By owen flaherty

Spsiderman was one day walking on the road today and then suddenly out of not anywhere somebody came out of dark and it was rhino man. Yes Spideyman, said rhino man with an evil. I am will going to headbutt on you because that's my attack said rhino man. no way said siderpan and he did web shoot attack to rhino and made him not anymore attacking. So then venumt and carnaj went attack spdrmn but and then he stopped them and then made kisses to jary mane's face. But then modok came and said I am mmmmmmmm organism designing only killing. And then he shot head laser at mary jane and put death to her. SpiderMAAAAAn said !111111!11!1!11!1!1!11!11!11
said moduck and he then exploded bcaus giant goliath stepped his foot on him and modok is only a little head that his a lot small and not as big as henry pym's foot when he is goliath man because he has a lot of heavy but then spidermand webshooted up to man giant and did a hi-five to his hand because thyey were fellow hero friends together of course. So then they were walking and they ran into mrs fantastic four but then because she was the invisible female they didn't saw her with ther eyes at all so they just fell down for no reason. Then deadpole said hahahahahah I made a joke because I kill a lot of people but I am still funny and stfuff. So pidersman said hey man what's the big idea! Becaues deadpool's cotsume looks kinda like the same as spiderguy's costume so spidrmann was tricked but it was really just deadpool. Then wolevrene said todeadpoool HEY BUB SNIKT BUB STOP BEING HERE BECAUSE I DON'T LIKE YOU BUB SNIKT AND NOW I'M GOING TO SNIKT YOU SO HARD WITH MY BUB CLAWS. And he did but deadpool didn't die because he doesn't do that, but so then he shot logan AKA WOLVERIEFN but he doesn't die either because they both have ADAAMTINAONM. And then spiderman said HEY STOP GUYS BECAUSE WE SHOULD BE FRIENDS TO FIGHT BAD GUYS. But then silver surfer came to earth and said hi because galactus was behind him and the galaxtus ate earth becuaz he eats platnets as his job power. BUT THEN IT WAS EARTH ONE THE WHOLE TIME! (which is actually not in marvel, but dc with heroes such as baman souperman and falsh) so it turned out that marvel universe is inside dc universe and hten a vertex opened in space and it was a plot twist and everyone died still because galaazytos ate them on the planet plant. THE END
to be continued…