Phineas and Baljeet were tirelessly searching through mall to no avail of finding Ginger. Baljeet did find what he called 'groovy' shirt that was bombarded with different colors to make a rainbow effect on a circle. Phineas also found a way to make the twenty-five cent bubble gum that only lasts about to seconds last the two hours they were searching. Finally it was losing its taste while they were standing outside Lids.

"I guess technically I can consider this a success," Phineas said. He took the gum out of his mouth and dug into the sticky mess to find a micronized chip that he and Ferb created. "I didn't feel it at all when I was chewing and it lasted two hours."

"We've been here for two hours?" Baljeet shouted.

"I think so." Phineas checked his phone. The time was five o'clock. "Yep, two hours."

"That's it, I give up. I'm going home." Baljeet said defeated.

Phineas closed the phone in his fingers and was about to put it in his pocket until it buzzed. He looked at it.


"Hang on Baljeet," Phineas said and pressed the green button. "Hello?"

He heard Isabella sniff. "Phineas?"

"Isabella what's wrong?"

"Just," she sniffed again. "Come over. Please."

"Yeah I'll be right over."

He shut his phone and looked at Baljeet who was curious about the conversation. "I have to go see what's wrong with Isabella anyway."

Baljeet nodded. "Good let's go."

Phineas ran off and right before Baljeet was about to follow him he felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned around and noticed a girl with a light brown complexion and long jet black hair with bangs that flew in front of her comforting brown eyes. She was wearing a plain white shirt and long blue jeans and she was smiling big time when she found out that was indeed Baljeet who she tapped.

"It is you!" She said happily.

Baljeet nodded nervously. "Where have you been?"

"I was originally coming here but Holly caught up with me before I could because she wanted my help with something."

"Oh, that's nice." Baljeet squeaked.

"Anyway Stacy texted me and said that you and Phineas were looking for me."

Baljeet's eyes widened. "Well we were, but it's not important if you're busy."

Ginger giggled. "I'm not busy. Want to go to the food court with me?"

Baljeet nodded happily and offered his hand. Ginger happily accepted and intertwined their fingers.

Finally Baljeet sighed in relief.

Phineas ran from the mall to the distressed Isabella's house. When he got there he was tired like a dog that ran a marathon but he persevered and knocked on the door. When it opened a little girl standing there who he had now came to know as Piper answered.

"Phineas!" She exclaimed.

"Hey Piper, is Isabella here?"

Piper nodded. "She's upstairs."

Phineas walked up the stairs and looked and saw the computer room door closed. He turned the knob slowly and looked inside. Sitting on the computer chair was a sobbing Isabella.


Isabella interrupted him by throwing her arms around him. Phineas didn't know exactly what was going on but her held on to her tightly. Isabella cried and cried which soaked Phineas shirt more than the sweat did from him running all the way to her house.

"It's her." Isabella spit out through all the crying.



"What about her?"

Isabella pointed to the computer screen. Phineas tried to let go of Isabella to look but she refused. "Keep hugging me." She told him.

It made the task more difficult but he walked to the computer screen and looked. On the screen was an adoption file. Elizabeth Porter's picture was plastered on the side.

This woman was Isabella's birth mother.

Phineas was almost as shocked as Isabella was. He didn't know exactly what to say so instead he just squeezed her tighter. Eventually he noticed Isabella had cried herself to sleep. He looked to the couch next to them and slowly placed her on it. He then ran out to find Isabella's room, when he did he grabbed the blanket off and brought it back to the couch and covered her up.

For an unknown reason he smiled when he looked at her asleep. Probably because this was the first time he saw her absolutely calm. He went to the computer and minimized the screen and pulled up a Word Document.


Today was… interesting. Charlotte found a clue that led to the next clue of the book. Unfortunately they are puzzled in a form where you have to have one for the other to work and by then we were found and attacked. I left unscathed but Charlotte took a few bruises. Well enough to make her pass out.

I was forced to drag her all the way out of there to a safe campsite. I'm not sure if we were followed. I guess if they were to attack they would've done it already. Charlotte is still fast asleep. Of course this does not leave this journal entry…

She's really cute when she's asleep. ;)

Phineas smiled and headed back to his home.

"Hang on Katie!"

Both Gretchen and Ferb looked amazingly embarrassed and confused about what to do. Eventually Gretchen decided to head out the back door and left Ferb to deal with his friend from England by himself.

When he was sure Gretchen was gone Ferb answered the door. He looked and saw his old friend diving and flying in for a hug. He questionably embraced her and let go.

"Good to see you again!" Katie said walking in.

Ferb rubbed his eyes to make sure he wasn't dreaming. When he figured out it wasn't he was pretty disappointed since he was wishing Gretchen was still here. But Katie was almost a good exception. He was surprised at how much different he looked since he last saw her.

Of course she was seven back then.

"Still the quiet fellow?" Katie asked curiously.

Ferb nodded.

"Same old Ferb." She smiled.

"Where are my parents?" Ferb questioned.

"They are over at my new house. They told me to come get you."

Ferb's eyes almost popped out of his head. "You're moving here?"

Katie chuckled. "Figured that would get you talking. Come on."

Ferb sighed and followed. Before he realized Katie reached to grab his hand much to Ferb's chagrin. He huffed from annoyance.

This was trouble.

Gretchen breathed heavily from all of the running. One minute she was finally enjoying the sweet taste of three years of crushing on Ferb and the next she was on the run from this mystery person with terrible nicknames.

She decided to go to the park. It was the only place where she could really relax and be alone. The sun was going down on another day which made it almost perfect. While she was walking up the long trek to the park she heard a guitar being played rather poorly.

When she got up it was Baljeet trying to strum the stings and Ginger giggling at the fact he was doing it pretty bad.

"I haven't played this in a long time." Baljeet explained.

"I remember that. You where pretty kawaī back then." Ginger's said batting her eyes.

Baljeet huffed. "I need to learn Japanese so I can know what you mean."

Gretchen sighed and decided against the park. No need to ruin their date.

She checked her phone. No calls or texts from anyway. Just before she closed it the phone rang. It was Ferb.

Sorry we were interrupted but an old friend came to visit. I'm free tomorrow if you want to come back over. :)

Gretchen smiled and texted back.

Love to.

Sorry about the weird ending. I couldn't think of anything. Well hope you enjoyed that. See ya!