So I was trying to write this chapter, and it did the most annoying thing: it turned into a one-shot with a billion miles of potential for expansion. And so, that will be a separate story that I will post sometime in the future. Below is my second, shorter attempt at this chapter, which I hope you enjoy.

Quinn adjusted her cap one last time before she walked across the stage to receive her diploma. It was the day she had been waiting for: the day she became a Yale graduate.

She looked out into the crowd to find her row of supporters and smiled. There was her mom and Frannie, Mercedes and her mom, Finn and Rachel, Shelby and Beth, and last but not least, Noah Puckerman.

Quinn wondered what the old version of herself would think about the people who had come to see her graduate. It was amazing how many broken relationships had mended there, amazing how much hatred had turned to love. She said a quick prayer before her name was called, thanking God for each one of them and how they helped her get to where she was.

"Quinn Fabray!"

A smile broke out on her face as she crossed the stage to receive her diploma and heard the cheers of the people who came to see her.

As she was descending the stairs of the platform, she looked at Beth, who was standing on her chair and waving wildly. Quinn waved back and blew her a kiss, but Puck reached his hand in front of Beth and caught it.

Even from a distance, Quinn could hear Beth squeal indignantly, "Daddy!"

He gave her an appeasing smile and then handed the intercepted kiss to her, which she snatched happily.

After the ceremony, Quinn ran over to them, heels and all. Puck caught her in his arms and gave her a kiss, and then Beth wrapped herself around Quinn's legs.

The rest of the group descended upon her in a giant group hug, and as she felt them all close in around her, forcing her closer to Puck, she knew she was both loved and in love.

And that's all she had ever wanted.

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