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A pair of big brown eyes stared glazed and unfocused at a blob of a man who had been snoozing for the last hour at least. Nami doubted that a stacked pile of scaffolding poles were the most comfortable of sleeping spots but apparently if you're tired, or perhaps in this case, bored enough, anywhere will do.

Stretching out her limbs as much as she could from within a cramped partly crushed vehicle mysteriously dumped on top of a postal building just behind the shipping yard, she reluctantly carried on her observation of Orange Town docks.

Nami had been here for the most part of the day, her job being to watch the area in case anything occurred that would prevent tonight's raid from happening. Buggy's crew, however, appeared to be going out of their way to be even less interesting than usual and she was developing some seriously stiff muscles from being sat down for so long.

Brook had joined her just after five, apparently the man didn't generally get up until about two in the afternoon, or so he felt the need to explain once he had found out that she had arrived around midday. That combined with him not so subtly asking if he could get a peek at her underwear "if she wasn't busy" resulted in one peeved as all hell red haired woman.

Nami had ordered Brook to observe from the roof of the residential flats at the other side of the warehouses. Partly so he could provide a different viewing perspective but mostly to get him the hell away from her. Brook certainly didn't lavish an uncomfortable amount of over the top attention on her like Sanji did, at least when you said no, he'd leave it. His laugh, however, soon began to irritate every last one of her nerve endings after a couple of hours of his company.

That was a good three hours ago now though, the sun had fully set and the time was approaching when everyone else was supposed to show up. Chopper had provided them all with short-range radios to communicate with but Nami also had her phone on her for contact with HQ. Robin informed her at least twenty minutes ago that they had all set off so they should be here at any moment.

"Brook" Nami spoke into her radio. After several seconds silent pause her device started to pick up the telltale background noise of a connected line. "Yes Nami, are you okay?" Brook responded slightly high-pitched. "Yes, I'm fine, I was just wondering if you'd heard anything from Luffy or anyone". A slightly longer pause followed this and Nami found her eyes wandering to the sleeping blob man once again.

"Well my dear, I do believe I have just spotted Zoro's new car approaching from the main road junction. Yo ho ho ho ho ho, ah there is Franky's love mobile as well" Brook eventually responded suddenly sounding a lot more jovial.

Nami physically face palmed. Out of all of the vehicles the Straw Hat's owned between them; they decided to pick the two that were the most unique and noticeable. Nami heard the Ferrari before she saw it; the engine was ridiculously loud, easily echoing off all the surrounding buildings. The previously sound asleep blob man from before was now half awake and craning his neck to see what was going on.

"Why the hell did you bring the Ferrari you complete green haired idiot?" Nami found herself screeching into her radio as Zoro came in range. His car suddenly came to an abrupt stop at an awkward angle two warehouses up from where Buggy's was. Franky's orange eyesore followed next to it and then Robin's far more sensible black Mini that Nami had only just taken notice of.

"Shut up witch!" came the eventual acid reply from the swordsman "you've been giving me shit for weeks that I don't use this car, then when I do use it, I get called an idiot, fuck you". Sanji's furious protestations on how Zoro should and should not talk to woman were quickly heard in the background but Nami ignored it. "You are an idiot! Thanks to that thing everyone in this entire area now knows we're here and that's not a hard car to forget! What if it gets damaged? You're such a moron!"

The bickering continued over the radio until Luffy's laughter was heard the loudest and clearest over all other communications. "Don't worry guys, it doesn't matter if people know we're here we'll get want we want anyway" Luffy assured. "Actually it would have been beneficial and likely quicker if we had been a little more inconspicuous" a deep sleepy voice cut in. Nami assumed this to be the Trafalgar Law they had all been talking about.

"If it didn't matter if you got noticed or not, why the hell did I have to be on observation all day?" Nami screeched, her anger raising a notch by each idiotic sentence that came out of her teams' mouths. "Guys!" Brook urgently cut in "you've got a lot of company coming your way both from the docks and Buggy's warehouse".

These were the magic words that managed to focus everyone again and the radio went dead. Stepping out of the vehicles Nami could see that this was time to be a crew. Zoro was actually equipped with three katana blades; Usopp however had a whole arsenal of ammunition strapped across is body. Franky and Chopper appeared to be wearing metal gloves of some sort. Everyone else though just seemed normal.

