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It may have been pity that inspired him to save the boy.

(…But Zabuza didn't pity.)

It may have been concern.

(…But Zabuza didn't show concern over the welfare of others.)

Perhaps it was merely a whim.

(But what kind of whim inspired Zabuza- Zabuza, of all people- to save a young boy's life?)

He decided it didn't matter. What did matter, however, was that the boy was here now, sleeping on a futon on the other side of the room.

Zabuza crouched down on the floor, simply watching the boy sleep. An odd feeling of contentment settled over him- something he hadn't felt in his life.

The boy (Haku, he reminded himself) had been surprisingly cooperative, following Zabuza without any deliberation. Perhaps he, like Zabuza, knew that, if nobody would take him in or care for him, there was little doubt that he would die.

("You'll die a beggar's death," Zabuza had said. Both of them knew just how true that was.)

He had simply stared at Zabuza with those wide, sad eyes. They were haunted, shadows of the past making them dark. Filled with fear and sadness. (Those eyes haunted Zabuza.)

But there was something else there. A glimmer of light- of hope. They sparkled with dreams and an undying love.

("You have the same eyes as me.

…Zabuza kept wondering what on Earth Haku had meant.)

Haku whimpered, his peaceful sleep becoming suddenly restless.

Zabuza ran his rough fingers through Haku's dark hair. It was as soft and fine, like the down of the ducklings that hatched by the pond near Zabuza's first childhood home.

The motion seemed to soothe Haku for a time, but he was soon whining again, struggling against an unseen enemy.

"Hn, daddy, no…daddy…"

("Father, please stop! I promise I'll never do it again!")

Unwelcome childhood memories came flooding back into Zabuza's mind. He shook his head and growled.

("I'll never make you angry again, I swear! Please don't hurt me anymore!"


"Daddy, please, no! Please!"

Haku's voice rose to a fever pitch, loud and frantically desperate.


Zabuza's gruff voice was enough to wake him. Haku awoke, still trembling. Still crying.

"Please… don't hurt me," he whimpered. Zabuza shushed him roughly.

"Calm down. It's just me."

He pulled Haku into a fierce embrace, his strong arms wrapping tightly around the tiny, frail body.

(Zabuza had never learned how to comfort. He had never learned to be kind. Never learned to be gentle.)

All he knew how to do was let Haku cry into his chest, his tiny hands knotting into the fabric of the older man's shirt.

Zabuza felt a strange, warm feeling begin in his heart. He swallowed it down rather quickly, vowing to ignore it.


"I don't need things like friendship or comfort, and you shouldn't expect such things from me," Zabuza says. (He wants to make sure that Haku knows that last night will not happen again.)

Haku nods in understanding.

"Of course. You only need to see me as a tool for you to use in any way you want."

(Those eyes are haunting him again.)

"…Good boy."


Haku ran up the hill, holding a white rabbit in his arms. It struggled its way free and bounced away, disappearing into a bush.

Hearing Haku's disappointed whine, Zabuza reached into the bush and pulled the rabbit out by the ears. Haku's frown instantly turned into a radiant smile. He hugged the rabbit close and giggled. The warm feeling Zabuza had in his heart came back with full force. He ruffled Haku's hair, letting himself smile a little behind the bandages.

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