Shrouded in Darkness
Naruto x Kitty Pryde
Author's Note

I'm having trouble deciding which of my stories to update so new stories. This is based of the Ultimate version essentially. Unlike the cartoons or 616, and a few what ifs I've never really read too many Ultimate Comics so you'll find I'll tend to blend them in with the cartoons or 616 versions.

Now, the first of my Shadow-Fox Fanfics.
Story Start

'Today is definitely going to be the day. I can't keep spazzing out whenever I think of him.'
Katherine Pryde, A.K.A. Kitty thought as she held the phone in her hand. 'Come on girl. You've fought against dangerous criminals and aliens. This should be no problem.'she chastised herself. She began thinking back to that fateful day she met him. She was on the train, listening to her I-pod as she began dozing off. Suddenly an explosion in the front sent her reeling back. She was so startled she barely had time to register what was going on and grabbed onto the rail. ''Heelp!'' she cried out, knowing her power wasn't in use.

''Today is the day you die Shinobi!" this boisterous voice belonged to none other than Thunder. A not so bright and unoriginal lightning themed villain.

''That was so bland and unoriginal I don't even have a witty response.'' Shinobi as he called himself also went by the name of Naruto. Blond hair, blue eyes, and was a high school student.

''Shut up and fry!'' he said as he sent a burst of electricity through the car. The force of the blast jolted the already derailing car and as a result Kitty lost her grip.

She cried out as she began to scream only to be caught. ''Don't worry,'' the blond assured her as he reached into his coat and tossed some explosive tags into the car. ''I got you.'' he added before shielding her from the following blast. Dropping down to the street he assured her that everything will be okay.''Sorry about that, but at least you're okay...'' he began.

''Watch out!" Kitty cried out as the blond was blasted into a car by a stream of lightning. Thunder, singed and cut off limped towards the blond as the humming echo from the machine on his back began picking up.

''You think Thunder can be beaten so easily? I'll make you pay for that.'' the man theatrically declared.

Naruto stood up, dusted himself off as he brought up his hands. ''Alright, you've managed to piss me off. You're going down.'' Naruto exclaimed as he shot forward, only for Thunder to activate his belt and activate an electrical field that shocked Naruto in place and began running several thousand volts of electricity through his body.

Kitty couldn't just stand by and do nothing. So she decided to disable the man's ability to fight.

''Hah! None can defeat the mighty THUNDER!" he shouted.

''I'd consider that last statement Sparky!'' Kitty declared as she phased right through the man and began short circuiting his tech.

''What...WHAT'S GOING ON?'' he cried out.

''This!" Kitty ended with emphasis as she spun around and landed a kick in his stomach.

The villain doubled over in pain, clutching his stomach with one hand he lashed out and fired a blast of lightning out indiscriminately. Kitty phased right through it.

Before Thunder could attack again Naruto elbowed him from above into the ground rendering him unconscious. ''I owe you one,'' Naruto thanked Kitty. ''You saved my life.'' he chuckled.

Kitty shied away, rolling one of her fingers through her hair. ''Well you kind of saved my life first.'' she said with a faint blush. 'He's really cute.' she thought.

''I'm Naruto Uzumaki, I go by Shinobi as well.'' he introduced himself.

Kitty thought about it for a moment before her eyes widened in realization. ''Yeah, I know you. You're the new guy everyone is talking about. The Ninja.'' she trailed on and began asking numerous questions, as Naruto's smile widened. ''Oh, um, I'm such a spaz. I haven't even told you my name.''

''Katherine Pryde of the X-men.'' he answered for her, causing her to gasp.

''How'd you know?'' she couldn't help but ask. She almost face palmed, of course, the identities of the former Bayville mutant students wasn't revealed too long ago.

He chuckled,''I have my ways. I was just happy to help a pretty girl. Now if you will excuse me I have to be off.'' he said, taking off before Kitty could ask him anything else.

So imagine her surprise when said guy started going to her new school, taking the same classes as her. So what started was a single encounter soon brought forth interest with brought forth a crush.

''I so cannot do this.'' Kitty stated. Her stomach was fluttering all over the place like a massive butterfly had taken its residence there. Jean gave her an encouraging look, trying to be sympathetic.

"What's the worst thing that can happen?" Ororo asked, better known as Storm, placing the phone in her hand.

"He could say no." she mumbled. "It's not out of the realm of possibilities." after all, why go for her when every pretty girl, especially those with bombshell bodies seemed to hang all over him. Especially Misty and the pair that were about the size of her head.

Jean took the phone from Kitty's hand; just as her fingers were about to type in a number a ring echoed to life in Kitty's phone. Kitty quickly snatched at the number, and rose an eyebrow. She didn't recognize it. ''Hello?''

''Is this Kitty Pryde?'' the voice on the other end asked.

''Yes,'' she unsurely answered.

''Remember me. You saved my life from Thunder. Your one and only Amazing Shinobi.''

''Naruto!'' Kitty gasped in surprise a little bit louder than she intended to. Jean snickered and Kitty sent her a semi-angry glance."Leave!" the red-head left with a teasing grin.

''So um...'' she stammered. "How did you get this number?"

''Your friend Kurt gave it to me.''

''Oh...'' Kitty hadn't decided if she wanted to thank or strangle the elf. ''So...since you're calling I was wondering...'' she trailed off into silence. 'Gah it's one simple question. Why can't I ask him?'

'' I doing anything?'' he finished.

''YEAH...I mean, if you're not busy. We could, you know, hang out or something?'' she suggested, wishing this torture would end.

''Yeah I definitely have some free time. How about lunch?''
he asked.

''S-Sure.'' she meekly responded. She then quickly thought about something. "You don't have a girlfriend do you?"

"Nope.'' he responded.

"You promise?" she asked skeptically.

''I'm single, trust me.'' he assured her with a laugh.

Kitty relaxed, laughing as well. "Man, I'm sorry I worded it that way. I was just. . . you know bad experiences."

"No! It's understandable. I'll meet you in front of the gym after the last class for the day?''

"Yeah, sure, yeah." Kitty was mentally dancing around in her head. ''So...I'll see you then.''

''Count on it.'' he said before saying goodbye and hanging up. Kitty let out a little cheer at that. Now she had to find the right clothes for tomorrow's outing.