"Okay, Sanji, Zoro, Robin, Law, you're with me" Luffy quickly gave orders. "Usopp, Chopper, Franky" Luffy addressed a sudden huge smile taking over his face "go and have some fun".

The team split suddenly, Luffy's group heading towards the mass of oncoming lackeys while the rest stayed around the cars. Usopp after quickly observing that most of Buggy's extras were coming from the warehouse near the waterfront quickly scrambled to the top of Franky's van. Picking up two flash pellets he yelled at the top of his voice "shade!" and launched the two little balls from his custom slingshot.

The effect was almost instant; all Straw hats either moved the heads away or stopped and shielded their eyes as the brightest and hottest of white lights exploded over the plumbing warehouse. The sound of shrieks and groans were heard almost instantaneous.

As soon as the majority of the red disappeared from behind his shut eyelids Usopp took a quick observation of the intensity of the light left over. After deeming it safe he bellowed "clear!" The Straw Hats moved once more, only now Luffy's team were easily passing all of the temporarily blinded Clown Crew with ease.

The light blast had definitely alerted the rest of Buggy's Clown crew, however, Usopp could see a mixture of face painted morons running towards them. There was a mixture of angry, confused and some fearful emotions flitting over their faces as they approached. "Right" Usopp addressed the other two who were getting into defensive stances. "Let's keep these guys away from Buggy's warehouse".

Sanji was helpfully kicking any stray people out of the way as they blindly stumbled about rubbing at their eyes. He was leading the way between the plumbing warehouse and public footpath soon followed by Luffy who was delivering a swift punch here and there when necessary. Buggy's crew were still groaning but then all of Usopp's special ammunitions were deadly in there own way. The light blasts had definitely saved them a lot of energy from not having to fight their way through to the warehouse but Sanji would guess that trouble wouldn't be far away.

Sanji vowed not to go too near to Law, he promised to himself that he wouldn't sabotage Luffy's mission tonight but he swore that Law was smirking at him whenever he happened to look in his direction. The bastard was flanked between the beautiful Robin and the idiot marimo head in an entirely stupid black and white, fluffy, spotty hat. He didn't know how the marimo could be so damn calm around him after what he did to them both.

His excess frustrations helped send one surprisingly burly guy back into an empty pile of stacked crates when he had reached the corner that turned to Buggy's crappy clapped out warehouse. The entire grounds in front of the entrance were littered with junk. Rusty bike wheels, broken ladders, dirty microwaves, and bits off boats, food waste, it was disgusting.

Just as predicted though here stood three guys who were looking far too relaxed considering crewmen who couldn't see properly surrounded them. The first was an overweight dark skinned man with an unfortunate monobrow and odd shaped goatee. His vest was perhaps a couple of sizes too small for him and he was not looking particularly pleased to see them.

The one in the middle by contrast looked almost malnourished; his face had a sunken quality with his cheekbones a little too prominent. His head was covered in a black beanie hat that had pompoms on it and a clown logo but it couldn't distract from the hard look he had in his eyes.

The last however looked like he'd rather be having a kip somewhere then be here. He was just an average build but obviously had very tight curly ginger hair that he had attempted to flatten into a centre parting. The result just reminded Sanji of some kind of russet coloured mushroom, a mushroom with thick lips that is.

"Who are these guys?" Law lazily enquired, Sanji could help but get annoyed just by his damn voice. "I don't know but they all look weird" Luffy unwittingly responded as he revoltingly started to pick at his nose.

"Stop that!" Sanji exasperatedly spoke as he lightly hit their idiot leader in the back of the head. The connection produced an "oof" but at least it had the desired effect in that Luffy was no longer picking his nose in front of the enemy. "They're clearly part of Buggy's crew if that one in the middle has a stupid clown motif sewn into his woolly hat" Sanji unashamedly pointed to the skinny guy in the middle.

"If you don't mind" the skinny guy spoke up in a surprising pronounced voice "Who the hell are you and what the hell do you want?" He didn't seem that affected by our apparent lack of interest in them but Sanji could see that the other two were both preparing to fight. The strain of a muscle here and there and a shuffle of foot to improve an offensive stance spoke volumes to him. The skinny guy clearly had the most confidence then, not correcting his stance at all and was probably the strongest of the three.

