Looks like I'm catching a second wind. Or third wind since this is the third time I left. Anyway, the reason I left is three reasons.

My father left (don't feel bad, it's a long time coming).

I was (and am) writing a story to get published.

The thing is I'm missing this, and I can't get recognition from something that is unpublished, so I'm turning to you guys to help me out. I'm no longer writing this as it got deleted, so I'm turning it into a Fanfiction story! Called Fanfiction. Huh you see. Anyway I figured if people on here like, so will other people. I created characters, but I'm converting them to P and F characters. Surprisingly, wasn't that tough. Hm.

That's the end, enjoy Fanfiction.

The moon rose over the hills and the clouds were becoming invisible. For a second, the two just looked up at the sky at their last look of the Heights before setting off. Michael stood…

"Isabella, I need your help! The washing machine is acting up again!"

"Can you give me a few minutes?" Isabella shouted and turned her head back to the computer monitor.

Michael stood and grabbed the hand of his partner and…

"Sweetie you know would but there is soap splashing everywhere!"

Isabella sighed and slid her fingers off of the keyboard. All she wanted was to get a few more words of her book, The Heights, in before school but another roadblock crossed her path. By the time she helped her foster mother with the washing machine, the bus would be on its way to pick her up to go to school.

And so her day began.

The beginning of school is always the same. She waited out her time before study hall so she could go to the library and finish writing that part. And soon enough it came. Freedom Bridge High was a pretty nice school, nothing too terrible but nothing to good. The hallways craved for new paint as the old was now faded blue and had some pretty nasty things written on them.

The double doors of the library were pretty standard as well, just a couple of faded white things blocking easy access.

Isabella walked through the doors and headed for the back of the library behind the bookshelves so no one could see her. Out of her backpack she pulled out her silver laptop and went to work.

Michael grabbed the hand of his partner, Veronica, and pulled her up.

"I'm going to miss this place." She admitted.

Michael scoffed. "We wouldn't have to leave if you didn't pull that robbery."

"I didn't know thattttttttttttttttttttt…

Isabella looked to her left and noticed a boy moving his lips to the words on her laptop. When he came to the stop he looked at her.

"She didn't know what?"

"What are you doing?"

"Reading your story," The boy told her. "She didn't know what?"

"Why were you reading my story?"

He stood up and offered his hand to help her up. "I saw you sitting over here writing I was curious. She didn't know what?"

She refused his offer to help her up and used the wall behind her to pull herself up. "If you want to know you will have to wait and read it when it's published like everyone else."

She walked away quickly and left the boy wondering what in the world he did wrong.

Outside of the library Isabella rushed past Freedom Bridge's power couple, Ferb and Adyson. However they weren't really a couple but an agreement. Ferb gets to acknowledge Adyson as his girlfriend, and Adyson gets Ferb as sort of a personal slave. On its faced it sort of looks unbalanced, but one mention of 'I'm dating Adyson' gets you invites to everything.

Still, Ferb was kind of getting tired of the idea.

"Oh yes, I forgot I need you to get tickets for the new Titanic movie in 3D for me and Kevin got it?"

Ferb walked along without a reply.


"Huh? Oh yeah sure. I got it."

"You weren't listening."

"I know."

Adyson shook her head. "Let me start again-"

"No! I mean I got it. I'll get you the ticket to Titanic-"

"Two tickets! I'm going with Kevin."

Ferb sighed. "Okay, two tickets then."

"Thanks sweetie." She kissed him on the forehead and ran off.

Ferb just sighed again. He looked up and noticed he was in front of the library. Might as well delve into a book.

He walked in and spotted his friend at the table in the middle of the large room.

Ferb walked over and sat down. "Hey Phineas."

"Hey Ferb. What are you doing here, shouldn't you be spending time taking orders from your master."

"Shut it."

"Sorry, I'm just trying to help you out."



Phineas looked back down at his book, knowing he wasn't going to stop. "Why do you put yourself through that?"

Ferb just glared at him.

"I'm just curious. Anyone else would've broken it off by now. You think Django Brown would put himself through that?" He pointed across the library to Django who was calmly reading his book at a separate table.

Ferb's eyes softened a little.

"Don't tell me."

Ferb shrugged.

Phineas quieted his voice a little and leaned across the table. "If she was going to come around she would've done it already."

Ferb glared at him again. Phineas eased up.

"Just saying."

And the both of them went back to reading their books.

Isabella headed to the library to finish this pivotal scene with no distractions, and this was an excellent place to do it. First, she erased all the random T's that she put last time at the surprise of that boy who interrupted her and went on.

"I didn't know that…"

Isabella frowned and laid her head on the library's desk. "You've got to be kidding me writer's block."

"Hey it's you!" Phineas said seeing Isabella writing.

"Oh great."

Phineas smiled and sat down across from her. "Awesome, good to know you're happy to see me. Anyway, how is the story going?"

"Not that it's any of your business, but I'm stuck."

"Oh I can help you."

He grabbed the computer and looked the story over.

"No I've got it." Isabella reached for her computed but Phineas pulled it away onto his lap.

"Let me."

He started hammering away on the keys and typing and backspacing letters. After about ten minutes of this, he finally stopped and gave the computer back. "And there you go."

"Yes thank you for wasting my time."

Phineas' phone buzzed signaling a text message. "Look at that, I have to leave anyway. My friend needs to borrow some money. Better not be about Adyson."

Phineas got up and left Isabella at her table. She looked at her laptop's screen. She knew she was just going delete what he wrote anyway, so she decided to read it to see the monstrosity.

"I didn't know that this was going to happen! If I did do you think I would've done it!"

Michael scoffed again and turned from her. She ran toward him and turned him around. "Hey, we are in this together. You had as much to do with that robbery as I did, if you are such a saint you would've stopped me. We are in this together."

Michael stared at her sudden fury. Her blue eyes burned and shined in such a weird, yet beautiful way. The earth stood still for a moment.

"Let's go." Veronica commanded.

Taking to her words, he did.

Isabella stared at the screen. She looked at the door to library again to make sure that he was gone. Once she was sure he was gone, she put her fingers on the trackpad. She pushed her fingers down on it clicking Save.

That was sort of a prologue. The next chapters will be longer. Anyway, hope you enjoyed. Review, and stick around for the drama coming around Fanfiction.