Oh the Joy out of All to eat One single Sweet;

But when All is just Sweets; what a Wonderful Treat!

And I play here right now in a World just for me,

As a Queen of these Sweets that are All I can see!

Nibble, dribble, bibble, Pop.

Biscuits, Donuts, Cherries on Top.

The Land is fresh Cake. The River's Black Tea!

Vanilla and Chocolate. Strawberries and Cream.

What's that Mommy? Would you like some more Tea?

We'll savor the flavors in our mouths abeam.

Smuffle, puffle, fluffle, fuff!

Ice cream, Pudding, Strudel and Fluff!

Cookies, Candies, Crackers and more;

Gumballs, Gumdrops, Gelatin galore.

Bring me some Cake and wonderful Charlotte.

Bring me some Cake and Strawberries scarlet.

Grumble, rumble, brumble, bliss!

Something is wrong, something amiss.

Canes and candles ahigh for this fabulous feast,

I can't help but know what is last but not least.

Now my Tummy is grumbly for that which I want,

the one Taste to beat Cake, Macaron and Croissant.

The Cheese!

The Cheese!

Oh Joy to Cheese!

What a wonderful treat that I know will appease!

Pyotr-chan, find some Cheese!

Find the Cheese, please oh please.

I want Cheese

I only want Cheese

Cure my tummy's starving disease.

. . . . . eh?

Now what candy is this? Can it really be Cheese?

Oh Wonder of wonders! There it truly be cheese?

Here come let me bite from this Sweet's finest Fold

Herenow let me chew from this Wrapping so Gold!


. . . . hrmff?

Now what here is this taste I once thought to be sweet?

What flavor on my tongue do these colors secrete?

So the shell is crunchy and moist but not chilling,

And the center oozes with tart cherry filling

Now the center is sweet like a strawberry drop

So I'll savor it faster than a Tootsie Pop

And the Wrapping is nice and tastes rather fresh,

How odd it be for it to taste like common flesh.

Oh this Candy so sweet! But it's nothing like Cheese,

And silly it be to think this better than Cheese!

So I'll savor the flavor of every prize,

And I see more Candy with a glow on my eyes.

"So which next should I try," now I ponder and vex;

Perhaps I will sample the Pink and Blue ones next.