Chapter 8

After Fin had dozed off on the couch and Gir cuddled next to her, Zim slipped away into the lab.

"Computer, what's the analysis?" he demanded.

It frizzed before it popped up a screen. "It seems that Fin doesn't have all of the knowledge I should been programed to give her."

"Zim knows about that. The young Fin doesn't know everything she should, but why?"

The computer showered a side by side comparison. The security feed where Fin's vat was and what was going through the computers mainframe at the time. She was there floating and Gir can be heard. There was a rubber piggy that was bounced off the vat a couple times before the vat cracked. Gir took a closer look and tapped the glass, which cracked more. Then the pressure from the fluid caused the glass to break and let Fin go. The computer stopped on the list were it was going through. Gir, being wet now, sparked a little then ran round crazier than usual. Then Minimoose came in.

"Stop the video," Zim demanded and he looked at the list. Everything she needed to know about being Irken wasn't on the list, but a good amount of things about human life was.

Zim walked over and picked up the piggy that he didn't bother to really focus on.

"Gir!" he yelled at the top of his lungs, if he had any.

"Yes, Master?" the little robot asked as he popped out of nowhere.

"Can you explain this?!" he asked as he shook the robot.

"Its a mess," was all that he replied.

Zim, out of anger, throw Gir. "Why?!" He turned to the computer. "Is there anyway to fix this problem?"

"There may be. She can be taught."


"Like what you do for the parent bots?"

Zim thought about this. "That may work. Computer, setup programs that would be necessary for Fin go gain human information."

The computer did so.

Zim walked to the room to look for his pocket knife. When he found it in the bathroom, he sat on the toilet with the lid down. He studied the blade as it shined in the light.

He stood up and looked at the mirror, placing the knife on the sink. He took of the wig and the lens. Then he pulled off his gloves, to show the cuts on his wrists. They had mostly healed since the last time he had cut.

He rubbed his bug like eyes and sighed. He then opened the cabinet and then pulled out a picture. It had Gaz on it.

It was after an event that was rare for the human girl to do. Apologize. Sense then, he had had a stupid human crush on her. But his depression sometimes got in the way. He stabbed the knife into the wall and walked out of the room to prepare for tomorrow; the human's picture in hand.