The evil inside him, builds up through time he can feel,

He knows not what to do with it, nor how to deal.

This evil builds up, with nowhere to go,

It claws at his heart, disrupting the flow.

He hates what it's done to him, this evil inside,

No matter his efforts, from it he can't hide.

He is afraid he will hurt, himself he has no fear,

But is afraid he will hurt those who are so near.

So he shuts himself off, from the world he is in,

While half of him yearns to commit the ultimate sin.

No one can save him, of this he is sure,

For someone to save him, they'd have to be pure.

So pure of heart and pure of soul,

Unlike him, whose heart is tainted black as coal.

This evil's devouring him, slowly inside and out,

No one should know the pain he feels; of this he has no doubt.

So he runs away from reality, and locks out his former life,

He tries to remember living without all of this strife.

He needs a life-long saviour, so he can escape the pain,

He needs this saviour so badly, to help him stay sane.

He doesn't know how to handle living like this for much longer,

He needs someone to save him, of this he needs not ponder.

His sanity is growing thin while desperation growing thick,

He hopes to find his humanity before his mind gets sick.

Sick with thoughts of killing those who are so very dear,

Killing those whom he thought would be forever near.

Reassurance is what he needs that everything will be fine,

That the world will keep turning even after his time.

He needs to know before he goes that life for others won't halt,

That the evil inside will stay inside as he corrects his future faults.

He wonders what it will be like to be a full-fledged ghost,

Wonders if he'll still be Phantom, but in an overdose.

He thinks he'll know soon enough as he prepares to simply leave,

To leave his body and his mind in the hands of the naïve.

He hopes that once he is gone he will have found peace of mind,

He wants so desperately not to go; he wants so much more time.

He wants time to live and time to breathe but knows he is not worth it,

The evil in his mind makes him so and gives him the need to quit.

So prepare he does for his trip to the afterlife,

He holds to his heart the metaphorical knife.

The knife that will cut his ties forever from this plane,

And will carry him over to forget his life of pain.

But as he prepares to plunge this knife through his tainted heart,

He hears a voice through all the haze and his mind opens with a start.

He can feel the warmth and love and good trying to counteract his fate,

But through the hate and evil of his heart he fears his saviour might be too late.