Author's Note: Bet you didn't see this one coming, huh? Anyway, Unlike my other Fanfic, (Final Fantasy 3) This one will be written like an actual story. So now, Here we go!

The Denjuu World… It's full of Denjuu of all shapes and sizes. Some Quick, Some Powerful. One can only enter the Denjuu World if they have a special type of cell phone, Called a D-Shot, and Connect it to an Antenna Tree… But for now, we'll see what's going on in Toronko Village.

Toronko Village… This is where many T-Fangers start their journey. The Wild Denjuu here are not a threat, so going out is not a problem. Usually the first person (Or Denjuu) A new T-Fanger sees is Musa, The Elder of Toronko Village. Then they get a choice of a Starter Denjuu, Let's see what's going on now.

"Ugh, I'm so bored! Can't something exciting happen soon?" Crypto said impatiently.

"All good things come to those who wait, Crypto." Musa replied.

"At least things are more peaceful this way!" Fungus said.

"But I mean, I can't let these awesome powers go to waste! I want to get fighting soon!"

"Mr. Musa!" A Punica said running in the building.


"Netaro fell asleep during his Water duty again!"

"Again? Man, why cant that guy just stay awake?" Crypto said.

"Well it shouldn't be any harder than last time, Crypto, Can you go?" Musa said.

"No problem!"

"Can I go too?" Fungus asked.

"I can always use more company."

"Let's go then!"

"Good luck, you two!" Musa and Punica said as they ran off.

"Try to keep up!" Crypto said with a smirk.

"Hey! That's my line!" Fungus said chasing after him.

They both ran through the Western Forest, It was only a short walk, so they got there pretty quickly.

"Who's that Lady standing in front of the Cave?" Fungus asked.


"Something wrong?"

"There's not supposed to be anyone standing there!"

"Oh… Then what do we do?"


"Attention all Denjuu, and T-Fangers!" A Man's voice came from a distance.

"Guess we'll go see what this is about." Crypto said.

They both walk to where all the other Denjuu were standing. They stand next to an Oshe and a Keshi.

"Ahem, My name is Nerikara. I ask that you all vote for me as the new mayor of Toronko Village! As a reward I'll build a Curry shop, Right here, In this here Toronko Village!"

"Mayor? And replace Musa?" Crypto said, sounding outraged.

"Ssh! He'll hear you!" Fungus said, holding him back.

Crypto crossed his arms and made a moaning sound, and continued listening.

"Also, May I ask you do not enter Netaro's Cave."

"Why not?" Oshe said.

"Because we're going to do some important business in there."

"Who's we?" Crypto said.

"By, 'We' I mean the Kakuza Party! Anyway, just remember, Vote for Nerikara!"

Nerikara ran off quickly.

"What's Curry, Anyway?" Keshi said.

"Oh yeah, I've been meaning to ask, what are you doing here, Oshe? I thought you said you were going to get some training done." Fungus said.

"I heard that guy talking so I came over to see what it was about."

"That's the same reason we came over!"

"You know him?" Crypto said, pointing at Oshe.

"Yup! We've been friends for a long time now!"

"We can always use more team members." Crypto said.

"So, where are we going?" Oshe asked.

"We were headed for Netaro's Cave… But then this happened." Crypto replied.

"Wait, he didn't say anything about blocking the Cave, did he?" Fungus said.

"No, why?" Crypto said, interested in what Fungus has in mind.

"Oh, I see where your goin' with this!" Oshe said.

"So we just go in anyway? Under disguise as wild Denjuu?" Crypto said, trying to figure out the situation.

"Exactly! But… We'd be breaking the rules if we went in there…" Fungus said.

"Don't sweat it! No one ever pays attention to that stuff, anyway." Crypto said.

"Let's go, then!" Oshe said, raring to go.

The 3 Denjuu ran over to Netaro's Cave, which was right nearby.

"So, what's this place like? I've never been here before." Fungus asked.

"Oh, just your average cave, with surprisingly low amount of Denjuu, actually." Crypto answered, Sounding proud of himself, for giving a smart sounding answer.

"So where's ol' Netaro hiding?" Oshe asked, taking a look around.

"Let's see he should be right over… Woah."

"What's up?" Fungus replied to Crypto's reaction.

"There's a lot of those Party guys over there!"

"They sure dress like they're going to a party." Oshe said, also staring quietly.

"I wonder If they're T-Fangers?" Fungus said, curiously.

"They should be, I mean, those guys would be the worst Defense ever if they weren't." Crypto answered.

"Good point…" Fungus said, listening in on what they were about to say.

"Everyone, Split up and get me that key! The sooner we get to Netaro, the better!"

"Hey, That sounded like Nerikara!" Fungus said.

"But what would they want with Netaro? It doesn't have anything to do with that Curry shop, does it?" Crypto thought to himself.

"Sir!" The Kakuza Party shouted and ran in every direction.

"Oh no, they're coming!" Oshe said.

"Remember what our disguise was about. We just lay low, and pretend to be Wild Denjuu."

"Oh, I forgot about that!" Fungus said, sounding relieved.

"Oshe should be fine, because other than Keshi, that's all you find here. But as for me and Fungus… We just have to hope that no one notices you can't find our kind here. Or they recognize us." Crypto said, trying to hide his smirk due to his smart sounding answer again.

"How many times have you done this anyway? You sure sound like you know a lot about this place." Oshe said.

"It's because of my buddy. He's a smart one, I tell ya'." Crypto said.

"What is he, anyway?" Fungus asked.

"He's a Kochia."

"Shouldn't we have him join us then? The more members the better!" Fungus said.

"Does he fight as good as you do?" Oshe asked.

"Hmm, Not at all, no. He's beat easily, but a Hard hitter when he gets the chance."

"…Don't you think that three Denjuu together all at once is a little suspicious?" Two Kakuza Party members had spotted them.

"What's our plan?" Oshe whispered.

"Run!" Crypto said running off.

Oshe Ran with Fungus, when Crypto ran his own way.

"Aww, Why did I have to be by myself? Eh, I think it's better that they were together, I guess. I think I can take care of myself for awhile… Whew… I was never a good runner…" Crypto Thought to himself while running. Which was not very fast, at that.

"Looks like he came after us, huh?" Oshe said, running.

"Actually, remember that there was two of them?"

"Oh yeah…"

"That was pretty smart of them, actually…"

So the Denjuu continued running from the Kakuza Party members…

End Note: For simplicity purposes, I'll call Crypto, "Team Power". And we'll call Fungus and Oshe, "Team Speed." These names will only be used when the Denjuu split up. And will also only be used in case I decide to switch POV's. (Point Of View)