend the afternoon out with Ilya before the young girl and her parents would be leaving for London the day after next. So it was probably excusable that they were running a little late.

Too bad it was frazzling Nikita's patience.

Trying to divert her attention, she thought of her friends. But it just heightened her excitement even more. Alex and Owen were going to have a baby. She and Michael were going to have an adorable little niece or a nephew (or in Birkhoff's case, another mouth to feed). And Ilya was going to get a sort-of-younger-sibling.

Nikita took a deep breath. She was getting way ahead of herself right now.

But personally, she wanted her friends to have a boy. That would be fun. He'd have Alex's blue eyes and Owen's sandy blonde hair… Oh, he was going to be cute.

But if they were to have a girl…

Nikita couldn't think anymore. She chuckled softly at her silly giddiness.

She checked the clock – 5:55 PM. Nikita groaned and threw her head back on the couch. Rolling over to her side, she brought her legs up and curled against Michael. He instinctively wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her closer.

"Just relax," Michael whispered near her ear, trying to soothe her.

"I am relaxed." Nikita muttered back, leaning her forehead against his shoulder.

He laughed before saying, "Remember when we were on that op in Murmansk? We had to sit in that truck for seven hours in the dead of winter..."

"Yeah. So?"

"We made it through the wait then. I'm sure you could hold out a few more minutes."

"This is different," she replied, sullenly. But a smile tugged on her lips as she thought about that mission. Looking up to him, she said, "I remember I kept on annoying you by saying how we'd all probably die from hypothermia first before we'd go live with the op... But now I think about it, I don't recall hearing you complain at that time, Misha."

A smirk formed on Michael's lips when he heard her say his cover name for that mission. Misha the arms dealer. It was such a long time ago and she still remembered. Well, Nikita always did seem to remember a lot of things when it came to him.

Michael planted a soft kiss on her forehead. A certain glint appeared in his green eyes as he told her lightly, "It was you and me in the van. What was there to complain about?"

Nikita rolled her eyes. Michael didn't need to remind her of the other parts of that mission. Like the fact that they were also so uncomfortably cramped in that cargo truck because of the huge boxes of firearms they had brought with them as part of their cover. And that Kelly was with them too, albeit silent and incredibly sulky that freezing night. And all the shivering and teeth chattering…

Not exactly fun and pleasant memories.

Oh the things they did before…

But past was past.

Nikita was looking forward to the future right now. And that future entailed talking to Alex.

Replacing her head on Michael's shoulder, Nikita gazed at the wall clock again.

5:59 PM.

She sighed in annoyance.

"I can't take this anymore," Nikita suddenly announced, standing up. Waiting was never one of Nikita's favorite past times.

She heard Michael laugh softly just before she went out the front door and onto the porch. She'd have a perfect view of the Range Rover approaching here. Sitting down on her usual spot on the steps, she gazed out.

It was already surprisingly dark that early evening. Black and grey clouds replaced the normally colorful Caribbean skyline. A chilly and humid breeze kept blowing through, making the palm trees dance and sway all around. The atmosphere had a damp feeling. There was a a flash in the distant horizon, lighting up the clouds briefly. The imminent threat of rain hung heavy in the air, almost waiting for the right moment to fall.

Save for the whooshing sound of the wind and the rustling of leaves, everything else seemed to be uncharacteristically quiet.

Too quiet.

It was almost an eerie thing. Like an omen to some bad horror movie.

But Nikita just shrugged it off with a sigh and instead wished that her family would be home before the downpour started.

A few more minutes and no sign of the car, Nikita got frustrated with the wait. She was starting to get a bit worried too. And she was about to burst with giddiness and no one seemed as excited as she was.

Definitely not a good combination.

Whipping out her cellphone, she hurriedly dialed Alex's number and tapped her foot while waiting for the younger woman to pick up.

Alex answered after the third ring. "Hey, Nikita. What's up?"

"Hey," she said, smiling. Finally. "Where are you?"

"Passing through Long Bay. Sorry, got a little carried away," Alex answered, her voice apologetic for being late. "We'll be home in fifteen minutes, tops. Anything you need?"

"Yes – you. I need an explanation."