"I'm Monkey D Luffy of the Straw Hat crew and I've come to speak to Buggy the Clown" Luffy declared fairly unenthusiastically, Sanji concluded that Luffy clearly didn't rate these guys much. Luffy had a bit of an unexplainable talent there; he could always see through people, know instantly how talented and passionate someone was or someone who needed him, equally he knew when people weren't worth his time.

"The Straw Hats?" the skinny guy repeated looking puzzled, he shared this face with his subordinates who then simultaneously adopted the same gormless expression. Sanji was beginning to get impatient. "Yes we're the Straw hat crew, now who the fuck are you? Not that we really give that much of a shit but we'd like to move on before it fully becomes winter if that's alright with you".

Law could be heard sniggering but Sanji purposefully ignored it, more importantly he heard the distinct shink sound of one of Zoro's blades being released from its protective casing. The skinny guy seemed to notice as well and appeared to quickly become nervous. "We've never had any encounters before with your crew, why are you fighting us? Look we're just performers, we do the tightrope, and we're called the Funan Brothers"

"Oh you're part of a circus?" Luffy asked seemingly impressed, all three guys eagerly nodded as response. "Well, you're still in our way and these other guys are starting to come around" Luffy vaguely pointed to the not so blinded anymore mob that had been slowly creeping in position to surround them.

It was instantaneous, the Funan Brothers as they called themselves were suddenly looking triumphant, Sanji wanted to laugh; they honestly thought that they had got them. "Sorry" the skinny guy spoke again; the other two apparently were mute "Buggy won't be seeing you this evening".

Everyone launched at them, the shitty lackeys were closest to Sanji raising their fists ready to punch him in the face. He quickly dropped to a crouched position and kicked upwards into as many of the fuckers who dared come near him. They were soon staggering off with bloody noses, mouths or a now excruciating pain in their crotch; others had been clear knocked out.

He flipped to a handstand and did one of his signature moves, spinning on his hands, his legs split above, and Sanji ploughed his forceful appendages into the masses of Buggy's idiot crew. Sanji had some satisfaction when he heard the odd yell or the certain cracking of a bone but he was getting a few stray spots of blood on his suit and he hated that, blood was a nightmare to get out of fabric.

As soon as he'd created enough of a clearing Sanji flipped back onto his legs but quickly had to dodge out of the way as Law actually threw the ginger Funan Brother head first into a pile of boat parts just behind him. Sanji just knew that the bastard threw the weirdo mushroom head towards him on purpose. "Watch where you throw shit Law!" Sanji angrily bellowed, but the fucker just shrugged then punched some other face painted clown idiot.

Sanji wanted to, he wanted to so badly give Law a swift but extremely painful kick up the backside. He started bee lining to him; the cocky bastard had it coming. His momentum was disrupted however, when his vision was filled with green moss, which completely threw him off kilt startled. "Don't be an idiot cook; there is time later for that. Behind you!" Zoro growled low.

Sanji, reluctantly agreeing with the marimo swung his leg back in the direction that the swordsman was looking at. He soon felt a connection swiftly followed by an agonised "Oof". "Whatever marimo" Sanji half heartedly sneered, getting lectured by Zoro was the worst, mainly because he knew he was smarter than the swordsman so he hated looking like a fool in front of him.

Zoro was soon off again though whipping the chubby Funan Brother with the back of his blade. Sanji had been on the receiving end of that attack many times, it was severely painful and the whip marks usually lasted a week afterwards. The Funan Brother was stumbling about everywhere trying to avoid being hit, not realising that he was getting backed towards the water of the Orange Channel. Sanji almost, almost, felt sorry for the Funan Brother, Zoro wasn't even being remotely serious with him.

Sanji turned and quickly scanned the situation. Most of the lackey's appeared to either be down or were running away, some clearly injured. Robin, magnificently in her amazing beauty elbowed some disgusting creep out of the way then knocked him on conscious with the pile of other bodies surrounding her. "Rooooobin, my love, are you hurt at all?" Sanji leapt towards her ready to kiss any of her sores away if need be.

"I'm fine Mr. Cook" Robin gloriously spoke and even presented him with one of her most charming smiles. Sanji was momentarily in heaven, he could imagine when Robin and he became an item, she would be in control of course but oh how he would love to be controlled by such a woman. He sighed to himself in content but then noticed that Robin had walked off towards Luffy who had the skinny Funan Brother in a headlock and appeared to be using him as some kind of battering ram to get the warehouse door open.

