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Kisame had learned a few things about Itachi in the time they'd been together. For one, he learned that Itachi was earily calm on the surface, slow to anger and quite docile in most situations. He brushed off most things with a gentle smile, or a glare at worst. Usually, Itachi was calm.

He also learned that, sometimes, when someone provoked him just right, Itachi could snap and go completely batshit INSANE.

Kisame had only had the (dis)pleasure of seeing this hidden anger once. They had been on a mission to the Wave Country, and up to that point everything had gone to the letter. No bloodshed, no muss, no fuss...that is, until some jerkass who had nothing to do with anything went and fucked everything up.

Itachi froze in his tracks, eyes narrowed and brow furrowed in concentration. Kisame opened his mouth to ask a what was wrong, but soon could hear what Itachi was hearing.

Screams. Desperate, pained, pleading screams. Slamming, smashing and crashing.

"Father, please! I'm sorry!"

"Shut up, you worthless little shit!"

Itachi's fingers twitched. His eyes narrowed even furthee as he turned to face the building the noise was coming from.

Itachi broke down the door to the tiny, run down little house, his entire body trembling. In the center of the room, a father stood towering over the helpless figure of a shivering, bloody child. A woman lay lifeless on the floor, not moving. Not breathing.

And that was when Itachi SNAPPED.

He flew into the room like lightning, Sharingan bursting into life. The man couldn't do more than turn in surprise before Itachi was on him, eyes wild with a fury Kisame had never seen before.

All refinement was forgotten as he pounded against the man's body with blows so fierce that bones cracked beneath his fists. The child stared, wide eyed. Horrified.
Itachi could knock down trees with those fists of his, Kisame remembered quite well.

And he didn't stop beating the man. Not even after he stopped moving.

"Itachi-san! Itachi-san, stop it!"

Itachi growled and thrashed around, flailing his limbs around violently.

After a few minutes, he finally stopped, going limp in Kisame's arms. His body trembled, and he started sobbing.

Kisame had never seen Itachi lose control like that.

He hugged Itachi close, stroking his long, dark hair. Itachi's breathing was shaky, but he did calm down.

"Itachi-san, that's enough."

"Itachi-san, about today-"

"I don't want to talk about it."

"I mean, that guy was a dirtbag and all, but did you have to-"


Itachi's Sharingan glared, head whipping around to face him.

"Only the most disgusting, lowlife, monstrous person would do such awful things to an innocent child. Am I clear, Kisame?" He growled, his voice dangerously low. "Only the lowest of the low ever harm children, particularly one so young."

Kisame decided not to press any further. He stretched out on the hotel bed and closed his eyes, leaving Itachi to the workings of his mind.

"...Particularly one's father."

"Hm?" Kisame opened one eye.
"A father is supposed to protect be kind...not to hurt. Never to hurt."

Itachi looked away, hiding the eyes that were the gateways to a soul Kisame wasn't quite sure he wanted to see. He couldn't help but wonder what the hell went on in Itachi's fucked up mind.

For the first time, Kisame noticed a jagged scar on Itachi's upper back.

He didn't ask about it. Because he didn't want to know.

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