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Chapter 4: the path of truth you'll follow... Hey, I never said it was going to be easy!

'You own us a little explanation, don't you think?' Saizou growled at the annoying man standing next to him and Isanami.

'What a rude little spy!' said man exclaimed, his smile brightening. 'I'm the one who just saved you and that's how you thank me?'

'You didn't do that out of kindness or pity. Men as wealthy as you-' At this point, he gestured to the huge mansion standing in front of them '-always have a hidden motive for doing things.'

He glared at Yukimura, who answered with a playful wink.

Deciding that slaughtering their savior was definitely not the right thing to do at the moment (though he wanted to... hell, he wanted to), the spy turned his back to him, stomping away in the direction of the mansion. A polite butler welcomed him and asked if he wanted to be shown his apartments. He found himself even more pissed when he realized the two he had left behind were inevitably going to enter the mansion as well. I should have gone the other way...

The spy walked up to the butler and followed him to a long corridor on the first floor and to a room with hotel-like ornaments. After the departure of the butler, he sat on the bed, thinking. He had pretty much gone through the entire mansion while guided by the man. And a particular room had caught his attention... or rather what he had seen in it.

The door was just like every other door in the house, and if it hadn't been slightly open, he would have just gone past it without a second glance. But an unnatural light was filtering through the opening, so, naturally, Saizou had pushed the door. Silently, to avoid drawing the butler's attention. The interior was a small room devoid of any windows. There was a little table in the center. The light was coming from what seemed like... A laptop, Saizou had realized. On the screen were only five words: 'Enter password to access data.'

The spy had briefly wondered what kind of data was kept in the computer, but had been interrupted by the butler who had gently led him out of the room and back to the corridor, muttering he wasn't allowed in this area. So it's important stuff... Saizou had understood, gazing at the confused face of the butler, a sly grin playing on his lips. Worth a little night walk, isn't it?

. . .

'Don't be mad at Lord Yukimura... He told me he would bring us to the Ministry of Defense tomorrow and explain the whole situation to us.' Isanami said, a sheepish smile on her exhausted face. 'I'm going to bed... Good night...' she added, wrapping herself up in the sheets. Saizou felt a surge of annoyance bubble into his chest as he thought about Yukimura, but shrugged it off, knowing he would be needing all of his concentration for what was coming.

He waited a few minutes for Isanami to fall asleep (wondering mildly why she had to sleep in his room in the first place), and soundlessly slipped out of the room and into the corridor. Luckily for him, the intriguing room was situated in the same part of the mansion as his apartments. He walked to it, sending glances around him to be sure he was alone. Turning the doorknob, and seeing the door was unlocked, he felt a little wary; after all he had clearly shown his interest in the room to the butler... but curiosity won over security, and he sneaked into the room quietly.

Nothing had changed: the laptop was still open with the same five words dancing on its screen.

Spotting a white board filled with writings on the wall behind the computer, the spy neared it and realized it gathered the possible passwords already tested. The word 'cookie' was written in the middle of the surface in capital red letters, and several lines ran along from it to reach other words. He followed one and was not surprised to read the name 'Isanami' at the end of it. Though for an unknown reason, Isanami was linked to 'key' and 'minister of defense'.

He didn't have time to study the board any longer: the doorknob was turned once more, and two voices could be heard, coming from the corridor. The spy froze. This room had absolutely no hiding place!

Saizou hung on to his last straw of hope and raised his head to the ceiling. Is the room narrow enough to allow me to hide up there? That is the question!

In one swift movement, he leaned on two of the walls with his hands and feet, beginning his quick ascension to the ceiling. When he arrived he was panting a little but had a dashing view of the two men who entered the room. Hopefully for the spy, they were practically arguing and had stayed at the door for a handful of precious seconds; and they didn't pay attention one bit to his panting.

One of the men was Yukimura. As always he seemed amused by the discussion, and had a bright grin on his face, even when the other man, a tall and slim figure Saizou didn't know, appeared to be pretty pissed. His face gave a feminine aura with his dark blue hair hiding part of it, his deep purple eyes and the tiny beauty spot near his mouth. He wore dark clothes that let his toned stomach show. And another weirdo enters... Saizou sighed inwardly.

