Hello, there. This story is a collection of the writings I did for Tumblr's Quick Week. They were supposed to all be drabbles, but some of them got a little long because I couldn't help it. The order I post them in here won't be the same order I posted them in on Tumblr. This will be (somewhat?) chronological. The chapter names will be the prompt that was given for that specific day of Quick Week. Anyways, enjoy!

Forever a Family

The boys were lined up on their stools, ready to sing, but as far as Quinn was concerned, the Lady Gaga number the girls and Kurt had done couldn't possibly be topped by any Kiss song the boys could do.

Puck started the song off, and even though Quinn had just decided that she wasn't going to be impressed, she realized that he was looking straight at her. He was unarmed and vulnerable without his guitar and his typically provocative dance moves, just singing gently from his stool as if he did so all the time.

Puck was singing to her.

She didn't know quite how to process it. She thought she would be able to breathe properly again when he stopped singing during the instrumental break, but it only got worse as he focused all his energy on staring her down, trying to convey everything that he would never be able to put into words.

All she could do was stare back and cross her arms over her stomach where her nameless little girl had started moving around. She was almost unnerved by the situation; he could ask for anything right then, and she might have said yes.

Quinn didn't understand the song choice until Puck asked to be able to witness his daughter's birth and to name her Beth.

Quinn, speechless, could only nod.

She didn't want to name the baby at first, but now that she thinks about it, Beth is a lot better than Drizzle or Jackie Daniels.