"Hello, Gaz-Human," Zim said as he saw her on the steps of skool.

Zim is an Irken Invader. He was assigned to investigate Earth for the Tallest. In my opinion, he was doing a pretty good job. Well, he had some help from Gir and Minimoose.

"Go away, Zim! Or I'll send you somewhere worse than Hell."

Then there was Gaz Membrane. She's a gothic ten year old who loves playing on her Game Slave consoles. She didn't really care for anyone. But from what I've heard, she'd rather have more time with her dad.

The only reason Zim greeted Gaz was because he had a plan. A part of that plan was to get at least one strand of Gaz's hair.

As quickly as he could, he pinched a few flying strands and yanked.

"Owwwwww!" Gaz yelled.

The Game Slave announced, "Game Over." The exact words flashed on the screen in bold letters.


"Zim will run now."

Before Zim even could take one running step, Gaz grabbed him and started to beat him up.

She punched him in the gut, or squeedly spooch, threw him around, even kicked him in the crouch. Zim got so beat up, he started to bleed.

"Never come near me, Zim. If you do, you will pay!" Gaz said as she picked up her Game Slave and walked away. Dib, her older brother was right behind her, elaborating about how awesome her thought it was before he got a black eye.

Zim would have laughed. Unfortunately, he could barely utter a word, even when he contacted Gir.

Luckily for Zim, Gir came immediately and got him back to the base. When Gir and Minimoose helped Zim, he was cleaned, bandaged, out of his disguise, and shirtless before he was within five feet of the couch.

Zim fell asleep, which wasn't normal for Irkens.

Gir thought this was cute. "Awwww. Master sleepen." The idiotic robot grabbed a blanket and throw it on Zim.

As he was sleeping, the Tallest sent a transmission. They were expecting another one of his reports about his mission. Instead they found him sleeping there.

"Zim!" Tallest Red said. "Get up!"

All Zim did was roll over. The blanket fell off, showing his bandaged body.

When the Tallest saw him like this, the two silently talked between themselves. There were a few laughs. When they turned back to look at Zim, he was gone.

"Hey!" Tallest Purple exclaimed. "Where'd he go?"

When they were so busy with their conversation, they hadn't noticed that Zim woke up and removed himself from the living room to his lab.

"Why does everything want to hurt Zim?" Zim asked himself in a sore pained voice.

He lifted his hand. He still, somehow, had the strands of Gaz's hair.

"This better work. If it doesn't, Zim would've been killed for nothing."

Zim used his spider legs to reach the top of a large vat. He then dropped the hair into it. Next, he grabbed a pocket knife.

"Zim wishes he had some other way," he thought as he stared at the knife.

He took it to his left wrist and cut it as fast as he could.

Zim screamed the most horrible of pains. But he remembered his plan and the blood dropped into the vat were the hair was sitting on the bottom. Zim then grabbed a gauze pad and tried to stop the bleeding.


Dropping from the ceiling, in his dog disguise, Gir had the duct tape in his hand.

Zim grabbed the tape and grabbed a new gauze pad. He quickly changed the pads and duct taped it to his wrist. Zim was no doctor, but it was good enough for him. He looked around the lab, then directly at the vat. He then filled it with a special liquid, the kind used for smeets. Once the large vat was filled, Zim sat on the floor. Gir cuddled up next to him.

"Five more years," Zim muttered.

The two slept in the dimly lit room. Zim, in his dreams, saw what his experiment he wished would turn out to be.

Later at the Membrane Home

"Suspended? What do you mean suspended?"

"It means that Gaz is forbidden to go anywhere near skool for a while, Dad," Dib said to his father.

Professor Membrane is a famous scientist known worldwide. Not much of a father though; always busy and only had time for his kids once a year in person.

Dib's big for paranormal stuff and wants to prove to the world that Zim's an alien.

"For what, Gaz? What did you get suspended for?" Professor Membrane asked his daughter thought the transmission.

"Because I bet up Zim."

"The foreign boy?"

"Dad," Dib stepped in, "he's not from another country, he's an alien."

There was screaming in the background.

The Professor then yelled to his workers, "Don't mix those together!"

Far away, there was an explosion.

As soon as the dust cleared up on the monitor, Professor Membrane said to his kids, "Gaz, you and I will discuss this later. Dib feed the dog. Both of you: do your homework, eat dinner, go to bed." With that given, the screen turned off.

Gaz immediately left for her room. Dib would have said something, but, instead, he just watched his sister while holding a steak to his black eye.

About Midnight

As Gaz lied fully awake on her bed, dressed in her bunny pajamas, Professor Membrane slowly walked into the room.


"What, Dad? I don't want to talk about it." Gaz pulled the cover over her head.

The Professor sat on Gaz's bed. Because being a father wasn't a strong point, he just went be it "lightly".

"I think that you should apologize to the foreign kid."

Gaz shot out of bed. "What? Why? I won't do it!" She crossed her arms.

Membrane patted her head. "Gaz, I'm sure that Zim is understanding."

Gaz looked away. To her, apologizing to anyone would show that she's weak. Still, Gaz loves her dad. She turned back to him.

"Fine, if Zim is going to school tomorrow, I'll apologize to him."

"Wonderful." The Professor stood up and tucked Gaz into bed.

The next morning, as Gaz had planned, she would look for Zim off campus and apologize. She looked all morning before the bell rang, but couldn't find the alien.

Zim hadn't gone to skool. He was too sore and slept in.

Therefore, Gaz never apologized.

When Zim did return to skool, he avoided Gaz as much as he was able to.