Sanji approached the scene without much else to do now "you're really no fun" Luffy was saying as he forced the guy into the door again. The skinny guy was whimpering as he tried to speak, Sanji couldn't understand a word of it though. His attention was distracted behind him when a high pitched yelp was heard followed by a distinctive splash of something heavy being dropped into water.

The chubby Funan Brother was now splashing like mad in an attempt to swim away from the swordsman to the bank on the other side of the channel. Well, that was one swimming away, one sprawled out within the junk of the grounds and the other was getting his head smashed in by Luffy.

As the swordsman approached Luffy gave one more knock with the skinny guys head. It had the desired effect the door was opening. Just as they anticipated who was behind the door, Luffy dropping the no longer needed skinny guy who cowered away, arms protecting his abused head. A loud fearful shriek rang through the night air that belonged to no other then his beloved Nami.

The first people to attack them were the groups who normally hung around the dock area, rather than the warehouse. They were obviously far away enough at the time of the light blast not to get too effected by it. Most were running on foot but Usopp could hear the revving of a bike engine here and there between the shouts and battle cries. He had just the thing for them for when they decided to appear.

Franky and Chopper spread out, Franky went towards the oncoming mob from the dock and Chopper towards the idiots still trying to pour out from between the plumbing warehouse and footpath. Usopp remained on the top of Franky's van; here is where he was going to get the best aim for his shots.

"There are about thirty people heading your way Franky" Nami was saying through the radio "there are others still in the dock but they appear to still be asleep". "Oh, Chopper" followed Brook's dandy lilt "it would appear that Luffy's group is doing away with some of the crew but a lot are still stumbling your way. I might suggest that the flashier weapons you have Usopp are used sparingly so we do not wake the whole neighbourhood".

Franky hollered his signature phrase of "Super!" as he swung with his powerful arms into the first line of attackers. These guys by far looked the angriest but despite Franky not only towering above them in height he must have been about double the width compared to their average builds.

Franky in one right-handed strike completely floored four men at once. His specially adapted gloves of light but strong metal plating made him an even deadlier powerhouse than normal. The dock crews stalled their approach now, trepidation flittering across many faces as they sized up their opponent.

Some obviously didn't fancy their chances and tried to get at Chopper, who at a mere 5 feet tall obviously looked like the easier target. "Strong left!" Franky bellowed again, he always tended to name his fighting moves but as silly as that seemed he sent a further five men flying back in the direction they originally came from.

Usopp heeding Brook's advice quickly slipped on some latex gloves and retrieved some of his less conspicuous ammunition. He quickly aimed at a group who were trying to all round on Chopper, Chopper was a good fighter but too much opposition was just unfair after all.

He aimed at the nape of the neck of the first man in a group who were rushing past him to get to Chopper. Usopp had six pellets in his hand, one for each of them; no excess in case his misaimed. He let the first little pellet, white with flecks of grey in it go and struck the man closest to reaching Chopper then within second long gaps shot the rest into the surrounding group.

At first the group hesitated, hands going to the back of their necks and turning on Usopp in a mixture of annoyance and confusion. "Get him!" one of the central group shouted, he had messy dirty blond hair and was only in shorts and t-shirt despite the chilly night temperature. Usopp grabbed some of his slightly stronger ammunition, this time little pellets of a vivid red and quickly aimed towards the group as the dirty blond started climbing onto Franky's van hood.

Usopp didn't strike he was waiting. He kicked back grabbing hands, one almost tripping him up. He didn't want to waste his precious pellets, luckily the ones he was currently using were homemade, anything to avoid regular trips to Thriller Bark Cupcakes. The blond was on his feet now and heading straight for him. Usopp reluctantly let go of the red pellet right in the assailants face.

This time the effect was immediate. The dirty blond started screaming, high pitched and agonised screaming as he pitifully clawed at his eyes. Usopp kicked him back, knocking him off his feet the blond stumbled back grabbing at his face covered in a mixture of salt, pepper and Naga Bhut Jalakiya, the hottest chilli pepper in the world.

The others in the group appeared startled at first but then they started to jerk. A skinhead even looked like he was starting some kind of elaborate street dance. Then the scratching came and the often amusing oohing and ahhing facial expressions. The first pellet sent was doing its thing at last; it always took a bit of time to react, sending an irritating itch that heated the skin and felt impossible to quench. The more they wiggled about the further the bits of power would spread as well, these guys were no longer a threat.