Nikita paused. She remembered that Owen was next to her, driving the car. So she had to pick her question carefully in case he didn't know about the news yet. But Nikita's fervor got the best of her and her question just barreled out of her mouth, making her voice rise an octave, "Why didn't you tell me you were pregnant?"

There was silence.

Then a soft thud, as Alex dropped her cellphone, probably in surprise. There was a scuffle of movements heard as she tried to retrieve it from wherever it fell. All the while, Ilya's voice saying 'Hi, Mommy!' in the background filled in the gap – Nikita chuckled at that one.

"Sorry about that." Alex apologized when she talked into the phone again. She continued, though her voice was considerably lower and had a huffy undertone to it, "Birkhoff told you?"

"So it's true?"

There was a soft sigh heard through the earpiece. "Umm, yeah."

"Oh my God." Nikita whispered, grinning. "Alex, I'm so happy for you!"

"I know." There was some strain in her voice as she tried to keep her voice steady. But Nikita could already detect the happiness and giddiness (finally, someone who shared the same emotions as she did) waiting to bubble over. She was sure that it will fully unleash when Alex got home and they had a chance to really talk – privately.

"But I'm still hurt that you didn't tell me first." Nikita tried to feign being miffed but failed. So she chuckled. "I had to learn about the news from Nerd."

"You've been busy lately."Alex laughed softly too. "Oh, but remind me to strangle him when we get home."

"He actually didn't say anything." Nikita clarified, coming to her other friend's defense. Gazing into the open driveway and front yard, she explained to younger woman, "You got sloppy hiding the evidence – Michael saw the kit. Nerd just… confirmed our suspicions. Anyway, when were you exactly planning to break this news to us?"

"I honestly did not know."

"I hope you weren't stalling until Michael, Ilya and I were already back in London before you'd say anything," she teased.

"You never know." Alex chuckled. "Maybe."

"Does Owen know you're pregnant?"

"Umm… Haven't gotten around there yet."

"Oh," Nikita said. It was a good thing she picked the right questions then.

She had just sat down on the porch steps when she heard Birkhoff exclaim something from inside the house. But it was unintelligible to her so she brushed it off. It was probably just one of his celebrations of victory in the online game he was playing anyway. Shaking her head lightly, Nikita resumed her conversation with Alex, "Waiting for the right moment?"

"I think so. Yeah."

She smirked. It was now her time to give Alex advice. "Just don't wait too long–"

Nikita stopped.

A sudden, ill-feeling had gripped her. It made the hairs on the back of her neck stand. A cold shiver ran down her spine. Her heart began to race for some unknown, foreboding reason. Dread bubbled in the pit of her stomach.

Something was not right.

Standing up and going down the porch, Nikita swept her gaze around the area to look for something out of the ordinary. There were none. But the dark sky had caused more shadows to be casted than usual, making her unsure.

But there didn't seem to be any movements along the dense clump of palm trees. The breeze even seemed to stop. Everything was silent and still.

Too silent. Too still.

Maybe you're just being paranoid, Nikita tried to reason.

But it was there. It was different.

She could feel it. Somehow.

And her instincts have yet to prove her wrong.

Briefly remembering she had tucked a gun on the waistband of her jeans that day, Nikita felt for it just to be sure…

Only to realize that it was Ilya's toy gun. She picked it up earlier when her daughter left it lying around, and just instinctively placed it behind her back like she usually did with a real one.


"Nikita?" Alex asked, her voice sounding worried.

"Alex," she quickly answered, barely realizing that she was still holding her cellphone near her ear. Nikita didn't like this. Her sixth sense was screaming that something was about to happen. Running back to the house to get a real gun and warn the others, she barked into the receiver, "Don't come home! I'll call you–!"

Something silver glinted by the palm trees to Nikita's right.

The first drops of rain had started to fall.

She kept running, fueled by the self-preservation instincts and adrenaline that had already pumped through her veins.

It was an ambush.

"Nikita, get inside!"

Her steps wavered and hesitated for a split-second.


He was panicked.


For her.

But he was too late.

The first bullet had already been shot.

And Nikita wasn't fast enough.

Bright, crimson blood splattered across the wall.

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