'I'm telling you it's not a good a good idea.' The blue haired man said, his tone firm but his voice kept low.

'We'll have to tell him eventually, so why not right now?' Yukimura retorted, still smiling.

Talking about me, huh?

'Because-' at that moment the thin man sighed heavily, obviously upset. He pulled something from his pocket, a little item glistening in the faint light coming from the laptop. Oh no, the spy thought immediately. Fast, the man threw what happened to be a small knife, without a glance at his target. It landed in the center of the word 'cookie', on the white board. '-because Cookie's not a game, and we don't know if he's trustworthy or not.'

Uh... I thought I was a goner... Saizou thought, relaxing a bit (as much as someone who is currently holding with his arms and legs on the walls of a room can relax).

After a small silence, Yukimura found something to retort:

'He has saved the Key and kept her with him all this while, of course he is! Come on, you're just thinking too much, as always!'

'He is a danger! Do you want me to prove it?' Yukimura just kept on smiling at that outburst. The man seemed to take it as a 'yes'. He swiftly drew another blade from his pocket, and threw it, obviously confident in his success, this time right at the ceiling.

The spy's heart raced. He reacted as fast as he could, unlocking part of his hold on the walls. The knife merely brushed his scalp.

He emitted a muffled sound as he stopped moving and all the air left his lungs at once. Great! He was now head down, legs still outstretched above him, somehow facing Yukimura. Who was surprisingly enough not surprised.

'Saizou!' he exclaimed happily. 'Having a good night?' he added casually, like it was utterly normal for him to meet a man hung by the feet like a freaking bat in the middle of the night. In a room supposedly secret.

The intruder didn't respond, and just jumped off, landing on the floor harmlessly. Standing up, he turned to the blue haired man who had just attempted to kill him.

'What was that for?' he yelled threateningly.

'See, Lord Yukimura?', the man said, his voice as cold as ice, completely ignoring the fuming spy. 'This...' at this point, there was a little blank, like he was searching for an appropriate word to call Saizou. Not finding anything, he continued: '...this person really is a threat.' He had such a tone that Saizou almost felt insulted to be called a 'person'.

The two kept on staring at each other until a friendly hand rested on their shoulder.

'Enough of it already! We're not here to fight but to escort our dear guest to his room!' Yukimura stepped in, pulling them towards the corridor.

A heavy silence settled between the three, only occasionally broken by Yukimura, who failed to lighten the mood.

Saizou was kissed good night on the doorstep of his room (yes, literally. He would remember this night for the rest of his life). He collapsed on the bed next to a soundly sleeping Isanami and fell asleep instantly, his muscles and mind claiming some rest.

. . .

When he had woken up the next morning, Saizou had really meant to try not to behave like the grumpy, moody, annoyed Saizou, knowing their visit to the Ministry would disperse the clouds of ignorance floating in his head. He had really meant to try and be in a good mood for once, since all he had done so far was getting pissed at Isanami, and more recently at Yukimura and the guy from last night – a certain Rokuro (not without a reason, but still).

So when he had greeted a rather hungry Isanami in their (so unfairly... – no!) shared room, he was all smiley and went as far as to answer to her 'good morning!' (much to her surprise, obviously. She was already used to the grumpy, moody, annoyed Saizou, sad to say). When they had gone downstairs and seen Yukimura and Rokuro, he had tried to listen to Yukimura's morning speech (though he had glared a bit at the man next to him); when they had left the mansion in an ostentatious shiny limo, he had behaved quite right.

And now he was sitting between a cheery Isanami exclaiming she had had a great breakfast and a cold Rokuro shooting daggers (metaphorically speaking, of course) at him; and he wasn't sure if he could maintain his good mood afloat any longer. He felt his temper (and a great headache) flare dangerously to life, but he closed his eyes and started breathing in and out slowly. To his surprise and pride, he managed not to 1)say to Isanami's face that he didn't give a damn if she had eaten two whole plates of bacon and 2)give in to Rokuro's little game, for the rest of the trip.

