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Quaritch stormed in, extremely pissed off. Parker had watched the whole escape from the security cameras. That was so brave and so very, very stupid of them.

At least no one got hurt from the Colonel's shooting. So he hoped, no one seemed to be hurt, but then again he could be wrong.

"I take it you didn't hit no one then." Said Parker.

"Oh no. I did get one bulls eye." Said Quaritch smugly.

"Who?" said Parker warily. Please don't let it be Grace. Please!

"Dr Grace Augustine." He said proudly. Parker's heart stopped, no, no he couldn't have shot Grace. She had seemed okay.

But he knew that the Colonel had impeccable aim, and had no doubt ended Grace's life, even if it would take only a few hours.

Parker dropped to the floor in despair, "No. Not Grace. Not my Grace." He repeated quietly to himself, tears gathering in his eyes.

"Get him out of here." Ordered Quaritch, and Parker was escorted out and to a cell. There he sat with his head in his hands and cried for his Grace.

I promised you forever and always Grace. I should never have hurt you.