Usopp started firing at will then, catching out the strays but making sure he aimed in places that were not near the rest of his friends. Buggy's crew were foolishly giving him a wide birth, seeing the crying and wiggling men surrounding him, but marksmanship was his greatest strength, his weakest close range combat. Usopp smirked; he was beginning to enjoy himself.

Chopper quickly noticed that most of the mass of Buggy's crew were heading towards him, some were still partially blinded and stumbled about, other were running away, he wouldn't stop the ones who wanted no part of this fight. Chopper was often conflicted when it came to fights, he was training to be a doctor after all, and generally he tried to avoid injuring people any more then scraped skin.

Unfortunately Chopper couldn't rely on the people surrounding him to have the same amount of compassion as he did. They were clearly the types of people who didn't like to play fair, Chopper knew he was short, even the shortest of his opponents still had a good five inches on him.

They were fools though, after all even Chopper himself started out in fight clubs like Zoro, Luffy and Sanji. In fact these places were where the majority of the team all met one another. Chopper had always been the odd one out; he was of a slight build and was smarter beyond his years, in other words a constant target for closed-minded bullies.

Chopper saw that the Buggy crew had formed a convenient semi-circle surrounding him, he kept Robin's car to his back and out of his peripheral vision he could see that Usopp was clipping off people here and there with his itching pellets. He could hear the heckles too but paid them no mind "shrimp", "easy pickings", "he's a child", "dwarf" nothing he hadn't heard before, Chopper was just waiting for one of them to move.

"I'll finish the brat!" a badly receded but clearly young guy eventually stepped forward cheered and laughed on by all the others. He wasn't even focusing on Chopper as he stepped closer; he was much interested in lapping up the attention he was getting. Big mistake, Chopper thought and he ran at him as the fool raised his fist to whoop at the crowd, his back almost completely towards him.

There were some intakes of breath, some attempted but too late shouts from the surrounding crew to try and warn the receding guy but Chopper was fast. As fast as Luffy could be and he leapt on him, swung to his front, grabbed his head in his hands and rammed his hard head violently into his startled victims face. Chopper heard a crunch and knew at once he'd broken the guy's nose cartilage. A trickle of guild creeped down his spine at that knowledge but Chopper knew he had to act fast if he didn't want to be ganged upon.

With the aid of the gloves that Franky had given him, they were surprisingly light and flexible considering they were made of metal and leather. Chopper struck fast, his palm heel dealing a strong blow to the receding guy's temple. Chopper leapt away and immediately started on the shocked gatherers who watched, as the person they were so sure would beat him up with ease was now passed out on the floor with a broken nose.

Chopper not only had his medical knowledge but he had also received martial art training in his early teens. He knew that as long as he dealt a controlled enough force into his opponent's facial vital points, he could deal enough of a shock to their brains that they would be unconscious within seconds. It was a technique that Robin used as well and often only resulted in minor damage if any.

Chopper was a scrappy fighter though. He ploughed into Clown Crew with fists, elbows, knees; whatever appendage was closest to dealing a blow. When he couldn't get a blow to the head, he went for the diaphragm or the inside of an upper leg. The crowd soon dispersed, a pile of them out cold on the floor, others limping or trying to gain breath away from him. Luckily, more and more people appeared to be running away, the ones still staggering through the passage between the plumbing warehouse and path clearly having had enough.

Chopper suddenly jumped; he'd been so concentrated on what he was doing that a motorbike passing him by less than two meters away filled him with enough freight that he could feel his heart beating through every bone in his body.

Usopp knew they would eventually come out; the annoying idiots had been revving their engines for the last ten minutes. A group of about twenty or so bikers spread out entering the area from various small paths from the dock area. They were currently circling in front of them as they still fought off those brave or stupid enough to keep attacking them. The noise was bound to attract unwanted attention though; they needed to be dealt with quickly.

"Franky!" Usopp yelled "get rid of the bikes, they're making far too much noise. I'll hit the ones further away" he directed. He was still positioned on top of the van, his hand wandering to some of the more dangerous pellets secured to a belt across his chest. As Franky whooped another "Super!" Usopp deftly tipped the pellets he needed into his hand without taking his eyes away from enemy.