Though by the time they arrived at the Ministry of Defense, he was only barely able to put up a neutral face, and jumped out of the limo as fast as he could. Which was very, very fast. They entered the modern building and sat on chairs in what seemed like the waiting room of the Ministry.

Yukimura explained with a somewhat sheepish smile that although the minister was one of his friends, he was still the Japanese Minister of Defense, and as such he had a pretty full schedule.

The spy, who had once succeeded in the very perilous mission of entering the Ministry of Defense to retrieve some information about the storing of nuclear weapons in Hokkaido, which also included a little trip to the monitoring room to, err... erase the videos were he appeared, didn't remember anything like a waiting room. But then again, he really hadn't payed attention to every little detail on his way to the minister's office that night, so... Saizou shrugged, trying to stop thinking about it, feeling a tad claustrophobic at the moment.

He sighed, and looked around him. Blinked.



Alone. He was alone in the little waiting room. Standing up abruptly, he walked out of the room at a fast pace, wondering where his fellows could have gone. Had he been that engrossed in his memories that he hadn't noticed them leave without him? Well, obviously, he had.

The spy arrived in another plain room. A big counter stood in the middle of it. He stepped to it and addressed to the secretary, explaining her his... issue. The secretary, a young woman whose name was Sakura, according to the little tag pinned to her spotless blouse, smiled in a mechanical way and answered, her voice as dull as the voices in train stations:

'Yukimura-sama is to have an important meeting with Mr Minister any moment now.'

Just like I thought... Why must they always do something to piss me off so badly when I try being nice? Saizou sulked, murderous intents filling his mind, the expression 'good mood' definitely ruled out of his dictionary.

'Then, could you tell me where he is?' he managed to ask politely to the secretary. 'Because I'm supposed to take part in that meeting.'

'I'm sorry, I can't let you in when I'm not sure of your identity.' Sakura's dull voice asserted. 'Please fill in this form so that we can take in your request.' she said, handing him a little piece of paper.

What does she think, that I'm a spy in a mission to steal some top secret information? Saizou thought angrily before realizing that it was exactly what he had done the first time he had come here. A little shameful, he grabbed the form and started filling it. It seemed to him completely useless to do so, but he still answered all the questions and turned it to the secretary.

'Oh, I'm so sorry!' she said as dully as ever when she saw the piece of paper the spy was handing her. 'I gave you the wrong form. This one is for companies. Here, this one is the good one.'

What is it, a freaking insurance agency? Saizou thought grumpily, eying the form and the secretary nastily. Deciding enough was enough, and that he wasn't here to play around with an emotionless secretary, he swiftly turned on his heels, trying to remember the shortest way to the Minister's office. He sped up the pace when he spotted two stoic bodyguards wearing black tuxedos and surely armed to the teeth. Not that two bodyguards were scaring the spy, but there was certainly an army of over-trained men waiting for him to go past them, and he wasn't quite ready for that.

So he hurried through the corridors, more and more bodyguards taking part in the race, shouting at him to stop. As he arrived in the corridor he knew led to the right door, he was practically chased by every single bodyguard of Tokyo, and was barely able to outrun them. That's when the spy spotted him, chatting nonchalantly with his fellows outside of the office. He cursed inwardly. Yet a great sense of relief hit him, and he sped up a little bit in the last few meters.

He reached the little group just after they had noticed him (or rather, them). Isanami waved to him as though the bodyguards running after him didn't even exist. Rokuro smiled in a serves-you-right way that could mean only one thing: he was definitely part of this. Not a surprise here, but still.

Yukimura grabbed him by the collar ruthlessly.

'A little payback for last night. Hope you liked it.' he whispered in his ear, his voice as sweet as ever. Then he released him a gave him his trademark mischievous smile.

Scary. Another word to add to Yukimura's already long character list, just between annoying and egocentric, the spy thought while trying to recover his composure.

He was utterly astonished. Yukimura had set a whole waiting room in the Japanese Ministry of Defense, had hired a secretary and loads of bodyguards to chase him through the building, created forms for him to fill, as a payback? What kind of prank was that? Powerful and mad were quickly added to the list.

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