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Austria closed the bathroom door, turning the faucet handles to let hot water pour into the bathtub. He stripped out of his clothes, sitting on the edge of the tub while it finished filling up.

The warm water was soothing after a long day. He sunk down to his chin in water and steam, closing his eyes and sighing.

He tried to relax, but to his annoyance, he remained just as tense as ever. He opened his eyes and glanced around the bathroom, glasses fogged over, obscuring his vision. e drew his knee up to his chest, stretching the other out over the remaining space.

The bathtub was more than big enough for two people. He'd seen that when he'd walked in earlier today, and found Italy and Germany, naked in a bath so full of bubbles they spilled onto the floor.

Germany had shot him a look that quite clearly said 'get the fuck out before I punch you in the throat.' Italy, however, didn't even seem to notice him. He scooped up his rubber duck in a handful of bubbles and dumped it on Germany's head.

"You've got a duckie, Germany!" He laughed, splashing his partner playfully. Germany seemed annoyed, but it quickly gave way to a longsuffering smile as he pulled the duck off his head and squeaked it.

Austria had left the bathroom after that, with a mumbled half apology.

And now, here he was, feeling lonely.

Yes, lonely. That was it.

Water splashed over him gently, as if trying (and failing) to console him.

He wished he had Hungary in here, with a rubber duck and a bunch of bubbles. He wished they could splash together, and just…be together…the way they used to.

What happened? Had he really been so blind that he couldn't see everything falling apart?


Hungary's eyes are full of tears, conflicted.

"I love you, Austria. I really do. But I can't...I can't keep doing this anymore. I..."

She wordlessly begged him to say something. Anything. But no words came. And so, Hungary left, and Austria's world became a whole lot colder.

Irritated, Austria drained the bathtub, stepping out and drying off with a huff.

So much for a relaxing soak in the tub.

He wrapped a towel around his waist, and then headed out of the bathroom to get dressed.

Germany and Italy were in their pajamas, snuggled up and sound asleep on the couch in the parlor. Austria pointedly turned his head away, grumbling to himself as he stalked away. When he got to his room, he made sure to slam the door loud enough to wake the happy couple.

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