"Chopper! I need you to watch my back while I take out the bikers" Usopp hollered to the other side of him. Franky was already punching one poor bastard right off his seat. The bike clattered to the floor and eventually came to a halt after scraping down the cracked tarmac less than a meter away from the back of Franky's van. Chopper saluted him and proceeded to give a longhaired man with his face fully painted like an eagle a dead leg.

Franky was battling the guy he'd just knocked off the bike. A slightly tougher opponent due to him being of a similar physique to Franky himself. Usopp let the first pellet fly; this one was one of his favourites but it was certainly best used at a distance. The tiny pellet struck the gas tank of his target, cracking on impact. It wasn't Usopp's best shot; he was hoping the windshield would be struck. None of them wore helmets, a stupid move for them but certainly advantageous for Usopp.

Smoke quickly erupted from the pellet shell; it had a greenish tinge to it and thickened in seconds towards the drivers face. Usopp could see that the driver was initially worried; perhaps hitting the gas tank was a stroke of luck, for he obviously thought there was something wrong with it. However, his face soon changed to one of disgust when a full plume of smoke entered his nose.

Usopp always enjoyed this part, he struck a few more machines, while the drivers were distracted by their crewmate retching and coughing trying in vain to get the disgusting smell of one of his stink blasts out of his system.

Soon it became a chorus, most hit drivers were coughing a couple had even been sick; about six had done what he had wanted though and driven off, trying to get away from the smell. His little pellets were sulphur-based chemicals comprising of five different ingredients to resemble the stink of rotting carcasses and human faeces. He had to make them away from HQ because everyone complained about the smell of them; it was worth it though for simply observing the faces of his victims twist in often-comedic discomfort.

While Usopp had been busy Franky had been so too. He'd done away with the first biker he had knocked down; pulling down his elasticated waist jogging bottoms at the same time lifting up his overly baggy shirt to blind him. A swift kick to his bottom and the guy was sprawled on his belly before he made a hasty retreat back to the dockyard completely humiliated.

Franky had damaged a few of the other bikes; he had sent his metal-coated fist into a few wheels that happened upon him a little too closely. One guy flew clean over his handlebars when his front wheel suddenly bent at about a 45° angle. A couple of others he'd clipped zigzagged off trying their absolute best to keep control of their machines.

He was becoming more than aware of what the remaining crewmembers had suddenly decided however. A few had run off only to eventually return holding objects from tree branches to car hubcaps, anything they could swing in the hope it would cause damage. Only Franky noticed that their direction was a little off, they were focused more to the right of him and he just instinctively knew that they were planning on trashing Zoro's Ferrari.

"Yo bros!" Franky quickly called out. "Help me get rid of these dudes with the makeshift weapons; they're going to smash the Ferrari". He could see that both Chopper and Usopp were startled by his news but he could also see that they were both still heavily engaged in their own battles. Franky made a quick decision "okay, you keep on doing your own things, just leave it to me bros but cover me if you can".

After receiving two determined nods, Franky ran to intercept the closest attacker who was flailing a brick about in a bazaar pattern that Franky had no idea where the brick might get flung. The attacker in a well-worn beanie hat had a look of determination on his face and Franky prepared to give a strong left hook in case he needed to batter the brick back as well as the guy wielding it.

Just as he was about to engage the attacker though the beanie hat wearer tripped over his own feet. Franky wasn't expecting it or the sudden release of the brick that sailed over the top of his head. The momentum he had prepared for his "strong left" ended up smacking beanie hat in the head rather than his gut as he toppled forwards.

Franky's attention was more on the brick however, his face dropping in horror as the brick flew in a true direction directly for the rear side window of Zoro's beautiful car.


A tremendous scream pierced the night air drowning out all scuffles, yells and bike engines. Franky along with everyone else turned in the direction the scream came from. In doing so he noticed a puff of greenish smoke near the Ferrari with a rear window still intact.

Usopp! Franky thought smirking, as he knew who had saved the car from its fate with the brick. Unfortunately he'd used one of those horrible stinky pellets that made him gag. Stuffing his shirt up to cover his nose as much as possible he observed a curvy figure of a woman stood proud, legs apart, hand on hips however an expression so livid that Franky was taken aback.

Stood in front of a clapped out car on top of a red building across the street was Nami in a full rage. Still holding everyone's gobsmacked attention she growled low but loud enough for everyone to hear "If any of you dare scratch that car I will personally murder you!"